Relax – Let’s Do It

Relax Lets Do it

How do you activate your soul by finding ways for peace and relaxation? How do you find your Shangrila?

We live in a world of constant motion of thoughts, actions, making decisions, explaining our behaviours, our choices and our very existence.

Home life, work life, finding the balance that keeps us on the right side of sanity, (or insanity?) What each person does to find ways to relax is only conducive to that individual.

I’ve always had an image in my head of a place far away atop the highest point of a mountain, its cliffs defy another space and time, and to get there is almost only done by some form of teleportation.

The surrounding area displays colours reminiscent of a Monet painting, it’s a place that conjures up in my mind a feeling of solitude, almost monk like retreat, and to me its peace, and total relaxation.

That’s where my mind can take me, ever so briefly for a quick moment of time, but here in this physical realm where we exist, we look for ways of finding relaxation in many ways so we can manage and cope with the stresses and anxiety that can be a controlling aspect of our lives.

Are You A ‘Chill-Axed’ Kind Of Person?

The opportunity of being able to write an article is that you can share your (my experiences) with people because it can relate to others in a way that says how connected we really are.

So, this article is coming from a totally different perspective in talking about how important it is to understand the benefits and soul purpose. It is about our body, mind and spirit to encompass the joy and nurturing of relaxation.

If I was to characterise myself, I would say I’m a fairly laid back, go with the flow kind of person.

For me I don’t feel I hold stress or anger in my body very long at all. I would say some of my emotions can be instant (anger, frustration, annoyance) but I can quickly move out of whatever negative emotion I’m feeling.

Maybe the older and wiser I become, the easier I can accept things and do not place enormous stress on the little stuff, which is the proverbial “mountain out of a molehill” syndrome, instead it’s just a small pebble in the galactic pathway of my life!

I know as a young teenager, a heavy personal trauma made me realise never to take things for granted.

Since I really started to learn and experience more about energy healing and my intuitive awakening with my inner spiritual growth, I’ve become much more mindful of…

Helping Others To Find A Way To Relax

This last week I experienced a rather higher than normal frequency of greater awareness of anxiousness, concerns that seemed to elevate stressful thoughts because a member of my family (my sister) experienced a scare with her health all in a matter of “good one day not so good the next”.

Now during this sequence of events, she was calm and relaxed, though her blood pressure started to increase (I’m sure a common reaction under the circumstances).

With several tests done they recommended a lumber puncture that would detect if there had been a bleed in her brain. She became slightly overwhelmed…

I wanted to highlight this experience because moment from moment your emotional being must cope with the surge of fluctuating energies.

A monitor connected to her was the visual graph so I could see what was happening, blood pressure rising, heart rate increasing etc, whilst she lay there thinking worst case scenarios, and I offered words of encouragement and trying to help her stay calm and relaxed.

What Is Relaxation?

This is a state where you can feel calm, and able to manage your stress or anxiety. Someone’s methods of relaxing may be totally different to the next persons.

(Unfortunately a pina colada under a palm tree maybe someone’s heaven but it isn’t always the answer, darn, I kinda liked that thought!)

Somethings Gotta Give

When a person uses relaxation techniques there are many ways it can assist your body… 

What Are Some Relaxation Techniques?

Some Techniques Include:

  • Visualisation, where you create a mental image of a calming place for you
  • Deep breathing, where you refocus your attention on your breathing
  • Hypnosis
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Exercise
  • Aromatherapy oils

Some relaxation techniques focus on muscle relaxation or breathing. An example is…

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