Healing The Planet Through Our Own Souls

Healing The Planet

How can we heal the planet we call Mother Earth?  This was a question that was asked of me by Kathryn of Heal the Planet – Heal Ourselves Experiment. 

Interestingly, the previous weekend to her asking me the question, I had spent three days in a Global Vigil as a Sacred Fire Keeper for Sacred Pathways.

This was an event where Shamans and others wanting to send nurturing and loving vibrational energy to Mother Earth gathered together and in separate fires across the globe. 

During this Global Fire Vigil each was asked to specifically spend time in deep meditative contemplation to listen to the whispers of the winds.

To hear the elders who walked before us their wisdom.  I know after hearing from many that this time was an energetic shifting of their own souls; as well as that of Mother Earth.

My own experience has yet to be formulated into words as immediately following the fire I had a death of a client, multiple animals finding their way from nature to my property to cross, and  followed the next day by The Awesome Women Hub Tour kickoff.

In Shamanism we tend to watch for signs and symbols to answer our own probing questions.  We look to the Great Spirit to decipher the meanings.  What does any of this have to do with healing the planet?

During the Global Fire Vigil as I was sitting in the dark of night by the flames in that space between the worlds, I was gifted a gathering of elders.  Up from the smoke each one rose to sit in a circle around the fire.

Each one sharing pieces of wisdom to answer my own soul’s calling.  During this period, I can only describe as being between the breathes, I experienced the pains held within the soul of Mother Earth and the pains held within the soul of humanity.

It became quite clear to me that answer to my question of how to heal the planet from my little piece of the globe.

We want to nurture the Mother Earth, protect her and hold her in reverence.  We want to nurture humanity, find peace and joy in humanity, and hold all of humanity in reverence.  These are the lofty aspirations of many who strive to truly heal and change the world.

Yet, we do not nurture our own souls, we do not protect them, nor do we hold them in reverence.  As a human society, we seem to have forgotten the simplest of values. 

We become so hurried in what we call “life” that many are not even connected to life.  If we pause to reflect upon the simple, the answers are clear.

If our soul is connected to all things and we are apart of everything, would we haphazardly violate ourselves?  Would we purposefully destroy the clean water? 

We would consciously create war and take life – as we are connected we are really consciously choosing to create a war within ourselves and take our own life, are we not?

Would we choose to fill the energy of Mother Earth with rage, anger, and hate?  Are we not connected? Then this fills our own souls with rage, anger, and hate does it not?

What is the answer?  As all things are interconnected with one another, to heal our own soul, our own wounds, and find a connection with life fills the soul with the fire of passion, love, and reverence. 

When our own soul is full, when our own soul is healed, when our own soul is connected, it is truly healing our planet.

If a soul is connected to Mother Earth and that is experienced, felt, and revered then one can not do anything but love and hold in reverence the grounds we walk upon. 

If a soul is connected to the awareness of humanity, then one would seek out peace, joy and love rather than hate, discontent, and discord.

The question of “What The World Needs Next” is being asked by the Awesome Women Hub Tour. 

To experience this question as asked by visionary and founder Robin Rice at this event was a loud affirmation of exactly what the elders shared sitting around the fire that night.

To ask ourselves, what do we need to do next to heal our own souls, to fearlessly help humanity heal and to heal ultimately Mother Earth all returns to the interconnection of all things. 

To create spaces where souls feel safe enough to expose their wounds so that collectively we can support, nurture, and care for their wounds begins the process.

So many do not dare to look at wounds and others get lost deep in the wound scars so that they can no longer see the Divine flame burning. 

If we can not create places of safety for souls to look into the mirror’s of their own souls, how do we expect to heal the planet?  I hear the old paradigm of “pain” being the connector and I have to ask why?

I have personally experienced enough pain and suffering, my planet has experienced enough pain and suffering and I believe humanity has experienced enough pain and suffering. 

Why not try something new – which is really not new but rather bringing back the wisdom and ways of the elders?

Why not create and collaborate with your ‘tribe’ and provide that safe soul place?  Why not nurture and tend to our ‘tribes’?  Share joy and soul fullness with them. 

I have yet to meet one who is mired down in the depths of hell and darkness who has not appreciated a warm radiant beam of light.

When you experience, as I did this past weekend, someone that even a simple hug causes them pain – we have to look at the soul level to find the answers.  They do not need to rehash hell.  They do not need to rehash the pain and darkness.  They are there.

They know it, feel it and experience it on a daily basis. 

What they don’t know, what they don’t feel, and what they have not experienced in a long time (some never) is the warmth of someone who pauses and listens, nurtures their soul, and gives them safety of non judgmental love.

Is it not worth a shot?  What our generation and some generations before us have been doing isn’t working or we would not be asking the questions.

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Carla Goddard

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