Forensic Healing & Autoimmune Disease

Forensic Healing & Autoimmune Disease

WOW! What can I say, I’ve just returned from a 7-day Live Workshop in Perth, Australia with the Founder & Creator of Forensic Healing Marisa Russo and 33 other amazing women who are all talented and gifted in a variety of modalities.

What an electrifying, emotional and incredible healing workshop that was spent with these women! This was my 3rd return of doing the course, not because I needed to but because I wanted to.

Each time I’ve attended it has always been a new and profound learning experience. This time I attended the 7-day Workshop so that I may now share the passion of being able to teach as a Certified Instructor for Forensic Healing in The Essentials Workshop Events.

These events are held on various dates by a handful of qualified instructors located globally (myself included) to provide women that are interested in learning energy healing, an overview about Forensic Healing.

I signed up to do the Forensic Healing Essential Course in April 2014. I had always been interested in Detective shows writers such as Patricia Cornwall, so energy healing was new for me, but somehow resonated instantly.

Knowing what I know now in such a short time, I can truly say, though I may not have years of experience as a healer, that is not thwarting (did I just say that word…?) me from going out doing what I love and knowing I can help people.

I had never been to an energy healer before, yet I felt compelled to dive in, find out about the stories I was hearing and feeling from women that had used Forensic Healing (this was my first real awareness about energy that was explained so perfectly).

I met Marisa when I attended an Essentials Workshop in May 2014. I had already read the introductory course manual and videos and wanted more. Before I even finished the workshop I knew I wanted to do the course online, then I knew I wanted to attend the Live Workshop.

Since I’ve been a qualified Forensic Healer, I’ve engaged with clients (that’s seems an odd name for me to use now as I’ve never before seen people in this capacity as a healer, and that’s exactly what I am!).

I can tell you how completely satisfied and amazed I am when I see and feel the difference helping someone who is disconnected, out of balance, feeling blocks or has disharmony in their life.

I actually knew that this form of alternative therapy in energy healing would be what I’m meant to do.

Forensic Healing & Autoimmune Disease

So what can I tell you about Forensic Healing that can be informative and possibly having anything to do with Autoimmune Disease? Well first of all, what actually is autoimmune disease?

Mmm, no it hasn’t got anything to do with your car! I decided to do a brief “Google” to find out more about it…

When you look at the signs or symptoms they give you, how many of us has had these symptoms and not realised the seriousness? Autoimmune diseases are considered a top 10 leading cause of death in women under the age of 65.

Here Are Some Of The Main Ones

  • Pain with muscles or joints, a weakness or tremor
  • Loss of weight, sleeplessness, rapid heartbeat
  • Skin rashes, or hives, sensitivity to the sun
  • Foggy brain, loss of focus and concentration
  • Feeling tired or fatigued, weight gain or cold intolerance

What causes autoimmune disease? A majority of this has underlying issues associated with genetics, and then there are other factors such as toxins, free radicals, moulds, infections, food sensitivities. The list goes on!

So I want to share an aspect of how the Forensic Healing System has been developed and focus on one of the modules within the system on Physics. Now I’m not a Doctor, so I’m not diagnosing, or prescribing any condition of a person whilst I’m doing a healing.

I’m purely connecting and I become a conduit of their energy. The body reveals the information that suggests the condition we need to address and help release that, by all means confer with your specialist but I allow what the body has already retained in information and let it guide me.

Within the Physics system, this covers all aspects of the physical aspects or blocks that need to be released and the powerful pathways that will assist the release.

This course covers the physical aspects that may come out as pain or many of the conditions mentioned above.

The categories that are covered, there are 14 of them, each have healing pathways and a related scan list relative to that category, just for instance within the genetics category we have 18 words within that list, and for me I can’t even pronounce some of them!

The beauty of Forensic Healing is everything has been provided for us and we only need your body to give us that information. That’s where the power of Intuition and logic plays a part for us as well.

The Physics aspect of Forensic Healing is about the physical traumas, allergies, substances, toxins that may unbalance our body. These aspects or blocks can be released from the body with using the powerful healing pathways to assist the release.

So going back to autoimmune disease, I believe you can align yourself back into better health once we detect or find out the cause and apply this powerful and effective process to release.

So let me show you what Forensic Healing can do for you. You’ll love the amazing technique of getting “the story”, finding the clues and release those imbedded fears, traumas, pains that can prevent you from living your life to the fullest in health, love, happiness and freedom!

Yes freedom…. isn’t that what we really are wanting in this life?

Why You Should Choose The Forensic Healing System…

  • Forensic Healing uses Healing Secrets to activate spontaneous healing forces
  • Words of Power are used to close down negative forces and open positive energies
  • We follow a protocol of Opening and Closing statements to bless, access higher sources and guidance etc.
  • The Client plays an active part in the identification of life patterns and the emotions that run them
  • Identifying the clients age where the impact with programs, beliefs and patterns occurred
  • Embeds Law of Attraction to enhance life changes
  • Exposes how are relationships leave imprints on ourselves and others
  • Addressing all healing pathways – energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual
  • As a Forensic Healer I know exactly what to do, step by step for any condition
  • Understanding the patterns of clients who heal easily and the clients who don’t
  • As a therapist we too are healed with the client, creating good karma and attracting what we need to make your healing experience successful
  • A feeling of passion and excitement solving life problems
  • I genuinely care about your progress as a therapist

“To hold someone as your object of attention while you’re connected to Source Energy, is the greatest gift that anyone could give. When you’re not happy, you don’t have anything to give. And so, what it literally means is be happy, because you cannot give anyone something that you do not feel.” Abraham

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