Easy Meals: Healthy Gluten-Free Fried Rice

Gluten-Free Fried Rice

Sunday afternoon’s are usually spent preparing the diary for the week ahead, relaxing with my partner (and cat!), watching a movie or recorded episodes of trashy TV (yes, i love it!) and then we argue over who is cooking dinner. Sound familiar?

To prevent WWIII happening, here’s a solution: A health, quick Gluten-Free Fried Rice. This is great when you have minimal items in your fridge also. It provides you with a nice balance of Carbs, protein and fat (all the macro nutrients your body needs)

Serves 4:


2 cups Rice (preferably brown)
2 eggs
Head of Broccoli florets (snipped or chopped up into small pieces)
Tamari (which is a gluten free soy sauce)
Few Tbsp dried chilli
Tbs Sesame oil

Cook the rice first (using your favourite method), next drain off rice and set outside. Also think about using left over quinoa or amaranth. I find if you put it in a big fry pan (non-stick) and spread it out it’ll cool down and separate faster.

You need to separate the grains slightly so it’s not gluggy. Next, Put the fry pan back on the heat and heat up the rice, throw in a tbs of sesame oil, chilli, tamari and the broccoli.

Stir it regularly so that all the ingredients have combined together. Beat the eggs together in a separate bowl or mug (just quickly till they form a rough omelette consistency).

You can either take every thing out of the pan and make the omelette separately or just do what smart, less fussy people (like me!) do and pop the egg into the rice and stir to spread it around while it cooks through.

Have taste check and add a little more tamari if you like it salty or maybe some more chilli, if you like to live on the edge!

Calorie count: 215 per serve

Be adventurous and add chicken or beef and also more vegetables. You can really go nuts and get really creative….if only I could be bothered on a Sunday.

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Natalie Carter

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