Manifest Your Dreams

Manifest Your Dreams

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying or maybe even shared an online post with this piece of wisdom… “life is about the journey not the destination”. How often do you stop to think about the affirmations bouncing around the internet?

Do you breathe the affirmation in and ‘feel’ the meaning? This is not a judgement, the reality of ‘modern life’ is busy, busy, busy. Understanding what the journey is for you, what you want it to be is the first step to creating a rich, expansive, meaningful experience.

Does that seem overwhelming? Do you want to manifest your dreams? Where do you begin?

Learn How To Manifest Your Dreams. What Brings You Joy?

Start with what brings you joy, happiness, excitement and makes you feel good. Write it down and notice the feelings it brings to you. Ask yourself, how would your uplifted feelings affect those closest to you?

How would it affect your work space, relationships or health? Explore ways to bring this joy into your life more. Do you like walking and want to be more social? Why not join a walking group, or start your own by inviting other people you want to connect with. Get creative.

Thinking positive is popular and has been for some time. Imagine if Edison didn’t write anything down or take action to create his inspired ideas. There’s no way he could have imagined how his work would transform the history of human beings as it has.

This exercise can be done in any area of life and as there’s no destination in this life, you are free to change direction at any time. Let me say that again, you are free to change direction at any time.

This is your life, and just like a musician in a recording studio you can tweak and tweak and tweak until your path compass is in natural alignment with your sovereign self.

You have every right to change your mind, learn something new and upgrade your belief systems, thoughts, life patterns and behaviours. You can create anything!

Does the thought of doing this feel uncomfortable, scary, unachievable or too out of your experience? Like anything new, practice and repetition will get you there. You need to take committed action to upgrade your life, one step at a time, transition always occurs moment by moment.

Let’s throw the idea that all decisions need to be big, out the window. Let’s start small.

Do you want a beautiful, nice, luxurious feeling around you? Buy an amazingly soft, thick, glorious pair of socks, yes socks! Put them on, feel how great they sit on your skin, enjoy their warmth and appreciate the feeling that fills you from this seemingly small upgrade.

So now you have a magnificent pair of foot warmers and the experience of making yourself feel good – no-one else created or provided this experience, it was all you. How great is that? Practise this feeling often.

Next it might be high tea, hiring a boat, buying a first edition book or a funky pair of noise cancelling headphones for rocking out to or blissing out in meditation.

Choose it, do it, this all builds your energy, the energy in your environment, relationships, interactions and connections naturally expand and attracts more and more positive, high vibe moments.

Have some fun, write down some crazy extraordinary, amazing, wild experiences you’d like to bring into existence, travel in space, climb mountains, write a book, move cities, paint, start a business, they all take thinking, planning and imagination.

All humans have ability to create, it’s not limited to art, you’ve designed your life up until now, so if you’re not living in alignment get active, curious and engrossed in your own unique life.

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