Easy Changes You Can Make to Feel Better Naturally

Feel Better Naturally

Is your New Year’s resolution to be healthier? Believe it or not, you don’t need to drastically overhaul your life to feel better naturally. Look at the following easy changes you can make to improve your health and feel better.

Walk Regularly

Increasingly more people have jobs that require long hours of sitting at a desk, or on your couch if you work from home. You might find it hard to get in any serious exercise during the workweek.

However, just making time to take a few walks during the day can help immensely. Get in the habit of walking before or after you eat a meal.

This will help your food digest better and may help you eat less if you walk before your meal. Regular walks also ensure that you get plenty of fresh air during the day.

Drink More Water

With the popularity of soda and fancy coffee drinks, it’s no surprise that many people don’t drink enough water during the day. One of the reasons might be that regular water is boring.

If you find it difficult to drink enough water, you can try some of the following hacks to make it more exciting:

  • Drink natural essence sparkling water with zero calories or juice.
  • Add a slice of citrus like orange, lemon, or lime to your water.
  • Use natural water-flavouring products in your plain still or sparkling water.

If you still have a hard time drinking enough water, then you might also try unsweetened iced tea, which is mostly water and has minimal caffeine amounts.

Snack Healthier

If you’re used to reaching for chips and crackers when you feel like snacking, you might try substituting nuts and legumes instead.

Chips and crackers are largely empty carbs that can spike your blood sugar and make you hungrier throughout the day.

By contrast, nuts and legumes have protein, fiber, unsaturated fat and vitamins to stave off hunger.

Just makes sure not to buy nuts and legumes that are loaded with salt.

Invest In Your Air Quality

If you spend long commuting hours in your car, you could be breathing in a lot of unhealthy particles.

A quality air cabin filter can block large particles like dust and debris, but it can also block small particles and toxins like pollen, mould, and carbon monoxide.

A quality filter will also help your car’s HVAC system work better. The AC will cool your interior down faster, and your heater will heat the interior faster.

If you imagine breathing in everything that your car drives through during your normal time on the road, you can see why a cabin filter is such a smart investment.

Take Your Shoes Off Inside

Feeling better isn’t just about what you put in your body, but also about your surrounding and environment.

One of the easiest and quickest changes you can make is to start taking your shoes off at the door of your house.

Over 60% of the dust and debris in a house comes from outside. It can also include dangerous chemicals like lead and arsenic.

If you leave your shoes on as you walk around your house, you’re spreading chemicals and dirt around your house.

Build or buy a shoe caddy that you can put at your front and back door for people to leave their shoes before entering.

Use Extractor Fans

Do you ever wonder what the purpose is of the extractor fans in your house? You’ll typically find them in the kitchen and bathroom.

You might think their only purpose is to remove bad smells, but they have an even more important purpose.

The fans get rid of water vapor, which might seem harmless, but it creates a warm, moist environment that is perfect for mould growth.

In the kitchen, extractor fans also get rid of smoke, which can contain harmful carcinogens. In both cases, the fans help improve the air in your house when used regularly.

Making small changes to your daily life and routines can help you feel better naturally with only minimal effort.

You don’t even have to do them all at once, but simply slowly implement them into your life until they become habits.

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Author Bio: Sierra Powell graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Writing. When she’s not writing, she loves to cook, sew, and go hiking with her dogs. To better your breathing quality, Sierra recommends using an air cabin filter.

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