A Death Threat Reveals The Power Of Words

Power Of Words

The power of words.  I have shared many times before that one of the most powerful energies that exist is the spoken (or even the typed) word.  Words can comfort, soothe, express love, and nurture one’s spiritual being. 

On the other hand, words can cut like a knife, hurt, anger, and instill a deep fear.

We have all heard the children’s rhyme “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.  Sounds opposite of what I said a moment ago.  Here is the caveat of words and in reality any energy.

In order for the words to hurt you, you must be willing to accept them.  This is true even for loving words.  If you are unwilling to accept them, you will not truly feel the expression of the words and their energy.

Today, I was reminded of the power of words three times.  Thus, it is always good when spirit places things so prevalent in neon signs, for me to slow down and reflect for a moment upon my truth of words and their energy.

I will share a personal experience that came to conclusion today.  A few weeks ago, I had an experience with spoken words that I had a choice to make – accept the energy or refuse to accept it.

I must pause and thank the couple of women that spoke with me during the course of the experience and reminded me that I had a choice in whether to accept it or not.  mwah you know who you are.

I had been outside at my morning fire experiencing a beautiful sunrise when my phone rang.  I had not heard it but saw the message light flashing on my phone when I returned inside.  The message was “You’re gonna die. And I am gonna make sure”.

For sure, it caught me off guard.  I had to listen twice to really even allow the words to filter through.  What do you do when the message is a death threat?  The thoughts racing through your mind.  The breath difficult.

I had a choice …  Would I accept this energetic signature?  Would I buy into the fear?  The drama story?  Compile this with the attempted break in at my home only a few days earlier, to be sure for a moment I was not sure of the choice.

The end conclusion, after working with local law enforcement as well as law enforcement from another state, has finally come today.

The process, however, is the same as another situation where someone instilled a fear of a simple crystal in another person.   Simple words.  Words spoken.  The words you type.  They each carry a signature.

They can express emotional intent.  They can instill fear intent.  Yet, you have a choice.  You have the choice of whether to accept the words into your own energy or not to accept them.

So the real message here …  The next time someone speaks or shares words with you that do not resonate, that do not speak your truth, your desires, your beliefs – stop and refuse to accept them into your energy.  You don’t have to argue or even refute them.

Simply dismiss them.  For me, I dismiss them with loving energy.  That a person so hurt and in fear themselves that they find a loving divine energy that shifts their own truth.

Today, I accept loving energy.  Today, I accept my right to choose.

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Carla Goddard

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