What Can Wellness Coaching Do For You?

wellness coach
  • Do you want to pursue a healthier lifestyle but have trouble sticking to your goals?


  • Do you have great goals for your future but don’t know how to reach them?


  • Are you filled with anger, frustration, guilt, sadness from the past?


  • Do you think that you do not deserve any better in life?


  • Do you put your family first and never give yourself time?

If you answered YES to any of these questions a wellness coach can help you.

A Wellness Coach can help you discover how your life and behaviours may be contributing to low energy and stopping you from achieving the goals to succeed in all aspects of your life.

Coaching is not about the wellness coach providing the answers for you. It is not about the coach taking on responsibility for your issues. It is not about the coach carrying you through your problems.

Good coaches EMPOWER you to believe you have what it takes to succeed already inside of you. A good coach is intuitive and passionate about their work and they really want to help you get the results you are looking for.

A good coach will listen to you and guide you to the outcome you need. A good coach will lead you to be the person you want to be.

Wellness coaches work with people who may already be at a good point in their lives in some areas, but wish to reach their potential in some way that has yet to be fulfilled.

They will work with you to create a ‘wellness vision’ and plan to make changes that will give you a greater chance of success in many areas of your life, starting with personal wellness.

“Wellness” is about optimal well being and it looks at mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Some wellness coaches work with people to help them overcome chronic conditions that have sometimes resulted from lifestyle choices. Anyone who needs help managing an illness or condition that will move them closer to the baseline of health could benefit from a wellness coach.

Other wellness coaches work with people who have had things happen to them in their lives and the memory of these things are holding them back now in their life.

Or people who have limiting thoughts about what they can achieve and what they deserve.
Whatever area you need help with, there is a coach out there for you.

What Can Wellness Coaches Help You With?

• Support you mentally while you are healing your body

• Help you work towards un-achieved goals in all areas of your life. ( Career, finance, relationships , health or any other aspect of your life that you do not feel fulfilled in)

• Help you set goals and create an action plan

• Weight management coaching

• Stress management coaching

• Healthy Eating

• Clearing negative emotions

• Clearing limiting beliefs

• Change negative behaviours

…and SO much more.

What Will Happen In A Session?

We first find out where the change is needed and why this change is important to you and help you explore what’s stopping you from succeeding and brainstorm possible strategies to overcome these obstacles.

We will then design the program/sessions to suit you personally so you get the best results. Each coach will have different tools in their toolbox to get you those results. They will tailor the session for you personally. Make sure you resonate with the coach you choose to work with.

Coaches provide accountability on your progress, coaching and supporting you when you falter and cheering you on when you succeed.

You can find much more information on living a holistic lifestyle in these free magazines and on our YouTube channel.

Sharon WhiteSharon White

If you would like to learn more and work with me one on one I would love to work with you. I am passionate about people having a voice, being heard and creating the change you want in your life.

You can contact me at sharon@globalhealingexchange.com to see how I can help you. Sharon is the founder of Global Healing Exchange. You can work with her on her Emotional Freedom Program here.

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