Energy & Consciousness. What Do These Words Mean?

Energy & Consciousness

When you say these two words, energy & consciousness, what comes to mind for you? They are two words that have certainly gained some traction over the past few decades as the focus on personal and spiritual development has become more mainstream and accessible; particularly with the help of social media and the internet.

If we played a game of ‘Definitions’ and had to write our own definitions of what they mean to us, I am sure that there would be a myriad of answers. 


The English dictionary defines ‘Energy’ (Noun) as:

Intensity or vitality of action or expression; forcefulness

Capacity or tendency for intense activity; vigour

The capacity of a body or system to do work

A measure of this capacity, expressed as the work that it does in changing to some specified reference state. It is measured in joules (SI units)

A Source Of Power

From my perspective of writing about, and working with, spiritual growth or spiritual journeying, I would say that for me, ‘energy’ is something that I can use, gain, exchange and share in positive or negative ways.

It is something that is as tangible for me as a feeling or knowing, but something that is not such an easy thing to ‘see’.

With some ‘gift’ or training it is possible to see different types of energy when one is focused on doing so, but generally it is something that is felt, either through the more common five senses, or with other ones that we have.

The etheric body for instance is an ‘energy’ form and can be ‘seen’ within this context. It is something that can be ‘seen’ and measured.

I once facilitated an art class in nature with about twenty teenage school children (in a Steiner School) where I asked them to focus their attention on the ‘etheric’ energy of some leaves on a nearby bush and then to draw what they experienced and ‘saw’.

Each drawing was very similar. Each drawing expressed and displayed similar colours and energy flows. The children were very excited and they shared with me several weeks later that some of them had continued to practice ‘seeing’ energy.

This is a simple way to show that this energy stuff is real!

When I tune into my own energy or energy field I can become aware of how I am ‘feeling’. I like to challenge myself to create a…

As human being’s we have various energies in and around us and we can make good use of them when we choose to do so.

Sayings and phrases such as ‘He (or she) is taking my energy’, She (or he) has a very high (or low) energy’ are common things that I work with in my line of work and what I try to explain and work with is that nobody can take our energy, we can only choose (consciously or sub-consciously) to give it away.

When we get to know, understand and use our energies in an empowering way this becomes a bit easier.

Energy healing or energy balancing is a thing that is becoming much more common and accepted (again) in the western world.

All sorts of systems and modalities are now available and each one can be (when used and delivered effectively) very beneficial. For me, it is mostly about…

For me, the deeper aspect of the word or meaning of ‘Consciousness’, is when I use it to describe or work with spiritual or soul consciousness.

Having the capacity to know or ‘see’ when one is in a state of (higher) consciousness, being able to observe oneself in one’s thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours, is a very empowering thing to have. I call this the ‘Sense of Self’.

It is one of the 12 senses that I work with on my journey of personal and spiritual development. This comes from the work and initiatives of Rudolf Steiner (1863-1925).

If we bring the spot light onto this word ‘Consciousness’ and try to grasp a deeper meaning of it, we can go down many rabbit holes.

One rabbit hole that I like to go down is the one connected to Anthroposophy and the work and insights of Rudolf Steiner, which I have been studying and working with now for 25 years.

In the Anthroposophical ‘model’ of the Human Soul we speak of three aspects of the Soul; the Intellectual Soul, the Sentient (Feeling) Soul and the Consciousness Soul.

These three aspects of our being are enveloped in our Astral or Soul Body and each one can be explored, studied and worked with to bring us to more consciousness about who and what we are as individuals and as a human race.

The Consciousness Soul is the aspect of ourselves that…

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