How To Get What You Really Want And Be Happy


We are given life. We are given our free-will to do as we please and be happy. Everything else is a pursuit. I’ll provide five philosophies to help your “pursuits” become “accomplishments”, which results in receiving what you truly want and need in life.

It Is Possible For You To Start Living The Life You Dream Of & Be Happy

1. Entertain The Possibilities

What’s the possibility that you will be a great holistic practitioner or teacher? Well, that’s up to you! Once you begin to entertain the thought of the possibilities that can happen in your life, you will begin to see things come together.

It doesn’t matter the quantity of amazing practitioners that are already established because you are unique and you are the spiritual voice in your environment!

Enhance your mindset! Imagine yourself in a particular position, incorporate the feeling of that event, and anticipate positive feedback!

2. Understand The Principles Of The Universe

The Kybalion, a book about Hermetic philosophy, explains the seven Principles of the universe. The Principle of Rhythm discusses the ebb and flow we experience. How difficult is it for you to let go of a situation or person?

How difficult is it for you to delegate tasks or not fulfill the urge to take charge in every situation? The Principle of Rhythm reminds us those certain things our out of our control. There will be highs and lows in life.

If we understand that Principle, then we can better handle situations, people, and ourselves.

3. Just “Be”: Be Active, Be Involved, Be Yourself

It is easier said than done in certain situations to just be ourselves. When we are being ourselves, we accept ourselves; when we accept ourselves, we readily accept opportunities of advancement!

There has to be a certain amount of confidence within that allows us to just be.

Below Are Ways To Enhance Your Confidence:

• Be active by going to a gym, yoga or martial arts studio

• Be involved in your passions by finding like-minded people in online and offline communities

• Be yourself by embracing who you are, whether that means dying your color that silver purple color, getting that tattoo, or attending a concert

4. Love Yourself First

Self-love is mandatory. There must be time for you in your life. Taking care of yourself means that you are affording yourself to be healthy and happy. You are giving yourself permission to relax and rejuvenate so that you can take on the world!

Self-love can result in you making time for meditating, sleeping, dancing or reading. By caring for yourself, you build mental and spiritual strength.

5. Know That There Is A Higher Purpose

That we can only touch the surface of with our thoughts, but discover with our experiences. We can entertain the possibility of being that amazing holistic practitioner.

However, being that amazing holistic practitioner or teacher, could lead to the creation of a self-help book or a short film. The possibilities are endless and it is through being proactive that we unlock the possibilities.

However, while on the path to achieving our pursuits, paths can change and our focus changes. The change can be good because Spirit has a higher purpose for us. Our services may be needed elsewhere as time grows. So, be flexible.

Receiving what we want and need in life will take some planning; however, with the right mindset and action, our pursuits will be our accomplishments.

Practicing the philosophies stated above will also serve as checkpoints in your life. For example, if you’re feeling as if you’re stuck in a situation, then this is the time of ebb (see number 2), things are out of your control, and you need to regroup.

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Tia Johnson

Spiritual entrepreneur and healer, Tia Johnson is the author of To Be Goddess: Every Woman Is A Goddess Discover Your Domain In Which You Reign Supreme. Tia is an Organization Dynamics graduate student at The University of Pennsylvania. Tia received her Bachelor’s degree from La Salle University. Having created The Violet Sanctuary Spa in 2010, Tia focuses on coaching and promoting one’s inner and outer spiritual growth.
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