Grieving With An Open Heart: New Love

New Love

The article I wrote for the last edition of Holistic Living Magazine ended with these words:

‘So here I stand now, flapping those wings, comfortable (mostly) in the not knowing of what comes next, contemplating which direction to take when I lift off.

The tiny voice in me that is afraid is acknowledged, and I hug her fiercely, telling her I love her and that all is well. We always wanted to fly, and now is always a good time…’

I am still amazed a lot by how spot on I am when I let my soul speak. Without physically knowing what was going to happen, I hit the proverbial nail on the head with the above statement, as soon after I wrote it, I started flying. And the direction I took was – Love.

When the time is right, the time really is right, and somehow, a part of me already knew.

It is the everlasting lesson of balance between heart, soul and mind in our human lives, which is so very rewarding when we follow our hearts and listen to our soul, while teaming up with our analytical mind in the very best way.

New love has arrived in the form of my new man, and it hit both of us unexpectedly and with quite the impact.

As I sit here at his desk, typing these words, there must be a really big heart-shaped cloud around me, around this house, enveloping all creatures that enter. J My mind wants to give you all the detailed rational information on what happened, when and how.

But it’s not about a rational timeline, it is about how we both were and are in the flow of love and self-love, so we could finally meet, start a new life and fly together.

Every ‘what-if’ and every question fell away, as soon as we connected on a human level – and words cannot really describe what this means to us both. We met as friends, and we sat and talked for hours and hours about our lives, our grief, our children and our dreams.

All the while, the love energy between us was building up by the second, without us consciously noticing. We both felt very comfortable in each other’s presence, so we enjoyed our chats and the similar wavelength we were on.

Until our children pointed out teasingly that we ‘should’ do something romantic together… which brought it to our everyday-awareness. ‘Something’ was there that we both had noticed but put aside before – and now we saw it and looked at it.

From that moment, everything became so very clear in an instant, and the love that had flowed as friendship became so much deeper. And without a doubt, my dear soulman has been pulling quite some strings so the two of us could meet where we did.

We stood and watched the night sky, saw shooting stars and the Milky Way. We laughed until the tears were streaming down our faces. We talked without words, just by looking into each other’s eyes. And we still do.

From meeting at our holiday destination, we went straight into joining our lives together, with a total of five children, a parrot, two cats, a dog, a pet snake, a rabbit and a pot-bellied pig, and so much love.

When love arrives, there is no reason to wait for anything, I believe. When we feel that the love is real, deep and maybe even made in heaven, all doubt steps aside and makes room for the new adventure.

We both don’t expect anything, we both believe in love, and we stand together through whatever comes our way. Both our families and soul families are in pure joy with us, and this added joy lifts us even higher.

Joy is contagious, and it’s a very good ‘bug’ to catch!

On the physical level, we are now working on moving in together, connecting two families and deepening our love.

We are intertwining all of our life experiences to offer even more love to each other and to our children, and to heal the wounds we all have experienced on our life paths so far.

The roller coaster is picking up speed, and it takes us up and down, through the loops and sometimes gives us a break – and we love it all. We are both so very grateful for love bringing us together, and we really want to put our everything into this new melting pot of a family.

My grieving process continues, and now it is fuelled by even more love than I alone could bring to it. My soulman is part of our new family; he is our trusted matchmaker, counsellor and soul brother to my new man.

I am grateful for my soul guiding me so clearly and without many detours to this new chapter in my book of life, which may just lead me to finally writing a ‘real’ book. I’ve quoted it before, and it still is so true now: ‘Baby, life’s what you make it’.

‘You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it is better to listen to what it has to say’ – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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