Come On Baby, Light Your Fire! Healing Yourself.


Can you feel it? That burning within? Do you sense the embers waiting to be churned so the flame can emerge? Are you truly allowing your Inner Flame to rage so that your light shines brightly?

Are you on a path to healing yourself? Or are you living your life just going through the motions with no real spark of joy, excitement, laughter, or magic?

Perhaps you believe life is happening TO you. Maybe you believe that all you have experienced and are currently experiencing is by someone else’s design – or even by a higher power’s design.

Perchance you have embraced the belief that you have no say, no control over what happens in your life – who you are, what you have, where you go, what you do – is all by some plan made for you instead of by you. You are an actor in the play of life just playing your role. The script was given to you but you had no hand in writing it…..or did you?

“And it must be made clear that even individuals – if their thought (prayer, hope, wish, dream, fear) is amazingly strong – can, in and of themselves, produce such results.

Jesus did this regularly. He understood how to manipulate energy and matter, how to rearrange it, how to redistribute it, how to utterly control it. Many Masters have known this. Many know it now. You can know it. Right now.” ~ Conversations with God, Book 1

You ARE more powerful than you fully realize. You are Divine. You are the physical expression of Divinity. On some level, you KNOW this to be true. Your life is meant to be your Divine expression.

It is NOT meant to be the expression of what society dictates for you, or what your parents told you your life should be, or what any other authoritative figure had you believe.

Your life is meant to BE the expression, experience, of what is in YOUR HEART! YOU are the CREATOR of your LIFE!

So, what IS in your heart? If you could BE, DO, or HAVE anything, what would you create? All through my high school and college days, I wanted to be an actress. I loved taking on the persona of someone else and playing out the part on the stage.

I loved digging deep into the character and finding the subtle nuances that helped me to give a more rounded portrayal. This wasn’t work for me. It was fun – pure joy. There was a definite fire within; however, this fire wasn’t “THE ONE.”

Within me was also a burning desire to help others. I had a love of psychology and wrote all of my “elective” papers on the subject of adolescent psychology. Then came the study of dreams. Then behavioral psychology.

However, all of this still wasn’t fanning the embers. My divine light wasn’t really burning so bright. Why? Because I still had not embraced WHO I REALLY WAS!

So, who am I? I am the Goddess of Laughter and Possibilities! I am the Fire-Starter! THIS is my Divine Expression.

When I am guiding my clients to see their own divinity, their uniqueness, their brilliance I am glowing! This is what gets me out of bed every morning, giving thanks that I get to work with the awesome people I get to work with! This is MY MISSION!

I cannot imagine my life NOT doing this work. In many ways, I’ve been doing it all my life I just didn’t know it!

As I look back and reflect, I can see how all I’ve lived up to this point, I created so that I would arrive right here doing what I love.

I no longer create my life by default. I claim my birthright as the conscious creator I am, doing what lights me up, letting my Inner Fire shine brightly and guiding others to do the same!

So, are you living a life ON FIRE? Are you being the Conscious Creator you came here to be?

Call To Action

My coach’s request to you is to take some time to really look at your life and ask yourself:

1) Am I BEING all I came here to BE?

2) Am I living in my POWER and BRILLIANCE?

3) Am I CONSCIOUSLY creating my life or am I living life by DEFAULT?

4) Am I honoring the fire in my belly?

5) What small baby step can I take TODAY that will begin the process of stoking the Fire Within?

Then, TAKE THAT BABY STEP and start the process of LIGHTING the FIRE WITHIN YOU!

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Rev. Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich

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