Cancer Has No Boundaries

Cancer Has No Boundaries

It seems to be more common today than ever before that more family members and friends seem either to be diagnosed with Cancer, or know someone who has been unexpectedly shocked with diagnoses, that Cancer has taken over their bodies.

You can be young, old, a mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son from any walk of life. It can sometimes be genetic. So what is going on?

Why has there been so much research and charity events raising massive amounts of money to help cure Cancer and there are more Cancer patients than ever before? You get where I am going? I’m not telling you anything you don’t really know.

However, what I am telling you is the truth and often times we don’t want to look at the truth. We fear truth and believe way too much in conventional medicine.

Today’s lifestyles have a lot of pressure and stress to be whom and what we think we must be. Are you really living the life you want?

It is easy to develop bad habits and hold old childhood wounds of shame, resentment, hatred or not feeling good enough, too busy pleasing everyone else and putting yourself on the backbench.

And, through it all, we never think, “If I continue holding onto these thoughts, feelings and behaviours, I’ll get Cancer”. I am talking about some of your deep subconscious beliefs that you may not even recognise, or be in denial of.

Can you create your potential illness? Of course you can! Sometimes, shit just happens. We also underestimate the power of the mind and how we can create illness and how we can also heal or cure illness.

Life gets busy, we are living our lives, having good times, bad times, growing, learning having children, getting married, working a 9-to-5 job or developing a career of some sort.

No one asks for Cancer and no one deserves it Period! If you are amongst those who do get Cancer and people tell you that you have created it by how you think or that it is your fault which stemmed from your bad behaviours, that is totally unfair.

However, now that you have had the diagnosis that you have Cancer, you want to have some information to help you deal with it, right? You want to check your mindset.

You would also want to check your daily food intake and, lastly, you would want to be touched with ‘hands on healing’. I will go over these few healing methods with you now.

Your Mindset

What do I mean about a mindset? The dictionary defines mindset as: a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.

It refers to habits of mind formed by previous experience, an intention or inclination, your outlook. So, how do you approach “bad news” when you get it:

  • Do you tense your body, sore jaw, wring hands;
  • Do you want to hide away and not talk about it;
  • Do you want people around not to talk to; and/or
  • Do you pretend nothing is happening and go into denial?

What is your way of handling a life-changing situation?

Mind Power

Accept it fully!

It is ok to admit you are in fear, sit in the emotion that you are feeling, it is ok to be there for a little while. Make sure it does not….

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Claire FlynnClaire Flynn – Relationship & Intimacy Coach

Cancer Has No Boundaries


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