Could Your Emotions Be Responsible For Rejuvenation Or Ageing?


Inner Conversations, Stress, Meditation & Rejuvenation

Every day, every minute, our subconscious mind is having a conversation triggering emotions between our heart and our brain.

The quality of these emotions will engage our heart in sending messages to our brain to trigger certain chemicals which will affect our bodies either negatively or positively.

Obviously, the emotion of anger, for example, will result in a different cascade of reactions rather differently to the emotional triggers of the emotion of love.

Negative emotions will be responsible for producing stress and increasing the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in our bloodstreams. These hormones have been called stress hormones and are necessary to prepare the body for fight or flight.

So, our blood supply will be redirected to what is perceived as most needed in such situations, namely the muscles, limbs and extremities.

There Is So Much More That Happens In A Stressful Situation:

  • heart rate increase;
  • blood vessel constriction of most viscera;
  • blood vessel dilation of heart, lungs and skeletal muscles;
  • spleen contraction;
  • glycogen conversion into glucose in the liver;
  • increased sweating;
  • dilations of airways;
  • decrease or cessation of digestion;
  • water retention;
  • increased blood pressure; and
  • all of the above resulting in accelerated ageing.

These responses are normal in a really dangerous situation, like been chased by a large vicious animal or being in a war-zone life threatening situation, for example.

In such cases, the stress hormones pouring into our bodies, from a feeling of “do or die” can give us superhuman powers.

However, the release of other chemicals supporting the functions of growth, immunity and rejuvenation are dramatically reduced, causing immune deficiencies, physical weakness and ageing.

Your Body Can Either Be In A Stress Mode Or A Healing/Growth Mode

Obviously, we were not meant to live in constant stress as a way of life, however, in our modern world, it has become an inevitable persistent state.

The good news is that…

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