Do You Have A Fear Of Success?


When we have had suppression of any kind in our life whether it be from our parents, our friends, our brothers and sisters, peers, teachers or anyone else we know, we can suppress ourselves throughout our whole lives. Suppression is our comfort zone.

It is what we know. Even though we say we want to create change, it is the FEAR of the unknown that keeps us trapped.

Sometimes it is easier to prove you are unsuccessful rather than to show others that you can succeed. As a child it was safer to play small due to fear, so you were not seen and hurt and so you play that way as an adult.

If we didn’t think we were worthy of love as a child, why would we think we are worthy now?

If we didn’t think we were going to succeed in anything, why would we think we could now? If as a child we did not feel safe telling others how we feel, why would we feel safe now?

These are all great questions to consider when we are figuring out why we do not reach our goals. Does this feel like a lack of self belief to you?

If we lived in FEAR as children, we would have lived in fight or flight mode which means there are chemicals (adrenalin among others) that are released in our bodies that either make us stand and FIGHT, RUN or FREEZE.

(Adrenalin makes the person feel energised by increasing the heart rate and raising your blood pressure.

Usually, blood is diverted from other organs of the body and taken to the muscles, thus increasing the ability of the individual to respond to a situation).

As the mind rules the body, our mind thinks, “this reaction kept me safe before so it will keep me safe every time I feel fear”.

You see if the chemical released in you made you FREEZE so when an abuser came towards you it helped you to zone out, it was helping you to survive.

So many women have this reaction when they are raped and beat themselves up for years because they did not do anything to get the attacker off.

The fact of the matter is they couldn’t because the (FREEZE behaviour) was way too strong in their bodies.

Imagine if you still had that chemical working in you now. Do you think you will feel safe in reaching your goals or do you think that your mind would think it was not safe to get out of your comfort zone and you will FREEZE in many areas of your life.

Therefore staying the same and never reaching your goals.

Our bodies and subconscious mind learned these behaviours and even though these behaviours served us in the moment of fear, they may not serve us now.

When you go back to these ways of being, on a subconscious level you are keeping yourself safe because you fear the unknown and we all know to do something we have never got, we have to do something we have never done.

This means stepping INTO FEAR. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

So what can we do about it. When you change your thinking you can change the way you behave and your body (and its chemicals) will respond in a healthier way. I can help you to change your thinking and so you can lead the life you dream of.

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Sharon WhiteSharon White

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