Follow Your Passion

Follow Your Passion

What do you want out of your life? Are you following your passion? Are you happy?

I believe that if we follow our passion we can ALWAYS make money and support ourselves and we will be living an authentic, HAPPY life. I believe this is what we are here to do, to live a HAPPY fulfilled life.

I see so many people not following their dreams, working in a job just for money. Many of these people are living with depression or if not depressed, they are far from happy.

This can lead to stress and health problems (I wont get started on this today I will leave that for another article).

As children we are taught that when we leave school we have to “go to work” or “get a job”. We are bought up to believe that we have to go out and earn money to provide for us and our families and are told a job is the way to go.

We are not taught that happiness comes from the inside and objects can NEVER make us happy. We are not taught at school how to run a business or how to be empowered or believe in ourselves.

We are not taught if we are artists, musicians or entrepreneurs to follow our dreams. Most of us are told that artists and musicians don’t make money and are always on the bread line.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where we were taught at school to follow our dreams. To feel empowered, to think OUTSIDE of the box and CREATE a career or business we LOVE?

I have now created this life for myself, it was not easy but it was worth every second. I believe with some self love, empowerment, determination and a bit of know how, we can all live this life. I know this from my experience.

I grew up with 6 kids and mum and dad all living in a 4 bedroom council house. We had a fun life but we didn’t have much (we lived in hand me downs). Our friends also lived in council houses and I grew up believing this was what life was like.

My mum and dad did their best and never told me I could not have these things or have a different life, but I learned from their experience. We learn from our environment, and my environment was showing me that life was tough and there was not enough to go around.

I never even dreamed of having my own business, own home, overseas holidays or having nice things. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe I couldn’t achieve these things, it was more the fact of I didn’t know another world existed.

The first time I thought about travelling was when I was 24, I met a girl from New Zealand and she invited me to come stay with her and her family. I decided to take the leap of faith and see what happened. I had a ball, I travelled around the world and saw so much.

I saw what was possible when you go for what you want. I learned that you can make your dreams come true. I learned that anything was possible if you believed and made steps to make it happen.

I learned that I could survive and thrive without a 40 – 50 hour work week. I learned that life can be FUN. After this I could never go back to the life I had before. It just did not fulfil me anymore.

I had fun before I left the U.K. to travel to New Zealand but I had just had “jobs” and didn’t want to go back to that life. After that trip I never looked back. My eyes were opened. I saw what was possible in my life and what I was capable of achieving.

After that year of travelling I went back to school to learn about holistic healing. When I had finished studying I left the U.K. and went to live in New Zealand and started my own successful business and bought my first house.

A huge achievement for me considering the mindset I had when I was young. Then after 7 years I sold my business and moved to Sydney and started all over again. You see when you have done something once, you grow new neural pathways in your brain.

Once you have these pathways you always know how to do something. So when you have learned something, you can not unlearn it. So I had learned that I was capable of going to a new country and starting again and I was capable of having my own business.

I now have a business I love and am passionate about. I’m not saying it was easy because it was not. There are times when I thought it was all too hard and was about to give up and get a job.

There were times when it was really hard financially to survive while I was following my passion but somehow I was always provided for.

Somehow someone or something always came along at the right time to spur me on that little bit more towards achieving my dream. No longer do I get up and not want to go to work. No longer do I count the hours down until its home time.

I love the freedom my own business gives me. I love the people I choose to work and partner with. I love the fact my business helps so many other people and I feel fulfilled. I LOVE the industry I work in and most of all I am HAPPY and following my PASSION.

I hope my story inspires you to live your dreams and follow your passion because it is possible. You just have to find someone who inspires you, believe you can do it, find out the steps you need to take and work towards your dreams…

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Sharon WhiteSharon White

If you would like to learn more and work with me one on one I would love to work with you. I am passionate about people having a voice, being heard and creating the change you want in your life.

You can contact me at to see how I can help you. Sharon is the founder of Global Healing Exchange. You can work with her on her Emotional Freedom Program here.

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