Mindfulness – How Can It Affect Your Life?


It is best to be mindful of where you are at right now and make a decision about your life from a place of calm.

We need to be mindful of where we are at, right now in THIS MOMENT. When we do that we can see where we sabotage ourselves in our own lives. Emotions come in waves, one second you can be feeling one emotion and the very next second another one may show up.

If you make a decision based on anger and frustration it probably won’t be the best decision for you. Think about times in your life where you have made a decision based on anger and see how that decision feels to you right now.

Do you think you could have made a better decision if you were coming from a place of calm?

Being mindful and honest to where you are at right now this is the key. It is from this place we can make transformation.

When we are mindful we can accept our situation and we can alleviate the internal battle that we may have when the expectation of how life should be is different to how it really is.

In other words when we are mindful we can see that how others act is different to the way we act and if we expect them to act the same way as us we can be disappointed, which can lead to us feeling negative emotions.

If we are mindful we are able to observe the situation fully, we will learn that we cannot control anything or anyone else but instead we can relax and see how things unfold.

When we go through life from this space, things begin to flow more easily. We will start attracting better situations and people into our lives.

Our lives flow more, our emotions are more even, we are calmer and we can see the world from the perspective of others as well as our own. It also gives us greater compassion for others as we can understand them more.

So when we are aware or mindful of this we can create change in our lives. Mindfulness comes from a place of quiet and calm rather from a place of movement and rushing.

Where in your life do you get to experience mindfulness? Where do you feel most at peace and calm? Where in your life do you give yourself time to think and see life from the perspective of others?

Where in your life do you let yourself REALLY FEEL your EMOTIONS? When you learn to do this imagine how much easier your life will be.

Schedule some time in your week where you have some quiet time where you can reflect on your life and notice the things that are working for you and notice the areas where you would like to create change.

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Sharon WhiteSharon White

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