Sound Healing. What Is It?

Sound Healing

I have been into healing my whole life, I have experienced a lot of different modalities. When I have come across each of them, it has been as I needed them, they were perfect for me at that specific time, some I have continued, others I have not.

So when it comes to Sound Healing, it is brought to you when you need it and it will just keep coming up until you are ready to say YES. Watch for the messages, you will see an article like this or your friend will say I just had a sound healing, or you will see a flyer and it will draw your attention.

This is your higher self, letting you know what is available to you and what will help you get to the next stage now!

For me as a facilitator it is so special and an honour to be able to bring such shifts in people and see the lasting effects of one session.

As a receiver of sound healing from other healers it is the thing that brings me out of the hole that I was stuck in and a shows me the light, my truth, then I am able to lift the veil and allow more of me to SHINE!

The main thing I have learnt with Sound Healing is that you must experience it, it is so difficult to explain what happens or how you will feel, as it is for you UNIQUELY and until you have experienced it is hard to share.

It is about resonance, frequency and vibration all things you can’t see but know exist. Once people have come and had a session they say wow I understand now, even if you had tried to explain you wouldn’t have been able to tell me in words about THAT!!!!

So I say to anyone reading this that if this has come into your awareness then it is something for you to discover, don’t hesitate to call if you are just not knowing where to go next, if there is something that you are struggling to shift or you are just wanting more in your life.

Sound Healing allows you to shift your consciousness, so that you can do what is needed for you to embrace more of your unique self. Sound helps unlock what is stuck or held within the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

By bringing in a vibration that is resonating at a higher level the person can shift to that frequency and therefore shift their issues, beliefs or dis-eases that are no longer serving them.

Remember as Einstein said ‘you cannot shift something from the same consciousness that it was created’. That is what sound healing does for the person, it lifts them to a different consciousness where they can clear what has been blocking them and move forward.

So what happens in a Sound Healing with Danielle Luck ……. As I can only talk for me, everyone works differently and that is what I like as we all have some magic to offer and share.

When choosing a practitioner you are usually choosing their energy, this is about the connection, not really what they do, as humans, we love connection, especially human to human.

I can describe an overview for if you have never experienced a healing of any kind before, but do realise that every session in unique and personal to you. You would come either to my place in Boronia or over Skype.

You would get comfortable and cosy. You may have an intention for the day or you may choose to go with your highest good. You then relax, just be open and allow the flow to happen.

I will then ask your energy, your being on a body, mind and soul level what it needs, then I allow the sounds to come through me, so you at an energetic level can release, let go, expand and grow into more of your divine self.

These sounds are amazing and a lot of light language comes through as well to give you messages and ignite codes in your body and raise your frequency.

I write along the way so I can then share with you at the end what was happening for me and any messages that may have come through for you.

I then bring you out of it and ground you, then share your experience and if there is anything that may enhance the healing for you to do in the next few days.

I know in any healing modality it is about you saying YES!!, to change and opening to it. I really feel like we are forgetting to put Healings on our radar for Maintenance.

What I mean by that is, we will set aside time for getting our hair or nails done, or to go to the gym or massages but do we set aside time for our energy being, it too needs a Tune Up every now and then.

I invite you to see if you need to add this to your maintenance list and if so what are you waiting for, check around this site it has some amazing Healers and information. I am sure you will find someone that you resonate with and say YES!!

Namaste to you all.

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Blessings Danielle Luck

Danielle Luck
Danielle Luck
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