Health & Wellness Tips. Being Real – Feel Your Emotions


How do you feel your emotions? I’ve just had an amazing interview with Sara Allard, our Feng Shui expert.

We had planned to talk about a certain subject today but Sara said to me “Sharon I don’t think I can do this interview because I’m feeling sad and I am not at my best today”.

After talking to Sara for maybe 15 minutes, this GREAT conversation came out of it. It is about being REAL, FEELING your emotions and inspiring others by being YOURSELF.

We are led to believe that we have to play small, always be positive, always do as others expect, be strong and this is NOT true. What we need to do as people, leaders, teachers is to be REAL.

When showing ALL of you, you allow others to FEEL and BE all of them. Learn why it is good to feel your emotions.

I would like to thank Sara for being so vulnerable. In being strong and vulnerable she shows others that it is good to feel sadness sometimes. If she didn’t feel sad today, this amazing interview would not have happened.

We would love to hear your perspective on this in the comments below. What do you do in order to listen to your emotions?

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