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Carbon Footprint

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Considering the current direction of climate change, we need to join our efforts at reducing carbon emissions and minimizing the damage within the next...

The Rise Of Telemedicine: Is The Future Here?

Telemedicine is a growing trend in healthcare, this is reflected in the rise of telemedicine services attracting substantial funding from venture capital firms. Telemedicine...
The Correlation Between Hearing Loss & Depression

Hearing Loss & Depression – The Correlation

Did you know that over 5% of the entire global population - approximately 360 million people - are struggling with depression? Did you also...
Take A Break From Technology

Take A Break From Technology To Improve Your Health

It's hard to survive in today's world without technology. It seems with each passing day more of our time is spent on our devices....
Technology Is Helping Healthcare

5 Tremendous Ways In Which Technology Is Helping Healthcare

The healthcare sector has been relatively slow in adopting and implementing new technological advancements like other industries. As a result of strict regulations as...
Technology Can Improve Your Mental Health

How Technology Can Improve Your Mental Health

Seeing as the healthcare industry hasn’t developed any breakthrough mental health drugs in nearly three decades, the digital world and society we live in have...
help you sleep

Change These 5 Bad Habits To Help You Sleep

Losing sleep puts you at a disadvantage for the entire day, and loses you part of the next day in sleep debt. Keep it...

AI Takes Holistic Health Into The Future

For holistic medical practitioners, working with patients to develop treatment can be a challenge. Assessing the multiple variables that affect one’s health requires careful...
Big Pharma

Big Pharma Is Not Working. Doctors Are Asking For Change.

With all of the controversial messages the media gives us, something true is ringing out. Have you seen these articles in the mainstream media,...
Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry Is A Business. Are They Really Looking After Your Health & Wellness?

I have started reading again and found a book that I would like to share with you. It can REALLY open your eyes to what...

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