Creator Or Victim? What’s Your Mindset?


How we experience reality is determined by the beliefs we hold and the “lenses” through which we choose to view the world. Our Mindset is the key to the lives we lead so are you holding the mindset of a Creator or a Victim?

The Creator Mindset takes responsibility for their reality. The Creator Mindset knows that the thoughts they think, the beliefs they hold and their positive attitude is the stuff that dreams are made of literally!

They know, beyond any shadow of doubt, that they create their own reality.

They imagine their vision, hold that vision daily, tweaking when necessary, follow their intuition and take action where appropriate, and stay in vibrational alignment with what they desire to create. So the Universe/Source/God must respond!

They live their lives from the perspective of being empowered and when they encounter obstacles or challenges that would stop others dead in their tracks, the Creator Mindset sees these obstacles or challenges as opportunities to further refine their visions.

The obstacles or challenges are looked upon as inspiration for they either refine an existing vision or stimulate a new creation.

They are committed to self development for they know that they are in a constant state of expansion and will never know all there is to know about anything.

They prosper because they trust in Source/God/Universe and they work with the Law of Attraction deliberately rather than creating by default.

They hold a “wealth consciousness” as they know their source of abundance comes from within, not without and they maintain a positive relationship with money. It is seen as a tool a means to an end.

The Victim Mindset assumes no responsibility for their reality. The Victim Mindset believes that other people control their reality. They live their lives from the perspective of being powerless, subject to the whims of others.

They are victims of circumstance. They look to others for their source of abundance and money is seen as a necessary evil.

They come from a “lack” mentality and therefore, the Law of Attraction matches that vibration of lack. They create by default rather than deliberately.

They view obstacles or challenges as roadblocks to their success and allow those blocks to do just that, block them from what they truly desire.

Everything is “outside” of themselves rather than from within and they are disconnected from their Source/God/Universe, if they hold any belief in a higher power at all.

The Victim Mindset tends to see life in general as a struggle rather than as a joyous ride.

From which perspective do you choose to see the world around you? I say “choose” because we always, without fail, have a choice.

If you see things from a Creator Mindset perspective, there is a positive to be gained in EVERY SINGLE situation, no matter how dire it may appear. Remember the saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining”?

This is truly the case. In every situation, there is a silver nugget to be mined. Some would say that you’re choosing to see the world through a set of “rose colored glasses” but what is wrong with choosing to see the best rather than the worst?

Let’s face it, we are bombarded daily with all kinds of negativity through the media because the more “positive” stories don’t sell do they? We are forced to focus on the negatives, i.e. High unemployment, the recession, crime, etc.

Yet if we take another look at the statistics, there is a more positive spin to be had. For example, an 8% unemployment rate is really a 92% employment rate but reporting that 92% of all Americans are gainfully employed would not sell airtime now would it?

It is truly a sad commentary on the overall mindset of humanity when we would rather read about how awful things are instead of how wonderful things are.

Perhaps now is the time for everyone to take out those “rose colored glasses” and peer through them every once in a while. What would you CHOOSE to see? Remember, do you choose to be a Creator or a Victim?

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Rev. Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich –

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