5 Natural Anxiety Supplements

Natural Anxiety Supplements

Anxiety is more than just nervousness and more than just feeling upset. Chronic anxiety can make it impossible to concentrate, contribute to dangerous depression, and severely limit your ability to move forward in life. Do you know about natural anxiety supplements?

The year 2020 has given us all a lot to worry about, but if you’re not able to move forward or function effectively, the supplements listed below may be able to help you rebuild your confidence. Here are some of the best natural anxiety supplements I know.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm can be used to freshen the air in a room, and this can help to calm a troubled spirit. In addition, you can take this useful supplement via capsule at varied points in the day to help you maintain a working level of calm.

This supplement can also help you fight insomnia. Look for a caffeine-free herbal tea containing lemon balm and, if available, valerian root to help you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal, cleanse itself of toxins, and rebuild damaged cells.


The cannabis extract known as CBD or cannabidiol is useful for those who struggle with anxiety. You can use this product in a variety of formats, including:

  • edible gummies
  • sublingual oil drops
  • tinctures
  • vaping pens
  • topical salve

It’s important to note that CBD is not the product in cannabis that creates a euphoric sense of disconnection or “high”. That feeling, for some users, comes from THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD can be quite effective in micro-doses. For example, if anxiety has you locked in place mentally and unable to make good decisions to help you overcome your challenges, a vaping pen that offers very small doses of CBD can reduce your distractions and help you to feel more focused.

Carefully check out your options in your area such as the CBD delivery service in San Diego, if you live in California, to help you find the best delivery system for your needs.


Kava is available in a supplement form and as a candy that you can use one at a time. It can also be purchased as a powder and mixed into smoothies or dissolved in a cup of tea.

In the original format, kava is very high in insoluble fiber. If you have any gastric issues or if there is any risk of poor liver function in your history, discuss your kava plans with your physician.

Micronized or powdered kava, stripped out of the fibrous materials inherent in raw kava, will reduce the risk of a bad tummy reaction.


Chamomile uses the flower of the plant very effectively. Fresh chamomile tea can calm your stomach, and even breathing in the steam from a cup of chamomile tea is known to soothe nasal passages and eye irritation caused by allergies.

You can find this product in a capsule for easy swallowing or mix a chamomile extract into a smoothie. If you have a vitamin-taking ritual, consider adding a chamomile tincture to this healthy schedule.

Take care to take this in small doses; chamomile can be soothing, but it may be a jolt to your system. Rather than increasing your anxiety by shocking your tummy, take micro doses at multiple points in the day.

This plant also generates a very soothing essential oil. Light a candle, heat some of this very versatile oil, and enjoy the fresh scent as it gently fills the room.


We’re all exposed to toxins, and when our body breaks down these toxins through the process of oxidation, free radicals are released. Free radicals lodge in our tissues and cause damage.

This can show up as something as simple as wrinkles, or it can cause serious internal problems.

Luckily, you can reduce your free radical load with a diet high in antioxidants. The simplest way to raise your antioxidant intake is to load up on

  • berries and grapes
  • dark green veggies, and
  • green tea

These foods are also high in fiber and other vitamins. Up your water intake any time you up your fiber intake to protect your gut and keep your digestive system working.

Consider keeping a journal when you start a new supplement. Take care to track your feelings before the supplement, your feelings afterward, and your overall physical state of relaxation.

Additionally, if you notice any stomach upset, consider a little applesauce or yogurt to calm things down.

So these are all natural anxiety supplements that you can easily use at home and add to your daily routine. There are many natural remedies for anxiety and depression, as well as for other things that ail you.

Why not give these a go and then explore other natural supplements in the future?

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