Learning To Set Fire To Your Emotions

Set Fire To Your Emotions

There are times in every person’s life that become stressful and frustrating. It is part of the human experience. Even the most spiritual people I know still have moments of stress and frustration.

The difference is what we do with the experience and how a person reacts or acts at the moment.

As we go through times of stress, we become agitated and it can feel as though we are paddling up stream fighting the current. Sometimes we become overwhelmed and begin to paddle even harder thinking if we only work harder or try harder.

Sometimes we look to the side of the river and wonder if we could make it to the edge and beach ourselves and just cling on for life. In either case, we can feel as though the only solution is to do battle with the rivers current.

What really is happening when we begin to fight this current, work harder, or try harder, we are saying bring it on baby.

Beaching and grasping onto the nearest vine at the river’s edge is really saying I like these rapids; I am stronger than you are, so bring it on baby.

We are giving this stress and frustration an invitation to not only remain but continue. Meanwhile, any connection to source is completely cut off. This is called reacting.

The difference between reacting and acting is where the emotions are based. When we react from our lower self or our physical self, our emotions are centered on fear, anger, frustration, judgment, insecurity and separateness from Source.

Many times this is the fight or flight reaction. The flight reaction is based upon emotions of criticism, pain, envy, guilt, shame, hurt, and emptiness.

When we can act from emotions of the higher self or the soul, our emotions are centered in love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, fulfillment and a deep inner tranquility. This soul emotion is where unity within unconditional love with Source is located.

The key here is to recognize the emotion before becoming embroiled in the emotion. Once we become embroiled in the emotion of the physical or lower self, we loose our ability to reason and access Source.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have to recognize that we are multi-dimensional in nature. Our thoughts and our emotions are as much a part of our being as our souls are.

To begin to transform from a reaction to an action the key is to begin to recognize your emotions and where they are coming from.

Begin by removing yourself mentally from the emotion and take three deep breaths while closing your eyes. Ask your higher self/Source/God/Divine to clear the emotions.

(The method I personally use is to connect with the Divine Fire. The vibrational energy of the Lord of Fire consumes the emotions from the lower self and leaves the energy pure unconditional love. I create and visualize a flame that moves throughout my energy field.)

The method takes practice. It is not always easy to do while in the middle of an emotional battle. When you listen as you breathe to your higher self, many times you realize the situation that is frustrating us and causing all the stress really just is not that important.

Whenever I wish to move

Or to speak,

First I shall examine my state of mind,

And firmly act in a suitable way.

Whenever my mind becomes attached

Or angry,

I shall not react, nor shall I speak;

I shall remain mum and unmoved like a tree.

by Shantideva

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