Corporate Massage – What Is It?

Corporate massage

In today’s world with stress as high as it is and us all having to work longer hours, it really has an effect on our bodies and our  minds. When you have a massage at work it makes sure you are away from your desk, giving your mind a break as well as your body.

Most corporate companies find it is beneficial to have a massage therapist come into massage their staff as it improves productivity as the staff are more relaxed and  feel rejuvenated.

When we used the same muscles time and time again, (e.g. the muscles used in typing – forearm muscles) they became overused and exhausted. That is where OOS gets its name.

Massage plays a great role in preventing this, as well as you making sure your workstations are setup correctly.

Massages at work are proven to improve employee productivity, engagement and retention.

With the costs of sick leave ever increasing, massage is a cost-effective and efficient way to energise and motivate your employees while reducing stress and back problems.

Corporate Massage is performed in various workplaces, throughout most cities and metropolitan areas. Therapists are qualified in Remedial Massage and/or Shiatsu.

They generally are contracted by an employer who wishes to offer extra benefits to their staff or executives.

Corporate massage is when a therapist comes into the workplace to either massage at the clients desk or in a designated room.

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