Journey Therapy – What Is It?

Journey Therapy

Journey therapy or The Journey, pioneered by mind body healing expert Brandon Bays, provides a road-map to the unlimited healing potential that exists in each one of us.

The Journey is a simple, yet powerful step-by-step process that gives us the tools to access our body’s infinite wisdom and elicit its own healing power, getting to the root cause of any long-standing difficulty, fear or block.

The core belief is that it’s possible to heal anything at a profound emotional and physical level, to clear out old issues for good and to know absolute clarity, freedom and joy.

In the Journey process you are guided to uncover specific phantom cell memories, resolve them completely and clear them out.

It’s as if you unlock the innate “healing ability” deep within to then allow your body – and being – to go about the process of healing quite naturally on its own and you are left soaring in the boundless joy, peace, and wholeness that is your own essence.

The Journey Therapy deals with the elimination of painful emotions hidden within the body. It appears to free up and heal, at cellular level, the outward manifestation of stifling and blocking of, for example, careers, relationships and health.

Behavioural patterns supporting negatives, such as trauma and depression in adults to self esteem and other symptoms of unhappiness in young people, can be cleared. The sense of well-being at the core of all human life can then be restored or reclaimed.

Today, The Journey gives anyone who lives with emotion driven issues, the opportunity to process them at cellular level and release themselves, whether their issues are due to degenerative physical disorders, ME, allergies, depression, unhappy relationships, sexual problems, broken careers or financial misfortune.

Do you recognize any of these in yourself? Would you like to easily release these today? Do you want to create your amazing future? Then Journey therapy is the key for you.

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