9 Healthy Snack Foods To Eat At Your Desk

Healthy Snack Foods

In the course of a long working day, you need little things to get you through. Unfortunately, often those little things are doing you more harm than good if they are chocolate, candy, or other sugary and/or fatty snacks.

Fortunately these nine healthy snack foods, all contribute to a holistic lifestyle. Before proceeding, for more information on healthy eating options for you and your family, check out this blog post at Global Healing Exchange.

9 Delicious Healthy Snack Foods

Fox Nuts

Fox nuts, or Makhana as they are known in Hindi, actually come from the lotus flower, and are a popular healthy snack in India, where they are also commonly given as an offering to the Gods during Navrati.

Similar to walnuts, fox nuts have that great combination of being high in fiber, protein and carbs, but low in calories. All round, a perfect snack for your desk, and something to impress your colleagues with too.

“This light, crunchy food is best eaten when it is roasted or fried, which gives it the appearance of popcorn,” recommends Nicky Pelotti, a health writer at Britstudent and Writemyx.


It was just mentioned, and it is good to know that popcorn itself is actually a healthy snack too, as long as you don’t buy the variety that is already popped and subsequently drenched in sugar, salt, caramel, or some other product which will totally ruin your intention.

Naturally low in calories but high in protein, take it into the office, pop it in the microwave to the annoyance of your colleagues, but then share it out to win everyone over with this healthy office treat.


Seeds are not a secret, they are just the perfect snackable companion for the workplace. They are a fantastic source of protein, can be used to accompany anything from yoghurt to fruit, and are easily transportable and easy to store. What’s not to like?

Dried Fruit

A real crowd-pleaser, not only are there are a multitude of dry-fruit possibilities and combos, they provide much needed fiber and some naturally occurring sugars for an added sweet treat.

Dried fruit also has the benefit of not spoiling quickly, can be carried around conveniently, and is also really tasty.


Add some nuts to your dried fruit for your kick of healthy fat. Of course, there are many different varieties of nuts, with every type providing slightly different combinations of benefits, but in general they are a great source of protein, even though some can be fattier than others.

Nuts also complement any number of other foods, and keep well for a great all-round snack companion.


This may be a surprising inclusion, but quite similar to popcorn, you just need to be careful to avoid the ones which are absolutely loaded with salt.

If you can find healthy alternatives (health food stores are a great place to look) then you’ve got yourself a super-tasty snack which gives you a protein boost to boot.


There are numerous cultures around the world that are fully aware of the health and taste benefits of seaweed. Fortunately, the rest of us are cottoning on to this delicious and healthy snack.

Not only does seaweed possess loads of great minerals, it contains vitamins A, B, C, E and K as well. Its low-calorie and high-fiber combo is typical of vegetables, and this really is a snack that serves as one of your regular helping of fruits and vegetables that are highly recommended by dieticians.

“It may be a little bit of an acquired taste at first, but once you have acquired it, you simply won’t be able to leave this nutrient-packed snack alone,” enthuses Jen Seaworth, a lifestyle blogger at Australia2write and Nextcoursework.

Wasabi Peas

If you like a spicy little kick to proceedings, then these fiery peas, which are a great source of protein, give a great little taste sensation without any other added nastiness. Enjoy for a flavor-intense snack.

Cacao-Rich Dark Chocolate

You weren’t expecting to find chocolate on this list, were you? Well there is nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate from time to time, and dark chocolate in particular. This product, as long as it is high in cacao, is mineral-rich, and of course no one needs tell you how tasty it is too.

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