Law Of Attraction. Ask For Evidence

Law Of Attraction

You make a request. You wait for an answer. You don’t feel you get one. It sometimes feels as though the Universe is just not hearing your requests. You wonder if your inner wisdom has gone off on some wonderful journey leaving you alone to fend for yourself.

The ego senses that you are vulnerable, so all the mischievous, lying, bad news Gremlins begin to take advantage of your vulnerable ear/mind. Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to your own personal super hero that can quell those pesky Gremlins that begin to take hold?

The good news is that you do have a super hero at your side at all times. It’s your Divine Support System (DSS). Even when you cannot see or sense your DSS, they are there. Your DSS is a team of people such as your Guides, Angels, Loved Ones, etc.

It is streams of energy that are at a very high vibration. Some might see them as guardian angels. You can choose the language or images that for you invoke safety, love, magic, hope, beauty, wisdom and fun in your mind.

To experience the power of your DSS simply make a specific request. For example, you need some extra money and you needed it yesterday. More often than not, this type of a request may feel more like a demand.

“I need money right now or else I can’t pay my mortgage!” Sounds a bit fearful doesn’t it? Don’t berate yourself. Just know that this type of statement is indicating that your belief around the money coming right now is on shaky ground.

Your DSS wants to impress upon you the magic in the Universe. Like a magician, your DSS wants its audience to be open to being wowed, dazzled and entertained. Your DSS LOVES to surprise and delight you.

So, instead of saying “I need money right now or else I can’t pay my mortgage!” you could say “Show me some evidence that will allow me to come more into alignment with what I say I want.” Can you FEEL the difference in the energies behind those statements?

Once You’ve Made The Request For Evidence Your Job Is To:

1. Believe that the evidence will appear.

2. Appreciate the evidence you receive.

3. Look for further evidence that lets you know your energy is focused in the right direction.

Your DSS is always with you and eager to help. In fact, they are excited to help you out! Don’t forget you have one and not use it! And of course, don’t judge or second guess the evidence given or answers you receive.

ANY and ALL evidence or answers from your DSS are cause to get excited, appreciate, and celebrate! All evidence is an indication of how you are moving up that vibrational scale. As you feel better about your desire, you can ask your DSS to create more specific outcomes. Have fun!

Call To Action

My coach’s request to you is to begin small and keep it playful. Pick something that doesn’t have a huge emotional charge for you; something where you can fully detach from the outcome and remain an observer. As an example, let’s say your desire is to feel more joy in your life.

1. Begin by declaring your intention to the Universe/God/Spirit – whatever language speaks to you. So in our example, you could declare “I intend to experience more joy in my life.”

2. Write out your request for evidence. Use the language above as a guide. “Show me some evidence that will allow me to come more into alignment with feeling more joy in my life.”

3. Know that when you ask, it is always given so be on the lookout for your evidence and record it in your Evidence Journal.

Be open to the unlimited ways your evidence may come. Hold an attitude of eager anticipation, like the audience member of a magic show, and wait to be wowed and dazzled!

4. Play with this process over and over again! Give yourself permission to wow and delight yourself with the evidence that you are living in a supportive, loving world where Spirit/God conspires to bring you your every wish!

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