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Re – invigorating the storyline of your auto-immune system. I would love to gift you a FREE Sound Healing to help you realign.

This concept may be a bit unusual or even unheard of in your world so first I am going to tell you the story of Mother Earth and Father Sky from the perspective of a life alchemist.

In my perception of the world whales sing the song lines of the ocean, birds sing the song lines of the sea and humans (usually indigenous and shamans) sing the song lines of the earth.

As the whales migrate they are re-energising the song lines of the seas and their calls reshape the energy stuck in places in the ocean, releasing stagnant energy so it can flow naturally.

Migrating birds sing the song lines of the air, cleansing the air, keeping  all the wild vibrational knowledge intact, all the way up to the Karman line (where ‘space’ is designated to start).

Traditional aboriginal songs not only activate the earth, they also retain teaching, custodianship and ‘right way’ to look after resources, often also containing knowledge of tides, eclipses and celestial movements.

In fact the sound of the Earth herself resonates to all these song line sounds… she amplifies the beat within herself; science calls it the Schuman Resonance.

An absence of Schuman Resonance causes humans to become ill, disoriented and ultimately we die …. Now am I starting to sound familiar? Without a doubt, we all need regular immersion in the sonic heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Did you know that NASA ensures each space craft is fitted with a Schuman simulator, exposing astronauts to the 7.8 hertz heartbeat at all times, thus ensuring their internal rhythm stays intact and keeping them well?

Could you be out of sync with the frequency of the planet?

As a healer and life alchemist it is clear as day to me that if you have developed an autoimmune disease, you have somehow dropped the beat of yourself and lost your connection to the sonic heartbeat of the planet.

Within your physical body you hold the patterns of your health and well-being … your song line that resonates your personal health history to you and holds the blueprint for your health moving forward.

Is it time to revive your autoimmune song line? … to regenerate all of your deep body intelligence … trust me, that part of you is just waiting to be acknowledged and sung back to life.

How do you imagine you would feel if you could revive the memory of your true authentic self?  Pretty damn good I should imagine!

OK Valentina, I get the concept. How do I re-energize my autoimmune song line and get my FREE Sound Healing?

SOUND HEALING – listening to sounds that vibrationally heal you – singing bowls, OM music, whale and dolphin sounds, voice toning, crystal bowl toning.  Find some toning music that you like.

Set the intention of re-activating your autoimmune song line within you and then relax and listen to it … letting go so that you can hear the sound all around you and through you.

Allow your breath to join the vibrational sounds; this will create amplification in your body that will bring your autoimmune song line back to life. 20 minutes a day is perfect.

With any energy healing, repetition is the key … a little bit every day (or twice a day) is more effective than, say, 2 hours once a week.

I FEEL EXHAUSTED JUST READING THIS  I have composed and uploaded an ‘autoimmune sound healing journey’ mp3 for you on my shop (type ‘song line’ in the offer code box as you check out and it will be yours for free).

Play it as you go to sleep, don’t worry if you nod off, it will work wonders when your conscious mind is disabled (i.e. when you are sleeping). In time, with regular listening/sleeping to it, you will start to feel aware, awake and alive.

Repetition is the key.  This mp3 can be used on your iPhone, android, laptop or iPad … so no excuses please! You will have the correct intention set for your song line and be treated to ethereal whale sounds overlaid with Tibetan singing bowl sound healing.

WATCHING SUNRISE & SUNSET – this connects you with the Earth’s magnetic field, hooks you up to a powerful life-giving cycle
so that your auto immune system can remember how to re-set its unique song line.

BARE FEET ON THE EARTH – 30 minute nature walks or just a few minutes barefoot on the grass each day. The earth has an electrical charge, you have an electrical charge. Drawing electrons up from the earth through the souls of your feet improves your health, well-being and electrical brain activity as well as re-setting your song line. This activity is akin to plugging into the mainframe.

BREATHE IN THE OCEAN – in whatever way is appropriate for you … watch the waves, walk or swim.

FEEL THE ENERGY OF NATURAL EVENTS – take time to enjoy a thunderstorm (be safe!), listen to and watch the rain falling gently in a light downpour, pay attention to the sounds of birds at different times of day if you live near nature… I am sure you can find a few natural events in your life once you start looking for them.

TONE YOUR CHAKRAS DAILY WITH MUSIC – preferably at sunrise and sunset if this is possible. Chakras are energy centres in our bodies, much like stars are the energy centres of the Universe . Most people focus on 7 main ones which run from the bottom of your spine (base or root chakra) up to just above the top of your head (crown chakra). Each chakra has a musical note or tone that it responds to and also a colour.

When chakras are blocked or out of balance your immune system suffers because it is unsupported energetically and slides into confusion and responds in an opposite to expected manner or over-responds. It may generate an attack on an infection, toxin, or allergen and then continues attacking healthy cells.

Homeostasis, in which the body’s various parts work together to maintain health, is highly dependent on balanced chakras. Please contact me if you need help with this.

So now I know you understand my advice…. But the question is, Do I understand you? My compassion and sympathy goes out to you if you are reading this and suffering under the yoke of an autoimmune disease and coping with the side effects of any medication you are taking.

I know there are many conventional treatments available can make you feel worse.

I have read that anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil, steroids, immune suppressants like methotrexate, and the new TNF-alpha blockers like Enbrel or Remicade can lead to intestinal bleeding, kidney failure, depression, psychosis, osteoporosis, muscle loss, and diabetes, not to mention overwhelming infection and cancer.

Research tells me that when used selectively these drugs can help people with autoimmune diseases get their lives back.

This is such a difficult burden to bear and I hope that my article today can help so that you no longer have to suffer a hostile attack from within on your joints, your brain, your thyroid, your gut, your skin… and sometimes your whole body.

I am acutely aware of the pain and misunderstanding you live with daily.

Take home message? All life’s roadblocks, including illness are essentially our soul self or higher self wishing to have a conversation with us that we are avoiding or refusing to have… we can all be very stubborn in this regard. In this case, the message is…

Tune in! Listen to the rhythm of life around you and most importantly, find your autoimmune song line and activate it now.

How? Scroll up! Too tired? Scroll up! Will it work? Seriously, you are a child of the earth. It is that simple!

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Valantina MathiasValentina Mathias – Life Alchemist

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