How To Find Your Soul Mate Using The Law of Attraction

How To Find Your Soul Mate Using The Law of Attraction

Part of the Christian mythology about the creation of the universe is the story of the Garden of Eden.

In this story, God created what he defined as paradise for the first two human beings, Adam and Eve. He told them that they would be happy there as long as they did not try to think for themselves.

He defined this with the analogy of a simple apple tree which he called the Tree of Knowledge.

He gave to each the ability to eat the fruit of this tree should they decide to do so, and warned them that if they did eat from the Tree of Knowledge they would be banned from paradise forever.

In this story, people are being led to believe that the only way they can achieve the happiness they seek is to give up their right to think for themselves. But the exact opposite is the truth. We actually need to do both.

In the Silva Mind Development training, a major point we are taught is to simply have FAITH. The equation we are given is that FAITH = DESIRE + BELIEF + EXPECTANCY.

So the first step is to have a burning desire to manifest your soul mate. The second step is to put aside all historical judgments and simply have a fundamental belief that this will become so.

The 3rd step is to have a genuine expectancy of being in this relationship with your soul mate. Stop trying to determine how to get there. Simply let go, and visualize with every aspect of your being, actually being within the relationship.

See it, feel it, taste it, orgasm into it, love it, reject all fear, all hesitation, all rationalization, all doubt, all qualification. Just let go and be within that existence. In short, the first step is to simply have faith. This is the true power of FAITH.

Once you are into this state of faith, then you must open yourself up to all possibilities. Do not carry with you any preconceived notions as to who the perfect soul mate will be.

Because as those who have gone before us who made Law Of Attraction work can easily tell you, what ended up as the ultimate achievement for them in the creation of their soul mate was not what they preconceived it to be.

In short, trust the wisdom of the process. Allow the mind to help you energize and meld with the ultimate possibilities of the universe with all that its wisdom can bring into your life.

In order to open to all possibilities, you must set aside your idea as to what the end result should be. Trust the process with the good faith that is necessary to make it work for you.

In the process of doing this there is nothing more crucial than to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself is the cornerstone of the foundation you are creating upon which you will build this new relationship.

The act of taking care of yourself within this realm of open faithfulness to the process will lead to a surprising clarity as to who you are, how to meld into the energies of the universe, and how to see your soul mate when he shows up in your life.

You really do not know who he will be.

He could be a dwarf, or a giant. He could be immensely successful in a multitude of philistine earthly ways or he could be someone with the beautiful simplicity and purity of a monk.

He could be an ordinary farmer standing in a field of gold melding with the world around him in a way that goes beyond anyone you have ever encountered in your life. The truth is he will be what you have opened yourself to see.

Only then will the pragmatic come into play in a way that will be effective. You will find yourself being easily able to spend quality time with those who matter.

No longer will you waste your time trying to mentally weed out those that you should reject as potential soul mates.

From this will naturally arise a healthy tendency to enhance your relationships with others with your new found inner developed qualities. You will find you can now trust your emotions to guide you with a new found wisdom.

At this stage you will come to a profound realization that the primary purpose of seeking out your soul mate has actually been fulfilled in the creation of yourself as a whole person, and you will begin to truly celebrate your existence.

From this celebration will come the ultimate attraction of the person you were destined to spend the rest of your life with.

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