6 Reasons Why You Need To Take Collagen Daily


You have probably heard the word ‘collagen’ especially in the beauty industry, and you probably take it once in a while to promote the health of your skin. But what you don’t know is that this amino acid is a nutritional powerhouse, and there are tons of reasons why you need to include it in your daily diet.

But First, What Is Collagen?

Basically, collagen is an amino acid which is simply a protein in the most basic form. It is mainly found in our bones, skin, tendons, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, cartilage, and ligaments.

The body produces its own collagen, and it relies on minerals, proteins, vitamin C, and other vitamins to accomplish this. However, this ability diminishes with time thanks to factors such as aging, diet, gut health, and stress.

This is the main reason why experts recommend that you supplement your diet with collagens.

Below Are Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Take Collagens Every Day:

#1. Boosts Skin Elasticity & Reduces Signs Of Aging

Your skin is doubtlessly the most important part of your body. It is the part that other people see, and it can say a lot about you. This is why you spend much time taking care of it using an array of products.

Collagens produced by the body also help keep your skin in check and reduces stretch marks and a host of aging signs.

Unfortunately, your body cannot produce collagens forever. This is why you have a dry, wrinkled, and saggy skin.

Taking collagen every day can improve your skin’s health, elasticity, and fight dryness. This will help you develop a smooth, glowing skin that will make you look young and healthy.

#2. Helps Combat Hair Loss

Are you worried that in a few years you will not have a single strand of hair left on your head? Have you tried different products to thicken your hair and combat hair loss without success?

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars fighting this problem. All you need to do is take collagens daily, which research has shown that it boosts the production of keratin, which in turn leads to the growth of thick, healthy hair.

When you start a new diet, especially a low carb or ketogenic diet, you might experience some temporary hair loss issues. Since collagen is high in protein and contains no carbs, it’s keto-friendly and easily digestible. You can learn more about the best types of collagen to use on ketovale.com website.

But as you take collagens to fight hair loss, keep in mind that hair takes some time to grow. Don’t be tempted to believe that collagen will work magic. With patience and consistency, you will realize your hair goals in no time.

#3. Improves Digestive Health

Recent studies have revealed that taking collagens can strengthen the gut lining, which is very significant in digestive health.

This lining acts as a barrier between the intestine and your body, and if its strength is not enhanced, food particles can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream, and this can mean disaster for your wellbeing.

If you are suffering from leaky gut syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease, you can try taking collagen, and you might thank yourself sooner or later.

#4. Improves Bone Health

Multiple research reveals that regular intake of collagen can help in enhancing the flexibility and strength of human bones. Therefore, if you have fragile bones which get fractured whenever you trip, collagen could be all you need to maintain a healthy frame.

#5. Reduces Inflammation

A considerable percentage of collagen (over 30%) consists of glycine, which studies have proven to have tons of anti-inflammatory benefits to the human body; hence strengthening the immune system.

If you suffer from oxidative stress, taking collagens daily can reduce it; therefore helping keep your blood pressure at a healthy level.

The modern diet, including foods sweetened with added sugar, are the major causes of inflammation; hence taking collagens as a means to reduce it is one of the surest ways of living a healthy life.

#6. Improves The Health Of Your Nails

In case your nails are too flack and brittle such that you cannot show them in public, collagen could be your ultimate solution. This is because it boosts the production of keratin, which not only promotes hair growth but also improves the health of your nails to a larger extent.

It is crucial to remember that collagen will not only speed up the growth of healthy nails, but it will also make them stronger. For that reason, if you have been struggling to keep breaking nails, it won’t hurt including collagen in your daily diet.

Therefore, you can include them in your diet and enjoy the benefits described above. Best of Luck!

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  1. I should start taking Collagen too. I’m having problems with my hair. This article really is helpful! Thank you so much for sharing!


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