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I was reading an article at and found it to be very interesting. The article talks about using fish oils for warding off heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

This winter I’ve been taking a high dosage EPA/DHA fish oil from my homeopath – 5mls have 7 times the amount of fish oil than I was getting from my 3 Blackmores tablets of Evening Primrose and fish oil.

My point – homeopaths and naturopaths have access to higher potency products so maybe it’s time you made an appointment to see one – for the sake of your health and your wallet.

I’ve had eczema all my life and suffered severely with it as a child. My limbs were often coated in strong steroid creams (ones they have since proved are cancer causing – eek!) and wrapped in bandages before I went to bed.

I would scratch and scratch until the skin broke, bled and I was covered in sores. My clothes would stick to the open wounds. “Stop scratching, you’ll make it worse” echoed round the house regularly.

I spent most of my childhood avoiding dairy and my parents would drive to a farm, half an hour from our house, to get fresh goats milk every Sunday for me. How things have changed since the ‘70s!

As I got older the severity lessened, but I would have flare-ups during exam time.

About 3 years ago my flare-ups started again during winter. I was put on oral steroids when the creams just weren’t working which upset me, but nothing else was working. That’s when I started to do some research and made some changes in my life.

One of my yoga teachers is always saying that your yoga mat is your laboratory so I put on my lab coat and started experimenting. I discovered that by introducing meditation and breath work to my yoga practice helped me to manage my stress.

I also discovered that if I kept my skin sufficiently moisturized that it didn’t get itchy and hence no broken skin and sores. But it was a lot of work (3 times/day) and very greasy!

The break through came when I saw a naturopath and she put me on fish oil. After a few days my skin seemed to moisturizing itself from the inside out and actually felt soft and smooth, instead of dry and rough.

This winter I have been using the high potency fish oil our homeopath recommended for the whole family. I take it with the kids in the morning and my skin is noticeably better. I’ve had no flare-ups and no need to use steroid creams or pills.

One of the principles of yoga is concerned with how you treat yourself, actually it’s stronger than that, ahimsa – it literally means “non-violence” or more clearly, acting in kindness towards ourselves.

I believe this winter that is exactly what we have achieved in our approach to managing our health.

We made it through the winter entirely on complimentary medicines and alternative therapies – no small task with 2 littlies in daycare, a breeding ground for germs and bugs.

Top Tip

Stop. Be still. Turn your attention inwards and listen to your soul bird. You have an innate ability to heal yourself and know what is best for you – the best physician for you, IS you. Practise self love.

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Liz Kerr is a yoga teacher and mother of 2 beautiful girls.

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