Your Life Story. Can Your Beliefs Really Change?

Your Life Story. Can Your Beliefs Really Change?

All of us have a story that we tell ourselves and others about why our lives have turned out the way they have. With human nature being what it is, we often tell ourselves the story in which we are the hero or heroine. “I have created the beautiful things and have been victimized by others for the painful lessons.” Would you be willing to consider that the story of your life, the one that you have told yourself and others, may be holding you back from achieving your heart’s desire? Can your beliefs really change?

If you base the future of your life on past events, beliefs, experiences, and what others may have said or not said to support you or control you, or even disempower you, then this will dictate your entire future.

Neuroscientists have proven that the subconscious mind controls 95% of our behavior and holds our most deeply held beliefs. This generates thoughts, feelings, and emotional states from which our reality manifests. In addition, science has also proven that there is no separation between the mind and body. “Eventually the mind becomes the body.”

Therefore, you could accurately say that your body is your subconscious mind which holds the beliefs that run your life. Knowing this explains why you continue to re-create certain dynamics in your life over and over.  In other words, the past equals the future unless you can interrupt these patterns and transform your beliefs into empowerment.

Changing Your Beliefs – The Hard Work Miracle

This brings us back to the most foundational question of your life. “Do you believe that you could change a lifetime of subconscious neural and body cellular programming and create a better life? “If you do not believe it, if you do not have faith, then no amount of therapy, meditation, healing, personal development, business training, spiritual development or religious practice will create any lasting change. Remember whether you believe it or not, it is subconscious.

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My story. As a child, I was extremely shy and introverted. I was quiet and withdrawn in school and rarely participated in class even though I was a very bright boy. My belief that I could not break through the wall I hid behind that permeated my entire life. I felt like I was in prison.

As an adolescent, the condition became worse. I went to a private boy’s Catholic high school and consequently had little interaction with girls socially or in school. What made matters worse was the school was in a very wealthy community while I was bused in to this school from my modest middle-class community.  The other boys in the school were overtly confident, socially advanced, and typically owned their own car or at least had access to upper class vehicles.  A lot of these guys were very slick and smooth with the girls.

Even more embarrassing was the fact that I was one of the best athletes and won the outstanding athlete award in that same school. Even the fact that I was looked up to as an athlete could not pull me out of my deep-rooted insecurities.

I went on to university with no change in my behavior. I continued to do well in sports and academically but socially remained shy and introverted. I waited until the last term/semester in my fourth year at university to attend my public speaking mandatory course.

I was terrible and humiliated in front of the class. A guidance counselor at school told me I could do well in business but never as a leader to coordinate, manage and direct the activities of others. He said I just didn’t have it in me. This was based on the depth of my insecurities.

I graduated from university and was hired into the corporate world. I was lucky because it was a Fortune 500 company with great leadership; management training, educational benefits, and support.

My boss, Arthur J Cummings was very close to retirement. He spent his entire career with the PerkinElmer Corporation voted by Forbes magazine as one of the 10 best managed companies in America.  He handpicked me away from another team where the manager was irritated by my poor communication skills and humiliated me in front of the team.

After Arthur transferred me onto his team and decided to mentor me – something happened that boggles the imagination. Even after all these years I can hardly believe what occurred in my belief system.

The first question he asked me was, “Do you want to change”? My answer was yes. The second question he asked me was, “Do you believe you can change”? My answer was that I was not sure. I knew that I needed help but I did not know who could help me or what needed to happen. In other words, I was not sure if my beliefs could be changed.

The first thing Arthur asked me to do was to keep a journal. In this journal, every day, I had to challenge myself with questions about why I believed I could not change or was not able to change. To write about my behavior and interaction with other human beings.  He said it really had nothing to do with other people but the story I had told myself for my entire life up to the point about what I could or could not do.

Arthur taught me how to let go of my story about my past which was limiting me and how to plant seeds of greatness for a new and exciting future. He had the company pay for my MBA and simultaneously he had me attend the renowned Dale Carnegie course in public speaking, followed by the advanced Dale Carnegie course and the Dale Carnegie sales training. After graduation from all three courses and earning my master’s degree, I was instructed to join Toastmasters and give a speech every week.

The result was the beginning of a prolific rise up the corporate ladder into management at an alarming rate. I grew into a very capable public speaker. I became at times an extrovert, socially comfortable and confident. I entered a long-term relationship with a beautiful young lady.

Years later I left corporate America and started my own business, traveling the world and teaching tens of thousands of people how to change beliefs and transform all areas of their lives. More good news is that in 2017 changes can take place much more efficiently and effectively.

Just be certain that if I could change such an extreme set of social and career inhibitions, then you too can change and transform whatever is holding you back in life.

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Steps To Completely Change Your Beliefs & Life

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