Change Your Energy. Change Your Health.

Change Your Energy

I have written about energy and how to change your energy many times before and this is a carry on from my opening article in this Energy and Defining Consciousness magazine.

You saw how science is now catching up with esoteric traditions and scientists can now measure what is happening within your body and energy fields.

So knowing this, the next question is, how do you change your energy? How can you change something you can’t see?

Scientist can measure energy and there are machines on the market that you can now buy to use at home to measure the energetic fields in your body, but many of us do not have this equipment at our fingertips.

This is where consciousness or our intuition comes in. We know when we are not feeling well because we listen to our body and it tells us. How does it tell us? By giving us emotions, sickness or pain. Simple.

So if we can learn from our body when we are not feeling well, we can also learn from our body when we are feeling well, or when our body is vibrating at a level of wellness.

Change Your Energy… What is the easiest and simplest way of doing this?

Think back to a time you were feeling vibrant and alive. When you were feeling happy, excited, loving life and you felt on top of the world. When you were feeling the healthiest you have felt ever!

Close your eyes, go back to that time, feel what you felt, see what you saw and hear what you heard. Really FEEL what you were feeling in that moment. Think about…….this!!

What kind of things were you saying to yourself? Get a pen and paper and write these words down. These will be your new affirmations.

What were you thinking? Write these thoughts too. Start thinking these thoughts more often.

What did you see? Write down what you saw. Get an image of where you were at the time. This will be a new picture for you to use when you start to raise your vibration and health, you change your energy.

See what you saw in your memory and make the image, clearer, brighter and more vibrant, in your mind’s eye.

Say the positive words you were saying to yourself, over and over in your mind’s eye and combine that with the clear, bright, vibrant picture of yourself. When you are looking and thinking this way how are you feeling?

Bring back all of those feelings into your body right now and multiply that feeling by 10! WOW. How do you feel in THIS MOMENT? Now multiply that feeling by 100! Can you feel the atoms in your body vibrating higher?

You may feel a buzzing in your cells or feel a vibration, or feel lighter in your body. Everyone has a different feeling when they do this.

The thing that everyone feels is change….Change your Energy..

Write yourself a paragraph about how you felt at that time and really grasp what was happening for you. When you multiplied that amazing feeling by 100 how did you feel? Write every feeling, thought and emotion down and make that your new health story.

If you are a visual person you may want to draw yourself a picture to remind you of this, or if you are an auditory person, say a saying that reminds you.

Kinesthetic Personality : What Does It Mean To Be Kinesthetic?

If you are kinaesthetic person feel this feeling. VISUALISE, VERBALISE or FEEL THIS FEELING DAILY! It does not have to take long but you need to practise this feeling.

Now we all know we have neural pathways in our brain. These neural pathways form our thoughts and behaviours. We can have negative and positive behaviours, depending on which pathways we have been focusing on.

When you practise something over and over it will reinforce a new neural pathway. So the more you practise, the things you want to feel, the more you will feel these positive things.

Athletes have been doing this for many years, to visualise before their events, to help them to win races.

So if athletes have been using this technique and science can now prove that this works, let’s use it towards raising our vibration and gaining better health.

Healing can be fun and you can change your energy. This is something I say to my clients and I truly believe.

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Long gone are the days of having to sit in a room with a therapist, talking about your trauma, or childhood, or an event that makes you feel sad. When you are doing that, you are reinforcing the old neural pathways of sickness, and ‘negative emotions’.

I write ‘negative emotions’ like this to make a point but I believe there are no negative emotions. All emotions are relaying a message to you from your body. These ‘negative emotions’ are simply telling you that something in your life needs to be changed.

Question: How do you change your old neural pathways? Answer: By reinforcing new ones.

By imagining new events, feelings and emotions about HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL. We all have the capacity to be whoever we want to be, it all depends on what we focus on the most.

If we are thinking sickness we are sick. If we are thinking wellness we are well. Now I am not saying that if you think wellness you will never get sick, what I am saying is if you think wellness you will be well most of the time.

As I said before sickness is the body talking to us. It may be that you are thinking wellness, and because you feel well, you work too hard, do long hours, give too much of yourself and burn yourself out! Then you get sick.

Then you have to listen to your body and hear what it is telling you. Stop working so hard, rest, sleep, get good nutrition into you and you will get well.

Life is about balance and learning and growing. Learning to raise your vibration takes practise and is well worth the effort. It is a daily practise until it is a behaviour. Then you don’t have to even think about it anymore.

Just like when you were learning to drive a car. It seemed hard at first but then when you got it and grew the new neural pathway, you can now drive a car without thinking about every simple step you have to do. It becomes automatic.

Benefits of Raising Your Vibration

Raising your vibration can be an automatic response and you can live from a place of higher vibration. It is about placing your intention and focus on living the vibrant healthy life you want.

Making sure you surround yourself with people who lift you higher and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

I work with clients to help them be the best version of themselves. If you want to work with me, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Sharon White – Subconscious Mind Expert

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