How To Be A Better Decision Maker – 3 Quick Steps To Get Crystal Clear 


How many times have you struggled to make a decision? As we get older, we are faced with more responsibilities and more decisions that mum and dad no longer have to make for us anymore.

It can be something as simple as flicking through a menu to decide what to eat for dinner or something as crucial like where to buy your first ever home.

Making a decision can be overwhelming with so many options, risks, challenges and possibilities that is presented to us that sometimes, we don’t know where to start.

So how can we see the light in the storm?

Headspace, a meditation app explains that our thoughts are like a cloud, we can observe them and let them pass by however when we become consumed by the fleeting thoughts, we experience a thunderstorm.

So the more we engage in our thoughts, the more we get caught up in the drama and lose sight of what’s important.

If we can shift our focus by simply observing the clouds then we can create space in the mind which is seeing the clear blue sky.

Becoming a better decision maker is about being clearer on what you want.

There are 3 quick steps that can help you in creating a structure in your decision making and how you can make better choices by shifting your focus from confusion to clarity.

Here Are My Three Key Steps To Help You Become Clearer In Your Decision Making:

1. Align Yourself To Your Truth. Our truth is the core essence of who we are, what we need to express and why we are here.

For me, my truth is to be of service to people whether that is supporting my clients through their inner transformation work or giving my business partnerships some feedback on how they can provide a better service to their clients.

I enjoy helping people because it gives me a sense of purpose to serve outside of myself. If I am not in service, I feel withdrawn, lonely, defensive and stuck inside my head as a result not living through my heart.

It becomes a struggle to make a decision because I allowed myself to stay inside of my comfort zone rather than sharing my gifts with the world. So the more choices we make that is aligned with our truth, the more we are living rather than existing.

2. Follow Your Intuition. Have you ever had that feeling where your mind says one thing to you and your gut feeling says another?

There were several moments where I have experienced this and the one moment that I can remember distinctly is when I moved into my new place and I could feel my entire body was sore from physically packing boxes, moving boxes and unpacking them.

My mind would say that “I shouldn’t get a massage because it’s just another cost”, “I don’t need a massage because I’m too sore”, “I’m too busy to get a massage, I need to get my home sorted”.

My mind was making excuses not to self care because of my past conditioning and that it was hard to make money. However my body was telling me that I was in pain and it deeply craved to be loved and respected.

In the past, I wouldn’t have got a massage and neglected myself because of my past experiences of self neglect with my relationships with men and my family upbringing. Now I choose to have a massage monthly if not bi monthly because I honor my body as a temple.


3. Set Boundaries What’s Ok & What’s Not Ok. Our truth is the deepest desires of the heart.

When we are super clear on this, we can write down a list in every aspect of our life, what’s ok and what’s not ok to help us make positive and impactful choices in our day to day lives so we can be the best version of ourselves.

For instance, in my self-love ritual, what’s ok is, I don’t write down the 3 things that I’m grateful for. I’m feeling super tired but what’s not ok is stealing away 8 hours of restorative sleep.

Sleep is a necessity to function my best throughout my day. That is a non-negotiable whereas what’s ok is where you can be flexible with certain barriers so your life isn’t completely rigid.

There is space to adjust that barrier according where it needs to be. My new non-negotiable now is every morning for 30 minutes, I commit to self-love exercises to optimise my well being because I enjoy the feeling of feeling good to start my day.

Clarity and connection to our authentic self is the key to making the utmost best decisions for ourselves.

We experience a life in flow, a clearer and healthier mind, inner peace, real happiness, make quicker and affirmative decisions and choosing to live life in the most authentic way possible.

Embracing your authenticity is a far more powerful way of being than being stuck in the mind.

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Jessica Goh is not your ordinary life coach, she specializes in self-confidence and reconnecting with your highest self. She has helped men and women who suffer from depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, low self-esteem and mid-life crisis experiences. Her work has resulted in clients re-connecting a loving relationship with their parents, discovering their self-worth and happiness, letting go of past pains and reigniting to a life of appreciation and love, switching careers and increase of money flow in their career.

She writes confidence blogs for eharmony Australia and will be presenting her seminar, Restore Your Confidence & Inner Peace at Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney. Discover your authentic self at and email to learn more about her work and upcoming workshops.

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