What Is A Chakra?

What Is A Chakra

What is a chakra? The word itself means vortex. The vortex being referred to is the energy centers within our body. There are seven main chakras; as well as many minor chakras. Here we are only going to discuss the major chakras.

They line up from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Each chakra deals with specific physical aspects of a person’s body as well as specific aspects of a person’s character and personality.

When working with chakras in meditation you will need to learn to focus on specific chakra energy that will be used for healing or just a sense of calmness. Each chakra is found in a different part of the body.

After the weekend at the Awesome Women Hub Tour stop in Baltimore/DC/NoVa and being humbled to offer energy readings, I was asked a multitude of questions about the chakra locations.  I hope this will help answer some of those very basic questions.

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The Crown

The crown is located the top of your head and is the energy closest to your brain and nervous system. Subconsciously this is the area that relates to perceptions. The crown is purple and is your spirit and spunk.


The brow is located on your forehead is works with the temples and forehead using energy for your own inner spirit. The brow is indigo in color and is also related to your higher consciousness.


The throat chakra is located at the base of your throat and works with the throat, neck, arms, and hands. It relates to how we hear things and how we express them. It is our intuition chakra. The throat chakra is represented by a sky blue.


The heart chakra is located at the center of your chest and involves both the heart and the circulatory system. This gives us our sense of touch and emotion.

How we believe what love is. The heart chakra is associated with green. This is the main chakra dealing with healing.

Solar Plexus

This is not only your solar plexus, but your muscle, skin, organs like the pancreas. It is your eyesight of who you truly are and your ego. The Solar plexus is yellow and also works with your ability to learn.


The orange chakra is found in the center of a person’s abdomen including the sex organs but the reproductive system as well.

It also controls our sense of taste and intimate feelings and our sexual feelings. The color is orange; many will refer to this as the spleen chakra and is right below your navel.


The root chakra is located in the perineum area and is associated with teeth, bones, and the lymph system as well as the lower extremities of the body. It is related to the way we smell things and how secure and trusting we are. The root chakra is associated with red.

There are as many thoughts on how the chakras should be cleansed and re aligned as there are people. The best advise and meditation that I received in training was to cleanse my own chakras every morning in the shower.

Taking a few minutes while the cleansing action of water is cleaning the outward to concentrate on each of the chakra centers, always starting with the 7th chakra (the crown) and working down to the first chakra (the root) mediating for a few moments as fingers touch upon the chakra energy center.

This simple action tends to keep my own chakras aligned and cleansed to start each day fresh.

If your own chakras are aligned, you will begin to feel as you practice the shower meditation, that they is a straight line with no tension around it that connects the chakras together to allow the energy to flow through you.

As with any self healing or meditation, it takes practice and repetitive action before anyone will feel the benefits of daily chakra cleansing and aligning.

This is a very basic description.

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