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There are many immune system components in the Human Body. Two very vital ones to understand and keep in good order, if we wish to maintain healthy immune systems, a good healthy body, mind, soul and spirit, are The Chakra System and the Etheric Body System (or Life Body System).

The Chakra System

The Chakra System can be a very complex thing to explore and understand. There are many ways to interpret and work with it.  My general approach in all my personal and spiritual empowerment work is to make it as easily understandable as possible and easy to work with.

The word ‘Chakra’ comes from the Sanskrit language and means – Disc or Wheel. There are hundreds of little chakras in the human body and are basically energy centres or gateways to the inner and outer worlds.

When we focus on one of these, we can learn to tune in to know what each one represents and what it actually does. To study the whole array of Chakras and to get to know what each one is and what it does, is quite a deep study.

To make things easier to follow, for this magazine topic of Healthy Immune Systems, I will concentrate and write about the Seven Major Chakras. They make up what is called, the Major Chakra System. Check out the 7 Chakras test.

These main Chakras, when studied and worked with, can give us some great insights and understandings about how we are in terms of our health and well-being and how our immune system is functioning.

For people with Clair-vision or Aura-vision, it is possible to see the energy/colour/light/movement of each Chakra. From this vision, the ‘state’ of each Chakra can be seen and measured in terms of its strength and vibration/energy.

When a particular aspect of our energy field or immune system is low, the Chakras tend to be slow in their movement – Chakras spin continually. The colours also become dimmer. With some practice, it is possible to ‘see’ or ‘feel’ our own and other peoples’ Chakras.

A good strong colour and a good strong spin with a Chakra is generally a good sign that we are in good health and vitality.

I like to measure peoples’ Chakras with my dowsing rods. I measure the strength of each Chakra by walking towards someone and ‘asking’ the dowsing rods to cross when the energy edge or boundary of the particular Chakra that I am measuring is found.

I use the metre measurement to ascertain the strength, as the energy of each Chakra is transmitted out of the body and can be picked up and measured in this way.

I find that a strong Major Chakra can emit its energy for up to about six metres out in front of (and somewhat behind) a person, although generally a good strong energy field is generally measured at about three metres from the body.

The closer I get to the body before the dowsing rods cross, the weaker the pulse or energy generally is. If I end up very close to the body and Chakra point as the rods cross, then it generally indicates a very low end frequency.

In essence, the Chakra System builds and maintains our immune system by, and from, its movement and energy charge. I like to think of the Chakras as Dynamos that spin and create and give off energy.

As mentioned earlier, they are also ‘doorways’ or ‘gateways’ between the inner and outer worlds. I will leave this information for another time …

The Etheric Body System

This is an interesting aspect of the Human Being’s make-up that, in general medical terms, is nearly always overlooked, ignored, dismissed or denied. Interestingly, without an Etheric Body, we would be not be alive – it is a vital part of our being.

Another description for the Etheric Body is the Life Body. It is the very thing that keeps us alive. It is the thing that restores and regenerates the body. It is the part of us that helps to rebuild tissue, bone and skin.

Like the Chakras, the Etheric Body can also be seen and measured. I measure the Etheric Body’s charge or strength in the same way in which I measure the Chakra System; I use my vision and/or my dowsing rods. I also sometimes use my Pendulum.

This Etheric Body is, in a sense, our strongest Immune System. It is either strong and helps us to stay healthy, or it is weak and we get less healthy. When people are in a state of ill health, the Etheric Body is never strong.

Our Etheric Body is in constant ‘battle’ with our Astral Body or forces, as they continually break down and destroy our cells and body.

The thing to do is to stay in good health and keep building up the Etheric Body and its forces so that they do not succumb and get over powered by these Astral forces.

This is done with rest, sleep, good healthy (organic) food, meditation, art, nature, love and kindness, soothing music, laughter, fun and even lots of good sex. If these Astral forces get the upper hand, that is when we fall into a place of dis-ease. Learn about self love chakras

The balance of contraction and expansion, building up and breaking down is delicate and needs to be observed and worked with. If we do this in a very conscious way, our optimum health can generally be held to healthy immune systems.

Ways to Deaden the Etheric Body

Ways to deaden the Etheric Body are to (over) indulge in low vibrational activities and substances, like: alcohol, drugs, pornography, heavy metal music, dead food, depression, sluggishness, late nights, over-working, etc.

Obviously if you are living life in this way the remedy is to engage in some of the more positive activities and life style choices.

I have worked with many people with a low vibration, slow Chakra Systems and a low Etheric Body energy and my advice and challenge is always to make some real life style changes.

Low Etheric Body energy is often diagnosed as Depression, which is then often connected to medication – when a simple life style change of diet, exercise, art and fun can be the answer.

When we choose to work more consciously with these two major immune systems, we will be in a much better place with our well-being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to building healthy immune systems.

Bringing more conscious awareness to how we operate and live is always a good thing and, by doing so, we can then also share our experiences and wisdom with others. Learn how to improve your immune system.

So my parting gift and challenge for you is to spend some (more) time investigating and getting in touch with both your Chakra System and your Etheric Body and gauging and building up your health and well-being to a higher level and frequency.

I am a great believer in growth and by growing and expanding energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we do not stagnate or get stuck in one place.

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