What Do You Embody?


Your only purpose in life is to be joyful! Wow, what a relief that is! How wonderful to know that all I have to worry about is being happy! Doesn’t that just lift the weight of the world off your shoulders?

So, many of us struggle with what our purpose in life is supposed to be. We wonder what great task we came here to perform or what influencing persona we are meant to embody.

Perhaps our real purpose lies not in what we’re supposed to do but rather in what we’re supposed to be! Perhaps being the embodiment of freedom, of joy, of abundance is the purpose of our existence.

I believe many of us are being called to lead by example. To be the uplifters to others not necessarily by preaching but more by the embodiment of a joyful aligned lifestyle.

We teach by living our lives in joy. We show those around us that our conscious choice to be joyful is what allows us to live a delicious life.

We believe that choosing to feel good is our highest priority and in doing so, we remain in alignment with our Inner Goddess/Inner Being and the synchronicities abound.

Choosing joy in all things can sometimes be difficult. It can take an outside perspective to shift our own perceptions of what is going on around us.

Having a coach to assist your shift and growth can be one of the best investments in your personal development.

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Rev. Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich – www.avalonianmoon.com

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