LemonGrass. Side Effects & Health Benefits


What exactly is lemongrass? It is a plant whose leaves and oil have been used to make medicine for many centuries. It has often been used to treat several digestive tract diseases, such as, high blood pressure, stomachaches, etc.

Other common diseases and ailments for treatment include colds, achy joints, convulsions, vomiting, general pain, and exhaustion. People also see that one of the benefits of lemongrass is to kill germs and be used as a mild antiseptic.

This plant has been used in different ways, depending on how the plant is consumed or applied. People like to apply the oil directly onto their skin to cure headaches, muscle pain, and abdominal pain when carrying out other activities such as playing the Book of Ra.

When inhaled, the oil is used in aromatherapy for curing muscular pain. People also love the taste and smell of lemongrass and have been using it as a flavoring, for instance, using the leaves in various herbal teas.

Manufacturers have been using it in cosmetics and soap production because of its pleasant smell.

The Evidence Available

So in light of all of this information, what is the effectiveness of lemongrass in curing our ailments? A lot of people have been using this plant throughout the years, but more often than not, it doesn’t help with chronic and significant conditions.

Some of the following are ailments that lemongrass, unfortunately, doesn’t help with:

Yeast infections
High blood pressure
Intestinal spasms
Stomach spasms
Vomiting and convulsions
Common coughs and fevers
Rheumatism and joint problems

How Can Lemongrass Be Beneficial?

The lemongrass plant may work to prevent bacterial growth and the growth of yeast. When you’re thinking about how to use it, it can be beneficial in stimulating the uterus and menstrual flows.

There are many lemongrass health benefits as it is rich in antioxidants and other properties that have been known to contribute to pain relief. The claims are slightly disputed but worthy of consideration.

What Are The Safety Concerns?

This particular plant is likely to be very safe for most people when it is used in food amounts. It is known to be completely safe when applied to the skin and mouth areas for medicinal purposes, yet it isn’t perfect and is known to display some side effects.

Some people have experienced lung problems after they have inhaled lemongrass. There has also been a case of poisoning after a child has swallowed a substantial amount of insect repellent, which contained lemongrass.

Warnings & Precautions

Along with the lemongrass benefits, there are several risks and precautions to take. It is likely that when breastfeeding and pregnancy are concerned, lemongrass is not an excellent product to consume for the mother to be.

Because the plant can tweak and exaggerate the likelihood of menstrual flow, there is a concern that it could lead to a possible miscarriage. However, the evidence for this is not overwhelming.

As a word of caution, you should probably stay safe as a pregnant mother and avoid consumption of lemongrass as a rule of thumb.

Considerations To Make About Dosage

Whenever people are considering consuming lemongrass as a nutritional supplement, there are a variety of factors to find, such as health, age, and personal ailments.

At this moment in time, it’s not possible to make any conclusive considerations about the dosage of lemongrass. It is also essential to consider that natural products are not always 100% safe.

Lemongrass Wrap Up

That’s it from us. Whenever considering taking ingesting this product, whether having a cup of lemongrass tea or ingesting supplements, be sure to look at all product labels and consult with your physician and pharmacist before ingesting.

Have fun, and enjoy the scent of this beautiful plant! Are there any benefits of lemongrass essential oil that you would recommend? Tell us in our comments section below.

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