21 Complaints Men Have About Women They Dated

Complaints Men Have About Women

(Only for women that want to be more attractive to men).

Hey ladies. I’ve been talking to lots of men about why they find it hard to meet the woman of their dreams. These issues are worth looking at. Take corrective action. That will increase your chances of meeting Mr. Right.

Complaint List – These Are The Ones I Hear Most Often

  1. Talking about how your ex mistreated you. When dating, men want to have fun getting to know you. Show them how much fun you can be. Take your baggage to your therapist.
  2. Rushing him into a relationship. It almost always ends badly for women. Never be desperate. Love yourself and let him be whoever he is. Make sure he is relationship material. Men love the excitement of dating. A committed relationship is scary for most men. Take it slow.
  3. Rushing into Sex. If you want a relationship this is the best way to get rid of him. Sex will never capture a man’s heart. Men love the chase. Show him your humor, inner beauty and capacity for love. Get him to fantasize about having you forever. He can get fast sex anywhere. You want heart centered loving making that rocks your world after building a great friendship.
  4. Too much alcohol. Some men will try to take advantage of a woman whose boundaries are weakened by alcohol. Most men will not. They also will not see you as relationship material. Know your limits with drinking.
  5. Being a princess all the time. Some women just feel entitled. It’s important to value yourself but also take the time to appreciate what a man does for you. He will be much more likely to fall in love with you.
  6. Drama queen syndrome. This pattern could be the best way to chase a man away. If you are sensitive and emotional that is healthy. If you are reactive and get very upset over little things, then many men will move on.
  7. Failure to build trust. Some women attempt to keep a man on his toes by flirting with other men or openly texting other men they date. A real man wants to be your hero and protect your honor. Let him know he is safe with you. Built the trust. Have his back. That will open his heart much quicker.
  8. Trying to change or mold a man into your perfect partner. Remember the old saying “ No good deed goes unpunished.” If you don’t love him as he is, move on.
  9. Talking too much on dates. It is a big turn off. You are not responsible to hold the conversation. It’s give and take. Find out if he is good enough for you. Does he really interest you?
  10. Too much one sided contact. If you continuously contact him on multiple platforms you appear desperate. Don’t try so hard. If its meant to be he will man up. Date other men.
  11. Telling the men you date you don’t need a man in your life. If you keep putting this out there you will only attract shallow men. Look deep inside yourself. Ask yourself what you are afraid of.
  12. Seeing only what you want to see. But not the truth. Reading into his affections as a desire for commitment, marriage and a family. This is magical childlike thinking.
  13. Rationalizing and not communicating. Many women spend years with the wrong guys. They are afraid to ask uncomfortable questions. Harness your courage and self respect you deserve.
  14. Not knowing what you really want. “Birds of a feather flock together.” Women who are wishy- washy and half hearted about relationships will ultimately attract guys who are lost.
  15. Investigating, snooping or stalking. Time to see a therapist because you should not date men who you do not trust. Your self-esteem needs an overhaul.
  16. Playing mind games and giving mixed messages. This behavior typically begins with a chaotic childhood. If you can admit you do this, then you can change. Remember what goes around comes around.
  17. Waiting for the man to open up to you. Men fear rejection more than most women. Many women will accept a man as a friend as the next best option. The male ego is too fragile for that. Let him know you care. Be the chaser and the chased.
  18. Giving yourself away too easily. Play hard to get because giving up your freedom, your heart and soul as well as your body is huge. Make damn sure he is worth it.
  19. Being a hopeless romantic. Many men are not romantic. It’s not as popular in the modern world. Men and women are more practical and less idealizing of the western culture’s version of romance. Ask for what you want.
  20. Feeling empty Inside. If you feel incomplete within yourself its better to put the dating on hold. Work on yourself and become whole. Otherwise you will be chasing love co-dependently your entire life. Its not worth it.
  21. Complaining on dates. Most men who have lots to offer love women who are positive, light hearted and fun to be with. Women who complain a lot about the service at a restaurant, waiting in line or justs in general are not relationship material.

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