From Good Girl Complex To Empowered Woman

Empowered Woman

Who wants to be a good girl? Who wants to feel controlled? Who wants society telling them what is good and what is bad? Who wants to feel scared of being their true self?

Who wants to play small for the rest of their life? I’m sure MANY of us would answer NO to these questions. SO if you want to find out how to be EMPOWERED read on………

We come into this life as a shiny bundle of LOVE, FULL of POTENTIAL. At this point we have the potential to achieve anything. You see how in touch babies are with their emotions. They know what they want and they soon work out a way to get it.

During the ages of 0 – 7, (our imprinting period), we learn about who we are and develop our personalities. We learn to suppress our emotions. It is during these years where the shutdown starts to happen.

All of us are conditioned at a very young age and told what to do and what to believe and told that we have to be ‘good girls’. We are conditioned by our parents, our family and our environment. Our parents tell us what they believe to keep us safe, but we need to ask…

Is what they believe always TRUE and will it always keep us safe? If something was bad for them, does it means it is bad for us also, or is this just protective thinking from them?

Nevertheless they have that power over us that makes us feel fearful to do anything ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’.

Then when we are old enough to go to school, we are conditioned even more by our peers and school teachers. Every time we are suppressed by someone telling us NOT to do something another LAYER of shutdown happens.

This happens throughout our life and before you know it there is layer upon layer of shutdown and suppression.

When we are suppressed, we don’t feel big or strong enough to say what we really feel. As children we learn that adults know best and we have to do what they tell us to. We don’t have a voice.

For many of us this leaves us mistrusting ourselves as we feel differently about things but are not allowed to express our true selves. This shows up in later life when we don’t trust our own judgements, when we look outside of ourselves for the answers.

Some of us spend years searching for the answers from others and will always trust the judgement of others, rather than looking within for the answers.

We learn how to disconnect from our bodies and get stuck in our minds. So when we have a gut feeling – we don’t even feel it anymore.

Our subconscious mind is here to protect us and it believes that once it has learned a way to deal with something, this is the way it will always deal with something.

So at a young age we learned that it was OK to be suppressed, the subconscious mind thinks “This is the way to deal with our emotions.

If I suppress my emotions I will keep her safe and protected”.  So the pattern keeps on going and we keep attracting more of the same experiences…….Then we grow up suppressing our emotions and thinking it is alright to do so.

This not only causes anxiety and suppression in our body but can also lead to illness. Our subconscious mind is a faithful follower and when you give it an alternative behaviour it will take it.

So how do we take our power back? How do we learn how to start making our own decisions and TRUSTING ourselves again? What do you need to do to feel TRULY EMPOWERED?

To do this we have to look back to the past and look at all of the events that we did not feel empowered. We have to ask ourselves, what positive things did we learn about ourselves from these events? What could we have done differently?

What inner resources would we have needed at the time to act differently? The fact of the matter is we did not have these inner resources as a child but we now have them available to us as adults.

Once the subconscious mind realises that there is a better way to deal with emotions and we give it an alternative behaviour it will switch behaviours INSTANTLY!

Our subconscious mind wants to do the best for us. We just have to show it the way. We need to realise transformation and empowerment does not happen overnight but it does happen.

Empowerment begins with uncovering core beliefs and emotional patterns that have prevented us from being our true selves.

It is a journey of uncovering layer after layer of shutdown and taking the lid off. The more layers you uncover the more empowered you start to feel.

When you feel GREAT about doing something you was fearful of, that’s empowering. When you start standing up for yourself that’s empowering.

When you realize you are not your past but you ARE YOUR FUTURE and you can achieve anything you want, that is being an EMPOWERED woman.

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Sharon WhiteSharon White

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