Do You Want To Attract Heartfelt Relationships? Need Self-Love Exercises?

self-love exercises

Do You Need Self-Love exercises? Imagine yourself in love with the most exciting passionate successful fun loving person you ever met… How would you feel?

What stands in the way of you attracting this person right now?

We are only here for a short time so begin building self esteem and self-love!!

The clock is ticking! 

Do you believe charisma, chemistry and deep connection is only for the quick and the lucky ones?

Think again…

Are you waiting to download it or buy it online?

This is all about your vibration and openness to explore with another. You must hold a space in your heart and never be hiding.

Would you like to learn how?

If you feel like you need love and affection but you’re just too busy 24/7 with business or your career – then you are like millions of others.

Do you have limited time for dating because of your busy lifestyle and business responsibilities?

If you are currently challenged to meet someone very special with whom you have “Instant chemistry” and click with on key issues like purpose, passion, values, goals and lifestyle choices, then you really need a brand-new solution that fits your deepest needs because we are only here for a short time.

Are you currently in a relationship that simply isn’t going anywhere?

If your heart’s desire is not being fulfilled, then now is the time for reassessment.

Is he or she not everything you ever dreamed of?  

Then perhaps you’ve compromised too much.

Self-Love Exercises – Learn How You Can Start An Act Of Self Love Today. Watch This Conversation Between Sharon White & Robert Kirby. You may also be interested in our FREE Holistic Health Magazine on Self Love Building Self Esteem.

Are you very successful in business, but your love life just isn’t happening? Do you believe that charisma, rapport, chemistry or sexual tension with another just happens by luck or accident? Or are you hoping to purchase it online?

If you believe any of these things are true – then you have a rocky road ahead. Seriously it’s time for you to wake up!!

Many very successful single people have lots to offer, but are in serious need of an “emotional detox”. In other words – negative emotions and beliefs are being held in every molecule and cell in your body. Could this be what is holding you back?

In neuroscience it’s known as “molecules of emotion” – that seriously influence the neurotransmitters of your brain.

Let’s face it everyone has unfinished business from childhood and previous relationships. We have all been hurt and disappointed.

Are you seriously going to allow this to stand in the way of your heart’s desire of attracting a life partner who is everything you’ve ever dreamed of?

It makes no difference if you’re currently in a relationship or just dating. These issues affect everyone on the planet. It’s just part of being human. It’s the same for every man and women from every culture and generation.

I know many very successful people who have desperately attempted to override their deepest feelings of pain and heart ache with a great lifestyle and travel – hoping the promise of affluence or good intentions will make things right. It simply does not work.

If we are not living in truth and free to love ourselves and another with an open heart and high vibration – then we are headed for more disappointment. Start your journey of Self-love exercises, self value and improving self esteem.

What You Will Learn:

  1. What is standing your way?
  2. How your opposite sex parent shaped your sexual identity and affects every single relationship and how to resolve it.
  3. How toxic emotions remain stuck in every molecule and the neural patterns of your brain and how to resolve it.
  4. How your “personal vibration” maybe stuck in the past and dramatically affects the message that you give off to other people through body language, attitude, voice tonality, aliveness or deadness in the eyes, Energy flow, Love frequency and a multitude of unconscious messages that may push away the love of your life.
  5. We can test and measure your personal vibration on a scale of 1 to 10 and, most importantly, teach you how to correct it so you can become the best version of yourself.

What You Will Experience On The Day:

  1. How to question and be questioned by others to quickly get past the defensiveness of our ego mind to reveal the darkest secrets that are holding you back.
  2. To truly experience your deepest and most heartfelt values and belief systems that are running you mysteriously from the unconscious mind.
  3. How your best and worst qualities are in conflict with each other and holds back your greatness in personal and professional relationships.
  4. Experience the Core Emotion that is actually keeping your vibration and life force contracted.

What You Will Observe On The Day

  1. How the first seven years of life are still damaging your happiness and your partner’s happiness in relationships.
  2. How traumas from conception through adolescence splits you off from your true purpose and the ability to love and be loved very deeply.
  3. How the depth of the energy flow between a man and woman determine the quality of sexual pleasure and what causes it to flat line.
  4. How character structure is running your love life and work life in a healthy way and how it also sabotages and diminishes your greatness and fulfillment in life.

What Gifts You Will Receive On The Day (Value $997) – Free In April, 2018

  1. Accurate test of your Personal Vibration by Robert Kirby
  2. Accurate test of your capacity to deeply give and receive love & respect by Robert Kirby
  3. Accurate test of your alignment to Your True Purpose in life which provides both adventure and security for a lifetime

Get These VIP Bonuses By Upgrading Your Ticket For Only $47!!!

  1. Life Strategy sesision with  Robert Kirby (1 hour, following week By Appointment)
  2. Participate in amazing demonstrations
  3. Character Analysis – Personal strengths & weaknesses (30 mins,  following week By Appointment)
  4. Robert Kirby’s Book: 15 Ways to Live in Truth
  5. Priority Seating
  6. Fast Registration
  7. Q & A session with Robert

 This workshop has inspired the lives and relationships of hundreds of people. It can do the same for you.

Be one of the first 50 people to register and you’ll receive your FREE ticket valued at $997.

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