Ladies: Why Your Annual Exam Is So Important

Annual Exam

An annual visit to a gynaecologist or obstetrician is crucial to all 13 years and older ladies. Well-woman visits are routine health checks that you should mark on your calendar. Here are the top reasons why an annual exam is crucial for you.

Clinical Breast Exam

Even though you can perform a self-breast examination, you need to see a professional. An expert can effectively examine your breasts to look for any lumps.

Numbers show that millions of women have breast cancer in the United States. Thus, the annual visit will help you know whether you are safe or not. If the cancer is spotted in the early stages, the chances of healing are high.


Vaccines are crucial to keep some diseases at bay. Your visit to the gynaecologist is essential to discuss Pneumovax or flu vaccinations.

Another important vaccination is HPV vaccine is for young women above 18 years of age. Ensure that you inform the GYN whether you have taken the vaccine or not.

Preconception Advice

Before you conceive, you need information on how to go about it. You can find experts who will take you through the right diet and the best time to get pregnant.

You will discuss your family health history and your lifestyle to determine a healthy path for your pregnancy. You will take home pieces of advice regarding vitamin or nutrient intake.

Reproduction Planning

All women are different because some want to have kids while others don’t want children at all. Thus, an annual visit to the gynecologist is vital to talk about reproduction plans.

The professional will recommend birth control options that will suit you. If you are almost at the menopause stage, the doctor will inform you what to do to remain healthy.

Mental Health And Wellbeing

Your emotional wellbeing is critical since women go through a lot of things daily. It could be postpartum depression, job loss, death in the family, menopause, or divorce.

You need someone to talk to so that you can get back on track. During your well-woman exam, you can discuss all issues openly with your doctor. This way, you can get the help that you need to avoid sinking into depression.

Discussing Your Monthly Flow

Talking about your periods with a GYN is part of your annual visit activities. It is important to be honest if you miss your period from time to time or inconsistent.

Inform your doctor if you experience painful and heavy bleeding every month. The expert will determine if there’s something wrong with your reproductive health. For instance, excessive bleeding in between menstruation indicates an underlying health condition.

Preventative Care

Your OB/GYN will examine and screen you for any disease and take preventative measures. A pelvic exam is crucial to check your pelvic organs and look for any abnormalities.

Bloodwork will determine your cholesterol levels and thyroid functioning. Measuring your weight will help the expert recommend a healthy diet and exercise for you. Basically, preventative care ensures that you are in excellent health.

Talking About Medical History

Another reason for honoring annual visits is to discuss medical history. You will fill a form on the prescription drugs and over-counter medication that you’re taking.

Your family and personal history is part of the questionnaire that you will answer truthfully. From the data, an expert will ascertain genetic diseases in your family.

For example, diabetes and heart disease are hereditary, but you can get treatment with early detection. The doctor can recommend good habits to keep you healthy and active.

Sex Health

Ladies need to see a gynecologist to discuss sexual health. Informing your doctor about a discharge is one of the key points. If you feel pain during intercourse, your GYN should know.

Sexually transmitted diseases are rampant; hence, you need to practice safe sex.

Both young and older women benefit from openly discussing sexual health.

Birth control and condom questions will pop up as you try to understand your options.

Final Thoughts

Your annual visit is important for your overall health. You will be in a great place physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The OB/GYN can detect any ailment through lab tests for early treatment. You will get information about how to take care of your reproductive health in general.

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