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Holistic Living

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ways to improve heart health


ISSUE 17 JUNE 2019

Editor in Chief
Sharon White

Editor at Large
Cassandra Jones

Layout Artist
Francisco Mendoza III

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Healthy Heart. Ways To Improve Heart Health
by Sharon White  p.4

Healthy Heart. Healthy Life
by Cassandra Jones  p.5

Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart
by Sharon White  p.7

Mind Your Heart
by Anne McKeown  p.8

Heart Health. Is Your Heart Healthy?
by Adrian Hanks  p.9

Checking Out Of HeartBreak Hotel. How To Holistically Transcend Heart Disease
by Robert Kirby  p.10

A Happy Healthy Heart
by Gwenda Smith  p.12

The Heart Of The Matter
by Shona Russell  p.13

Does Ketogenic Eating Increase Cholesterol?
by Matt Straight  p.14

Salmon With Buttered Kalettes
by Matt Straight  p.16

Salmon Scramble On Portobello Mushroom
by Matt Straight  p.17

To Love Is To Heal
by Adrian Jones  p.18

10 Heart Healthy Foods
by Sharon White  p.19

Healthy Heart. Ways To Improve Heart Health

The heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body via the circulatory system.

The heart is so important because, if the heart is not able to supply blood to the organs and tissues, they’ll die. It is that simple!

When we have an unhealthy heart, plaque builds up, it restricts blood flow to the heart’s chambers, which can then lead to heart attack, sudden cardiac death and/or stroke.

Look at these figures. They might scare you into realising the size of this issue.

17.9 million people die each year from Cardio Vascular Diseases, an estimated 31% of all deaths worldwide. 85% of all CVD deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes.

Heart Disease (including Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, and Stroke) remains the No. 1 cause of death in the US.

Update from the American Heart Association indicates that: 116.4 million, or 46% of US adults are estimated to have hypertension.

That is an incredible number of deaths and many of these didn’t have to happen. Nowadays it is happening to the younger population; because we are more and more stressed and our lifestyle and food choices seem to be getting worse. My younger brother had a heart attack last week. He is in his mid-forties. That is CRAZY!

The problem is many people don’t have the correct information to live a balanced lifestyle. Without this information they instead start living a life that puts pressure on the heart. Many people ask, “Can you improve heart health?” The answer is YES!

As well as all of the valuable information you get in this magazine from our experts, we at Global Healing Exchange have also been releasing weekly videos on heart health, you can subscribe to our free video series on heart health. (If you want to know the best ways to improve heart health). here.

You will see that there are many things you can do to look after your heart, from looking at your diet, maintaining a healthy weight, exercise, looking at your energy, mindset, using herbs, managing blood pressure, reducing blood sugar, quitting smoking, controlling cholesterol and so much more. You can learn how to prevent heart disease!

It is time to educate and empower yourself with this amazing holistic knowledge. I hope you enjoy the information in this magazine and start putting your heart health first because you only have one. It’s time to love yourself, love your heart and find ways to improve heart health. ♥

Founder of Global Healing Exchange and Holistic Living Magazine

Please use the information you learn in these magazine as a guide.
This content is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice of healthcare professionals.
Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional before beginning or making health changes.
You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this magazine.


Healthy Heart. Healthy Life

I thought for a long time that a heart attack happened because the main arteries that connect to the heart are the ones that got blocked. Boy, was I wrong! It is actually the arteries that branch off the aorta that feed the heart itself. These are much smaller and are far more prone to blocking with plaque.

When these arteries get constricted with smooth plaques, angina results. This is a painful condition that stems from the same lifestyle issues as a full-blown heart attack.

When these same arteries have plaque that breaks apart, the body will attempt to repair this area and will cause a blood clot that can restrict or block the artery. This is a heart attack.

Parts of the heart will start to die and if treatment is not rapid, then serious injury or death can result.

Interestingly if you look at the rates of heart disease in the United States, between 1980 and 2016 the absolute number of deaths that resulted from heart disease dropped.

But what was happening was other diseases, such as diabetes, started to creep up the list, along with cancer becoming a far bigger killer than anything else

For me that is the interesting thing here, yes heart disease is still the biggest killer, and if you look at the data from the likes of CDC it is a huge problem. But it is also other diseases that stem from the same dietary and lifestyle problems that are alarming.

If you smoke, or drink heavily, have a poor diet, don’t exercise and are stressed by work, then it is very likely that many of the top ten killers on the CDC list will be the cause of your death.

Which is why this edition of HLM is so fascinating. Yes, it focuses on Heart Health and ways to prevent heart disease, it gives you natural ways to improve heart health but everything that is recommended in this edition, and all others for that matter, will help you have a better, more healthy life.

You should not just focus on having a healthy heart. You should focus on having a good diet, exercising regularly and look at not being too stressed with things that are out of your control.

Happy reading, and hope you enjoy these articles, I know I did.


Please use the information you learn in these magazine as a guide.
This content is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice of healthcare professionals.
Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional before beginning or making health changes.
You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this magazine.


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ways to improve heart health

Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart 

The body and mind are so interconnected. Each one affects the other. Science is showing that the brain, heart and gut are connected. Did you know that you have three brains – your head brain, your heart brain, and your gut brain?

They work together like an orchestra, with billions of neurons working together in harmony, sending messages to each other and working in beautiful synchronicity.

Listening to your head, your heart and your gut can really help you when looking at health and wellness, but how do you do this? How do you communicate with your body? How do you understand the messages it gives you? I will cover this in this article.

We all know the body communicates with itself. When looking at the central nervous system, it communicates with the rest of the body by sending messages from the brain through the nerves that branch off of your spine.

The chemical and electrical impulses, through contractions of your skeletal muscles, result in the movement of your body.

Physical pain is telling you that something is not physically right. For example, a pain in your neck might tell you that your muscles are tight or maybe a vertebra is out.

Emotional pain like depression, may be telling you that something in your environment is not in alignment with you or a relationship is not good for you.

Our body is always talking to us and we really need to be tune in and listen. So, let’s get back to heart health specifically. What could the heart be trying to communicate with us?

Metaphorical Meaning Of The Heart

When I look at the heart, I look at love. Isn’t that where we love from? I think we have all realised this especially on valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day is also commonly known as Hearts Day. 

This is because the heart represents love and we celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. Even the marketing companies know about this connection.

When you feel deep emotions, you feel it in your heart. If someone asks you where you feel love. I am sure you will put your hand on your heart instead of pointing to one of your toes.

Here are some common metaphors we use today without making the connection:
Heart Of Stone
This means a person does not show any sympathy or empathy.
Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
This means that you make decisions based on feelings and emotions.
Heart Of Gold
This means you are a very kind, giving, generous person.
Heart & Soul
This means that you do things with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
Pour Out Your Heart
This means you tell somebody your problems, feelings, emotions and ‘let things off your chest’.

We say these things constantly and I am sure many of us have not connected the dots and yet our heart does SO MUCH for us.

Body/Mind Connection

We know that our body and minds are interconnected, we have all felt stressed and felt it in our shoulder muscles. Do you think your emotions can affect your heart physically? How could it not?

Louise Hay in her book wrote about how different parts of our body had different meanings and different emotions were stored inside.

This is what she wrote about the heart: On the emotional level, the heart, and the blood it pumps, represents love and joy and our early connections to family.

People with heart problems usually have unresolved family issues that take the joy and love out of their lives. These issues might keep love and joy from entering their lives because they are afraid to let love in.

Closing our heart to love is very symbolic of shutting of the flow of life to our heart.

She gave an affirmation: I open my heart to love! My heart is now lovingly pumping joy throughout my body! All is well and I am safe.

It would appear that issues with your heart on an emotional level, can be directly related to physical conditions that affect the working and functioning of the heart. She says people with heart problems USUALLY have unresolved issues with family, but not ALWAYS.

I think it goes deeper than that too. Love can also be looked at by the way we love ourselves and others. Sometimes some of us love too much and give too much of ourselves, meaning that we have overwhelming levels of love for this world and the people we have shared life with.

This action shows our body that we love others more than we love ourselves and we can start attacking ourselves. Or attacking our heart. (Maybe that is where the term heart attack came from?)

Each of us is different and it is when we go into our own body, we can find out why we have the specific problems and health issues we have.

One person may have a heart attack because they had no love or joy. Another may be attacking and sabotaging themselves by eating foods that clog up the arteries, others may be causing stress and anxiety for themselves.

There are many other behaviours that make the heart sick. Underlying all of these actions is a lack of SELF LOVE.

We do have to recognise that the whole body and spiritual connection are extremely important in the way we love ourselves and others.

How Do We Communicate With Our Body?

Firstly, we have to be quiet. We need to find time to go inside of ourselves and have a conversation with our body. (If you don’t no one else will, or can).

A skilled therapist can help you to facilitate you getting the answers from inside of yourself, but it is only when you build a relationship with your subconscious mind and body that you can truly get the answers you need to start healing.

I want to give you a simple step by step process that you can do to start having a conversation with your body’s inner wisdom.

· Find a quit space. Without distraction. Turn off your phone. Tell your family you are having quiet time.

· Get comfortable. Either lay down on the floor (make sure you are not doing this when you are tired, or you may fall asleep), or sit in a chair. Make sure you are warm.

· Get yourself into a relaxed state of meditation. (We have many meditations at Global Healing Exchange that you can use). If you know self-hypnosis you can use this. Whichever way you get yourself into a relaxed state best, do that.

· Once you are relaxed, we are going to start your journey inside of yourself. So fire up your imagination. Your subconscious mind works with images, feeling, sounds and metaphors so using your imagination is a great way to practise getting in touch with the inner wisdom of your body.

· As you are laying or sitting relaxed, imagine another version of yourself getting smaller and smaller.

Making the smaller version of yourself so small that it is sitting on your heart. It might be sitting on the left ventricle, or the right ventricle, or it might actually be sitting in the middle of your heart.

As you imagine that, see if you can hear any sounds. You may hear the blood pumping, or a whoosh as the blood flows past you. You may hear a heartbeat, or feel the heart moving in and out in a rhythmical manner. You may see the heart or the blood vessels around you.

The more you can imagine being in, or on your heart right now, the easier it will be to make contact with your body’s inner wisdom. You may be feeling an emotion. What is that emotion you are feeling right now?

You may have words pop into your head. What are the words saying to you right now? You may get a picture appear in your vision, what is the picture trying to tell you?

These are all ways that your body will communicate with you if you are still enough.

You can have a conversation with your body in this manner. It will talk to you in its own private way. One that is best for you to communicate with each other.

Imagine the small version of you is sitting there with your heart, having this conversation in pictures, sounds, feelings, and metaphors.

Once the line of communication is open, ask your heart some questions.

Ask it anything you want. Then listen carefully for the answers. If you have a health issue, ask your heart what you need to know in order for you to get the learnings, so you can let this health condition go.

Thank the condition for what it has taught you about yourself. Take the learnings and apply them into your life.

Maybe the heart tells you that you have unresolved issues with one of your parents. If you can, have a conversation with that parent and clear the air.

Maybe the heart tells you that you need more self-love and in order to show yourself this, you need to eat a healthier diet and exercise more.

Maybe the heart tells you that you need to put yourself before others. Whatever the heart tells you, take heed and take action.

Once you have got your answers, you can image the smaller version of you growing up inside until the you sitting in the chair, or laying down are integrated. You now have an answer that will help you to heal your body.

Now this process is simple but not easy. It will take practise and a lot of it but I assure you that it will be worth it.

I have taken hundreds of clients over the years on a journey into their own inner wisdom and some amazing healing has happened.

Remember this is a journey and you can do this process as often as you need. Sometimes to get the root cause, you need to go inside and journey more.

Healing is sometimes like a jigsaw and the more pieces you put together, the bigger and brighter the picture becomes.

I hope this help you understand the power of your body-mind connection and gives you an insight to how you can start healing yourself.

ways to improve heart health

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ways to improve heart health

Mind Your Heart

For years doctors believed that the connection between mental health and heart disease was just about physical habits, for example someone who was feeling down would drink alcohol, eat sugar or smoke a cigarette.

This thinking has changed with the development of neuroscience and technology.

Research now shows that the biological and chemical factors that trigger mental health issues could also influence heart health. “The head/heart connection should be on everyone’s radar,” says Barry Jacobs, Clinical Psychologist and Behavioural Sciences expert.

The heart pumps blood through vessels to every part of the body, including the brain.

Damage to blood vessels can lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke and dementia. Keeping your blood vessels healthy can help you to have a strong heart and brain.

There is a growing belief that stress can adversely affect the heart when hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are released, they impact our blood pressure and heart rate.

Equally, heart disease or stroke can cause anxiety, so it is important to handle these in a calm manner otherwise we end up with an unhealthy cycle that is hard to break.

It is said that individuals who suffer from depression are four times more likely to die from coronary heart disease than someone who doesn’t have depression.

We all know that exercise helps lift depression but usually a depressed person doesn’t have the energy or motivation to exercise, so here we have another negative cycle that needs to be broken.

In this instance we will use the mind to shift the body, recommended treatments are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, for example: NLP techniques, Mindfulness, Meditation, Music, Art, Affirmations plus the use of a Fitbit to help the person see steady progress even if slow.

It is still true that a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to keep the mind alert and healthy as we age. Keeping the mind engaged and having social support are critical to staying happy and healthy especially as we get older.

The sooner we adopt a life of exercise, fun, healthy eating, good sleeping patterns, an average weight, keeping blood sugar levels under control, keeping an eye on cholesterol and blood pressure are also important and regular GP check-ups recommended.

So, all this means is that when adversity stares you in the face, do your best to maintain a positive outlook and incorporate positive behaviour and this will optimise both your emotional wellbeing and your cardiovascular health.

If you don’t believe me, or this sounds too simple, read this evidence. Researchers at the University of Michigan examined how quickly two groups of people recovered from stressful events.

They gave participants only one minute to prepare a public speech which they were expected to deliver to their peers for evaluation. The researchers monitored the blood pressure and other cardiovascular responses of the participants.

The study found that those who were less stressed and found the task less threatening experienced faster cardiovascular recovery times than their counterparts.

Michelle Tugade, co-author of the study said “it’s through the experience of positive emotions that these individuals were able to bounce back more quickly from this negative, stressful experience.

So do your head and your heart a favour, stay positive, calm, active and connected.

ways to improve heart health

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ways to improve heart health

Heart Health. Is Your Heart Healthy?

What an important thing to focus on. I would like to start this article by asking the question – What is the heart? What is heart health? What is heart disease?

From a purely physical perspective, the heart is an organ in the body of warm blooded mammals, birds and human beings, and some other animal species.

It pumps blood into the arteries to allow it to flow around the body. In the case of the human being it pumps (or beats) at about 60-100 beats per minute.

In the case of the physical heart, it goes without saying, that it needs to be kept in good health.

Sadly, this is not the case for a huge amount of people, with heart disease being the leading cause of death in Australia according to The Heart Foundation, with 18,590 Australian lives lost to heart disease in 2017.

That is about 50 people per day!

The major (physical) cause of this is poor diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of good regular exercise and obesity.

With Australia topping the world for obesity it is of no surprise that so many people die from heart related issues.

To keep our own hearts in good physical condition we need to be conscious of how we treat it.

Having a good healthy diet (with minimal fat, and I would add very little or no meat products), no smoking, minimal or no alcohol, good daily exercise and steering clear of not being overweight or obese.

So, is the heart something more than just a physical pump? Is it, for instance, an organ of emotion?

There are many claims to this and there is much research around this topic. Many people claim that the heart has an intelligence; an emotional intelligence.

Some say that it is an emotional ‘brain’. Certainly, where love is concerned, the heart is the place of focus and where people say they feel the feelings of love or heart-break (interesting words!) emanating from.

Having had my heart broken and having been in love, I know, as you probably do, that there is definitely a ‘feeling’ in the heart, or at least in the heart region.

So, what is this feeling? How does it arise? Can we identify it?

For me, from my years of personal and spiritual development study, I would say that what we ‘feel’ is from the ‘Sentient Soul’. An aspect of our being that resides in and around the heart region.

If I take a spiritual image of this Sentient Soul, then what I see is the heart being the physical representation and connection for this ‘Sentient Soul’.

For people who can ‘see’ energy, they will see it in the form of a colour, like an aura.

Just for some background and clarity on what I mean by ‘Sentient Soul’, I will explain it from the Anthroposophical* perspective.

The ‘Sentient Soul’ is one of three Soul Aspects that form our human (complete) Soul Body – sometimes known as our Astral Body.

The other two Soul aspects are: The ‘Consciousness Soul’ and the ‘Intellectual Soul’. Each of these Soul Aspects has a particular function.

Sentient Soul

But just as the ether-body is seen by means of this organ, so through a still higher organ can the inner world of sensation become a special kind of supersensible perception.

A man would then not only sense the impressions of the physical and life-world, but would behold the sensations themselves. Before a man with such an organ, the sensation world of another being is spread out like an external reality.

One must distinguish between experiencing one’s own world of sensation and looking at that of another person.

Every man of course can look into his own world of sensation; only the seer with the opened “spiritual eye” can see another person’s world of sensation.

Unless a man be a seer, he knows the world of sensation only as an “inner” one, only as the peculiar hidden experiences of his own soul; with the opened “spiritual eye” there shines out before the outward-turned spiritual gaze what otherwise lives only in the inner being of another person.

From Theosophy (first published in 1904 – Rudolf Steiner).

As described above in theosophy, the Sentient Soul is beyond the physical and can only be fully experienced and ‘seen’ once the spiritual faculties have been opened to do so.

As this is not the case for the vast majority of people on the planet, I would say that we get to experience the ‘beginnings’ of this possibility and ‘feel’ it on some level.

We bring the super-sensible into the everyday physical experience and name it as ‘love’, ‘heart-ache’, ‘romance’ and all the other heart-centered words that we use.

In essence, the Sentient Soul is the organ of soul sensation perception of the other (human-being).

This is the organ that many people possess (unconsciously or unknowingly) who have a high degree of empathy – with some people calling themselves empaths.

Connected with these sensations are the everyday feelings of desire and aversion, impulses, instincts and passions. When one pursues the study of being able to experience this as a seer, then it is possible to ‘see’ people’s emotions.

In our language we already have some expressions of what certain emotions or feelings might look like.

Statements such as: “I am feeling Blue” (Depressed), “I am feeling Red” (Anger) or “I am tickled Pink” (Excited/Joyful) help us to get some initial impressions to work with.

Intellectual Soul

The ‘Intellectual Soul’ is different from the Sentient Soul in that it is an even more evolved member of this Soul family.

This Soul is served by our thoughts – with ‘Thought’ being the highest form of Spiritual development possible. One could also call this the ‘Mind-Soul’.

The Intellectual Soul permeates through the Sentient Soul, and those who have the organ for ‘seeing’ these Soul distinctions, ‘sees’ the Intellectual Soul as a separate entity.

Consciousness Soul

The ‘Consciousness Soul’ is also distinguished as a separate member of our Soul Body (Astral Body). It has different qualities from the Intellectual and Sentient Soul. This latter is still entangled in the sensations, the impulses, the passions, etc.

Everyone knows how, at first, he counts as true that which he prefers in his feelings, and so on. Only that truth, however, is permanent which has freed itself from all flavour of such sympathy and antipathy of feeling.

The truth is true, even if all personal feelings revolt against it.

To simplify this, one could say that this is the part of our Soul that deals with our ‘Morality’; our Morals. This part of our Soul is where ‘The Truth’ lives.

In 1999 I was given a ‘Meditation Verse’ by one of my Meditation Teachers. He asked me to make a promise to try and say this Meditation Verse every day and to use it as a study to get a deeper understanding of the verse itself and the Consciousness Soul.

I have now been meditating on this for 20 years and I have found so much depth in there. The verse is a very well-known one – especially as it is used in our court rooms on a regular basis.

‘The Truth, The Whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth’.

Sometimes in my work with people I have to help them to do what I call ‘A personal heart transplant’. This involves them going deep into their emotions and delving deep into their Soul to retrieve what has been broken or harmed.

They often emerge with their ‘New Heart’ and we spend some time doing the necessary operation to transplant it back to where it belongs. This is deep Soul work and it is very powerful. This is heart cleansing – this is heart health.

Having a deeper understanding of how we have been created is fascinating, and I love to deepen my own knowledge and wisdom in this field of study. It also helps me to be more appreciative, focused and caring for my Body, Soul and Spirit.

Having this knowledge of how my own heart and heart region is formed and how it all works, makes me want to keep it in perfect health. I hope that this has also inspired you to know more about your own heart and Soul and to take the business of caring for it all, even more seriously.

*Anthroposophy was the name used by Rudolf Steiner to distinguish his work and study of the human being, especially because of the differences from the Theosophical Society at that time.

ways to improve heart health

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ways to improve heart health

Checking Out Of Heart-Break Hotel. How To Holistically Transcend Heart Disease 

Heart Disease is now far and away the number one killer world-wide. The disease is out of control. It has also become the most profitable business, along with cancer, for Western medical experts and the pharmaceutical companies.

There I have said it. Enough said about that already. This article is about another option that you have to restore your precious health or to prevent heart disease for yourself and loved ones.

8 years ago, I was having physical symptoms that I never had before in my life. I went to see two medical doctors in Sydney.

They both saw that I looked athletic, healthy and young for my age.

They both said I was under stress and needed time off to relax. They were both wrong.

As time went on my symptoms got worse. Since both of my parents died of stroke and inflammatory related illnesses I was concerned.
I knew I was in trouble. So, I dug deeper into my options for a proper diagnosis.

Terrifying Physical Symptoms

My friend referred me to an integrative medical doctor in Sydney, Australia. I shared with Mark Robertson, MD the following concerns:

· Dizziness walking up a flight of stairs
· Angina pain in my chest in the heart area
· Night terrors that I could not catch my breath
· Feelings that a part of me was dying
· Not feeling that I could tell anyone

My doctor sent me for extensive testing, including blood work and X-rays.

It turned out that I had advanced coronary artery disease with the three main arteries going into my heart more than 50% blocked.

After having more testing with a cardiologist, I was told my condition was very serious.

I was urged to go into hospital within a week’s time to have 3 stints to open my arteries, as well numerous medications for the rest of my life.

I was shocked because I have always had bad side effects from medications throughout my life.

I now dreaded the side effects from 4 medications that were being strongly prescribed to me, along with stint surgery.

The doctors were excellent, and they all had my best interest at heart.

But I could not go through with the surgery and medications. It was not right for me.

What Lies Beneath The Surface?

My journey into a new life began with my decision to take another big risk in life by listening to my heart; to heal my heart disease holistically.

It was a tough decision because I have a teenage son who was 9 years old at the time.

He needed me alive and not dead of a heart attack, for which I was a very high risk.

I could not and would not have made that choice without the help of Dr. Robertson. He was pure genius.

Remember everyone is different so by all means obtain a professional medical doctor who works holistically to assess your specific situation.

Here is step one to saving my life:
· Cooking with organic coconut oil
· Baking with organic olive oil
· No more omega 6 – vegetable oil
· No more deep-fried food
· No more gluten
· No more sugar

This was devastating. My three core weaknesses – Irish Ale, apple pie and pizza gone forever if I want to live a full life.

But what a difference it made very quickly.

The second step was better food choices:
· Organic vegetables of all kinds
· Organic eggs
· Organic salmon
· Organic chicken broth
· Organic beef broth
· Organic grass-fed lamb roast or beef burgers
The third step was supplements mostly from
· Fish oil – 1000 mg 3 times per day
· Niacin vitamin B3 – 500 mg 3 times per day – you must use the flush type which is not pleasant but very effective.
· Baking soda – one teaspoon 3 times per day in water
· Vitamin C – in mega doses – as much as you can handle – 3 times per day
· Chrysin – 1000 mg 3 times per day. For men uplifting testosterone. Ladies you need other options…
The fourth step was super foods:
· Organic Cacao
· Organic blueberries
· Organic Kale lightly grilled with organic: chili, turmeric, cayenne, sea salt & pepper
The fifth step is frequent blood tests for essential markers of heart disease. Some of the tests include:
· Very high cholesterol – mine was normal inside 2 years
· Very low good cholesterol – mine was normal inside 2 years
· Very high triglycerides – mine were normal inside 2 years

Dr. Roberson tested other important markers of heart disease that came down to normal, but he said the most important ones were that virtually all my heart disease symptoms listed above and below are now gone:

· Dizzy walking up a flight of stairs
· Angina pain in my chest in the heart area
· Night terrors that I could not catch my breath
· Feelings that a part of me was dying
· Not feeling that I could tell anyone

I felt great and was playing basketball with my son without worry or relapse. Will I stay on the supplements for life? A big fat YES.

There were other factors not related to dietary changes and supplements that were catalysts for my success in transcending advanced coronary artery disease that must not be overlooked…

Emotional & Spiritual Heart Disease

Your heart got sick over time – very slowly – so your recovery from heart disease will take time.

You must be patient with yourself. Recovery is two steps forwards and two steps backwards.

My heart disease was brought on by an emotional and spiritual crisis. The two are linked.

If you are growing emotionally, you’re growing spiritually. If you’re growing spiritually, you’re growing emotionally.

For myself I made choices in life partners and business partners that were not right for me.

I allowed them to exploit me because I put their needs above my own needs. That was my own self-betrayal.

That is my greatest responsibility and lesson in life. I am now at cause over that crisis.

I transcended my personal, business and health crisis by getting help from experts and from a spiritual path of mystical theology.

So, I landed on my feet. I landed in truth and I direct my own path.

Transcending All Aspects Of Heart Disease

My successful outcomes are not typical. Most people go with the western medical model treatments and make the best of heart disease even though it is extremely progressive.

They become very scared and do not want to leave their loved ones through death from a heart attack or a series of heart failures. Who can blame them?

Alternative treatment takes a huge commitment and is expensive.

What I did to recover and still do takes a lot of time and discipline, but I promise you it is worth it. The following is a summary of my recovery plan:

· Weekly deep tissue body work from an expert
· Acupuncture twice per month
· Chiropractic adjustments twice per month
· Body-psychotherapy twice per month
· Integrative MD twice per year with blood work
· Transcendent meditation & prayer one hour per day
· Roller exercises and Bioenergetics exercises alternating days
· Diet & supplements with superfoods as indicated

Check Out Of Heart-Break Hotel

The work I did on myself was the commitment of a lifetime. When we put everyone’s welfare above ourselves, we slowly die inside.

To be a good role model for humanity was important to me because I am a leader in the personal transcendent movement.

My best quality is that I deeply & authentically care about my client’s growth.

My worst quality is that I put my client’s welfare and my son’s care above my own self-care. That was a big mistake.

That is not humility. That was self-abuse. That was my biggest blind spot.

The day I decided to treat my heart disease holistically was my greatest gift to myself, my son and my clients past, present and future.

The day I decided that I was a gift to the world and therefore could forgive myself for poor choices and patterns in my life, was the day I checked out of heart-break hotel.

I have my dignity back because I stand up for myself and walk my talk. I was always very proud of my dad.

Now, I am a man my son is proud of.

Now, I am a man that I am proud of.

ways to improve heart health

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The Magnets Come In A Set Of 4

Positivity magnets were designed to inspire you on a daily basis to live your BEST LIFE and
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Every time you see them, (when you go to the fridge) they will inspire you to live a healthier life.
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The Magnets Will Inspire:

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We believe life is about having FUN and being as positive as possible.

ways to improve heart health

A Happy Healthy Heart

A strong heart is your foundation for a life of wellness, the heart is a pump and has the full responsibility of pumping blood around your body.

Did you know that you have 9,6560.64 kilometres (or 60,000 miles) of blood vessels in your body?

If we were to stretch them out, they would go around the circumference of the world 2 and a 1/2 times, isn’t that amazing!

The importance of this is that blood is your life force, it carries the nutrients and oxygen for every single cell of every organ in your body, none of which we can be without.

Herbalists say that the heart is the King of the body and the brain the Emperor.

This could explain why many people who have heart problems also have issues with retaining their mental stamina, forgetfulness and find it hard to concentrate.

You can empower your life and feel free to be at peace through becoming aware of how well your heart is working.

Also, there may be a need to make some changes to the way that life affects you through your reactions and perhaps lifestyle, looking at what you eat, how you eat, and how much you move in a day.

Knowing how to help the heart to be strong will give you more peace, calmness, vitality and happiness.

Could There Be A Connection?

If the heart is the King, could the gut possibly influence the heart?

A healthy heart starts in the gut, that might seem quite odd or surprise you. But what you eat and how you eat directly affects the working of the heart.

We have all seen the commercials that talk about having a grabbable gut and the toxic fat that is associated with it.

This type of fat is a result of eating a lot of processed, high fat, salt and sugared foods.

When there is too much toxic fat as shown in the commercial the heart is often surrounded by the fat which makes it difficult for it to pump at full capacity, which in turn causes breathlessness and eventually heart attack.

How You Eat Is Just As Important As What You Eat

Have you ever noticed how hard it is for a child to eat when they are upset?

Or maybe you have been watching a TV program that is a thriller, murder mystery or the evening news and you notice you have heart burn after the meal or feel like your stomach is in a knot?

Perhaps there is a disagreement or upset with a family member or your spouse. Our response to emotion disturbs the function of the digestive organs which in turn affects the functioning of the heart.

If inflammation creates leaky gut and excess body fat causes the organs to labour and lose their efficiency what could stress do to functioning of the heart?

It is said that when the gut is “leaky” the food particles float around in the blood, which means they end up going through the heart.

This is very damaging to the heart and can lead to serious health issues.

In recent years medical science has found that stress is a leading cause of heart failure and heart attack.

In my experience it is very evident that the gut, mind and heart are interlinked.

That is the food we eat, how we eat, our lifestyle and the way we think and respond to our thoughts.

Here are some common signs of an unhappy heart:
· Fidget a lot with hands
· Sweaty palms
· Constantly thirsty
· Weak erratic pulse
· Constantly need to clear throat
· Insomnia
· Suffer shoulder arm pain
· Angina
· General stiffness in body
· Restless hands
· Blood pressure high or low
An unhappy heart can also give us signs through:
· Bouts of hysteria
· Mental fatigue
· Nervous tension
· Poor appetite for life
· Poor memory
· No willpower
· Low self esteem
· Cold
· Extreme enthusiasm
· Severely agitated
· Frigid
· No sense of humour

What Has Love Got To With It?

The heart has long been used as the symbol of love, the most powerful emotion we experience in our lives or perhaps one that we long to find and know.

People have been known to die of a broken heart after losing someone they were so very bonded with or even after the loss of a pet.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Buddhists have for centuries taught the power of the emotions and how they impact each of the vital organs in various ways, in particular the way that emotions of lack, sorrow, joy, loneliness, anxiety and feeling unloved sit in the heart and manifest into a physical pain or illness.

A heart that is burdened with emotions such as these will show in the physical body as:
· Tension in the solar plexus
· Loss of appetite or disinterested in food
· Easily fatigued
· Teary
· Depressed
· Painful arms and or shoulder
· A sad face
· Catching colds, viruses or influenzas repeatedly
· Slow to recover and get well

Loving and being loved are the key to a happy heart and a life of vitality and happiness. To restore your heart, the elements I would look at for you are all of what I have mentioned.

Beginning with the health of your gut, your sense of calm and resilience of mind, and what is weighing your heart down.

These areas would be addressed independently at first followed by an easy to follow daily program for you to do that will bring you back to a place of wellness and wholeness.

To do that I would look at improving digestion through changes to the foods you eat, how you eat and get you moving with a walk each day, easy breathing techniques to improve the uptake of oxygen.

Setting time in your day to sit in a relaxed quiet space, and simple ways to be aware of how you respond to the thoughts that run through your mind, changing reactions and thoughts that are not conducive to a happy heart.

For you to get started today, begin your day with a check in to yourself, how are you feeling? Is this how you want to feel?

If the weather is nice, step outside look up to the sky and take 5 long slow deep breaths and smile.

Next make a cup of hot water and fresh lemon juice you might like to add some mint leaves.

Let this steep for a few minutes then sip and enjoy. Make a nutrient packed smoothie with fruit, nuts or seeds, yoghurt or coconut water, English spinach.

If, however it is winter be sure to have warm cooked food, the spleen and heart need warm foods in the colder months.

And cold foods only add to an unhappy heart because it needs the sense of warmth. Miso soup or homemade soup, porridge or boiled eggs are great options.

Now that you have nourished your heart and body with deep breaths and a change of how you feel, think about what kind of day you want to have and write it down, stick it on your desk, in the car or anywhere you will see it throughout the day.

Make time in the day to go for a walk for a minimum of 30 minutes, it is best to go on your own as this can be your quiet time and an opportunity to check in with yourself again, the reason for that is it takes time to be more aware of outer influences.

Repeat these actions every day for 10 days and you will be pleasantly surprised at how you feel, continue for 30 days and you will be well on the road to wellness and wholeness.

ways to improve heart health

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ways to improve heart health

The Heart Of The Matter 

What is the singular most supreme emotional feeling we experience in life? I do hope you said love!

And where do we connect to this emotion and feeling about love? We feel it through the supreme organ in our body, the heart.

The heart is the Divine core of us, it is where we are affected emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We love with our heart; we ache with our heart and we can get sick with our heart.

Aligning Yourself Through Your Heart

Are you ready to rise above the pain you may be experiencing?

I am going to share with you heart health, but not like a Doctor would, more on the lines of dealing with the emotional, spiritual and soul aspect to do with the health of your heart.

Our physical heart is strategically aligned just off centre of our human body, but our heart chakra lies in the centre which aligns with our other chakras, that run vertically through our central core.

As part of the Forensic Healing System, when we work with the chakras we are able to access elements of information associated with that chakra.

The Heart Has A Brain

Did you know this amazing organ has its own brain and consciousness? The heart has over 40,000 neurons and neurotransmitters.

In addition to the extensive neural communication network linking the heart with the brain and body, the heart also communicates information to the brain and throughout the body via electromagnetic field interactions.

The heart generates the body’s most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field.

Compared to the electromagnetic field produced by the brain, the electrical component of the heart’s field is about 60 times greater in amplitude and permeates every cell in the body.

With energy healing, this holds so much of our emotional dialogue, our feelings, (not just the brain) but the heart as well.

There are medical stories of patients that have experienced heart transplants from a donor, and they have actually taken on the character personalities of the donor recipient after being given a heart. Don’t you think that is amazing?

Hand On My Heart

Remember as a child, playing games and sharing secrets with your friends and if you wanted to share something special with someone by either saying you won’t tell or they wouldn’t tell anyone, you would then make a pinky promise?

The question would be asked “swear you won’t tell, or you’re telling the truth, and you would gesture by placing your hand on your heart and saying “Yes I swear”.

If it was the truth you set a vibration aligning to that truth. You can actually feel it, because you know it is true.

But if on the other hand you weren’t being truthful and you still placed your hand there, you may have felt some trepidation because that emotion was based on a conscious untruth, you may literally feel a pain within your heart!

If it was the truth you set a vibration aligning to that truth. You can actually feel it, because you know it is true.

But if on the other hand you weren’t being truthful and you still placed your hand there, you may have felt some trepidation because that emotion was based on a conscious untruth, you may literally feel a pain within your heart!

Wow, don’t we place a lot of emotion on our heart, metaphorically speaking? I’m sure we all did that at some stage in our life, especially in those early childhood years!

In some of the healing pathways with Forensic Healing we initiate what we call a Heart Activation.

There are several healing pathways we use that incorporate using the heart activation. I have had clients express a feeling of release, lightness and expansion.

The Heart Is An Energy Portal

The heart is a channeler of love, an energy portal. If you hold the emotions of fear, hate, anger in your heart, it has every right to want to solidify into a rock.

It cannot process that heaviness unless you learn to forgive and release. Dis-ease cannot serve in a body of light, dis-ease cannot survive in an emotionally healed body!

There are many alternative modalities available today that we can use to look after this precious organ. The physical aspects of ensuring you maintain a balanced diet, a routine level of exercise, eliminate junk foods, eradicate smoking and drugs.

The emotional elements that we can help with is, doing a lot more on the inner work, self-love, meditation.

Whilst doing energy healing sessions, it’s amazing to feel that loving, caring aspect for a client.

You learn to acquire a connection within the heart by actually moving out of the head space, dropping down into your heart, where you can receive an influx of inspiring energy and infusion of light to support you.

Metta-Unconditional Loving Kindness (From Your Heart)

Here is a simple and very powerful 5-7-minute meditation I use as a way of awakening and engaging on that vibrational level to your heart.

You can feel that expansion as you tune into the energy within.

Firstly, find a quite space to sit or lie. Gently close your eyes and allow your body to relax, take 2-3 deep breathes in and release.

Place your hands gently onto your heart. As you do this, drop your awareness to your heart chakra.

As you breathe in imagine/see/feel you are breathing in the outer vastness of the Universe into your heart.

You are pulling into you the stardust of the Universe which is entirely within you.

As you breathe out that Universal loving vibration, send this to yourself.

Next, breathe in deeply again the whole of the Universe through your heart and as you release, send this level out to all your loved ones, past and present.

Repeat this process and add the following expressive vibrations to each level with love:

To your family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, known deity’s, anyone that you may have had a grievance with.

On each step feel your heart filling, expanding and getting that squishy feeling…

And lastly, I breathe in the Universe and lovingly send this out to mother Earth, Gaia, (I imagine it wrapping around the planet, like four pieces of a ribbon that gently wraps and protects her.

Then the last process of breath in, I send it to all corners of the Cosmos. Gently come back to your space, open your eyes and allow yourself to feel a peaceful, flowing lift as you continue your day.

“Steve Wentworth”

Award-Winning Structured Natural Therapy System That Combines Science and Intuition

Forensic Healing is a proven therapy system superior to all healing modalities, because it:

· Profiles the client, identifying negative life patterns, archetypes, emotions, belief systems, and much more.

· Clears curses, negative energies, rituals, and many other spiritual issues.

· Activates spontaneous healing forces in the body for immediate changes.

· Removes the negative conditioning stored in the DNA or cell memory.

· Uses healing secrets from ancient healing scripts combined with the most-advanced scientific methods.

· Utilizes healing pathways that use physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual elements.

· Heals deeply at a soul level by targeting soul facets, fragments, DNA etc.

· Places a blessing on the client at the end of a healing.

· Educates and empowers the client to understand themselves so they leave with new information to progress in their life.

· Includes new Soul Module which removes embedded implants, AI programs, mind control systems and disconnects souls from the corrupted Matrix.

See Yourself Having A Dynamic New Experience

I look forward to hopefully meeting you, joining your journey and helping you in any way to ride the waves of growth, new beings and this wonderful life we truly can find inspiring and inspirational!

Many Blessings, Love & Joy To You All

ways to improve heart health

Forensic Healer
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ways to improve heart health

Does Ketogenic Eating Increase Cholesterol?

Ketogenic eating is not just another diet fad. It’s a scientifically-proven way to lose weight, without medical intervention.

Prolonged restriction of carbohydrates induces nutritional ketosis, a natural bodily process which breaks down fat instead of carbs for energy. As a result, most of your hunger spikes and cravings will disappear.

A ketogenic diet also significantly reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other inflammatory illnesses.

That’s all the technical stuff, but the really cool stuff is the fat loss, the increased energy, reduction of food cravings and better sleep people experience when following a low carb/keto way of eating.

Despite its many proven benefits, some people remain sceptical towards ketogenic diets, most of them fearing that it’ll raise their cholesterol levels. Cholesterol in itself is not bad.

After all, our cells and brain are mainly made up of the stuff and it is vital to our survival.

Despite our brain accounting for only around 3% of our body weight, around 25% of the total cholesterol in our body, is stored in our brain.

This cholesterol which we have been taught to fear, helps with cell membrane functions, acts as an antioxidant, as well as serving as the raw material from which we are able to make things like progesterone, estrogen, cortisol and testosterone. Some important stuff!

While it is true that in some cases, ketogenic eating can lead to higher cholesterol saturation in our blood, it does not necessarily mean we are unhealthy.

Studies have recently shown that a more definitive marker for future heart disease, is not the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, but rather the size of the particles. 

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee no longer considers cholesterol as a concern when it comes to over-consumption. It has even been removed from the official Dietary Guidelines for Americans since 2015.

Scientists have now found that health issues linked with cholesterol are more evident in cases when high levels of blood glucose and insulin are also present.

If the particles are small and dense (which is a result of eating processed foods and refined carbohydrates), they are more likely to get stuck in the crevasses in our arteries.

If they are large and fluffy, (the result of eating a high fat, low carbohydrate diet), they float through the blood and do not get stuck.

Large fluffy particles are able to freely travel to the areas of the body where they are needed, without causing harm.

Cholesterol is often falsely blamed for being the cause of heart disease, however just because cholesterol is always present in inflamed arteries, it is not necessarily the cause.

Suggesting that cholesterol is the cause for heart disease, just because it is always present, is like claiming that firefighters are the cause of all fires because they are always present.

In the same way that firefighters try to put out fires which were caused by prior actions, cholesterol is a magnificent substance designed to be transported in our blood to inflamed or ruptured arteries to patch them up to prevent further damage.

The CAUSE of inflamed arteries, is poor dietary habits and consuming too many refined carbohydrates and processed foods, the cholesterol is purely there to aid repair, but up until recently, has always been blamed for “causing” heart disease.

The Benefits Of A Keto Meal Plan

When you follow a keto meal plan, your body is re-trained to adjust to being in a continuous state of nutritional ketosis. By reducing carbs to less than 50g per day, your liver is forced to compensate by producing ketones.

Ketones are substances which enable our body to burn stored fat reserves to provide us with consistent energy levels.

The reason why we feel much better after following the KetoFast program is simply because your body is using a cleaner source of fuel in fats.

A ketogenic diet also helps reduce inflammation and acidity in our body which reduces the chances of degenerative diseases developing.
So in summary, yes the ketogenic way of eating may increase cholesterol levels, but as long as you are eating a low carbohydrate diet and you are using your fat storage as fuel, the chances of developing heart disease is far more likely with a traditional carbohydrate based diet than a healthy well balance ketogenic diet like the KetoFast program.

ways to improve heart health

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ways to improve heart health

Salmon With Buttered Kalettes

· 125g Salmon with Skin On – Wild Caught
· 4tsp Organic Salted Butter
· 150g Kale or Kalettes (Small Kale)
· 2 Pinches of Himalayan Rock Salt

In a hot pan add four teaspoons of butter, salt seasoned salmon and kalettes. (Baby Kale) If you are unable to get kalettes, just use roughly chopped kale. First cook the salmon skin side down for two minutes.

Cook kale until the colour intensifies and leaves soften but don’t overcook. Season with salt and remove when cooked.

Cook salmon on each surface for around two minutes until each side is golden then remove and plate on top of kalettes.

ways to improve heart health

Nutritionist, Personal Trainer
& Creator of KetoFast

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ways to improve heart health

Salmon Scramble On Portobello Mushroom 

· 2 medium Free-Range Eggs
· 30g Smoked Salmon
· 20g Feta Cheese
· 2 Pinches of Salt & Pepper
· 1 Large Portobello Mushroom

Scramble two eggs and season with salt.

Cut 30g of smoked or plain cooked salmon into small strips and add to the egg.

Cube 20g feta and finely chop a handful of baby or regular spinach leaves and add to egg.

In a hot pan, add one teaspoon of butter and one peeled Portobello mushroom and cook on both sides until soft. Season with salt and pepper.

In the same pan, add another teaspoon of butter and add egg mix. Keep the egg moving and don’t over-cook.

Remove and plate on top of the mushroom. Season with cracked pepper.

ways to improve heart health

Nutritionist, Personal Trainer
& Creator of KetoFast

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ways to improve heart health

To Love Is To Heal 

Thoughts of love and lovely thoughts always find their destination. Love is the definitive and infinite energy that divinely links, and governs, the heart centres of all sentient beings.

Whether a sentimental whisper, a paraphrase of the heart, a gesture, an expression, butterflies, or the beautiful thoughts of what might be, love is simply the foundation upon which the most beautiful gifts are created, given, received, and remembered.

‘Love is the one and only answer’ Albert Einstein

Sometimes, because life is – well – a little complicated, you or someone else may not be ready to receive or reciprocate in any form some of the gifts others wish to lovingly bestow – and this is perfectly natural, even though we may be blissfully unaware of a beautiful intention or opportunity of love as it flutters innocently by.

When we learn to balance the conditional expression of giving and receiving with the true value of ‘unconditional’ love, it is possible to understand ourselves and each other in a new light.

When this happens, we begin to look at life and love from a different angle and this opens up a world of infinite possibilities. One such possibility is to heal.

So, what is unconditional love? Unconditional love is perhaps deeper, more intense, and as powerfully overwhelming in the heart than every other kind of love, because it is honest and pure.

It’s honesty and purity define it’s truth in nature as ‘the’ expression that demands nothing in return.

Unconditional love is simply heart-felt giving without the expectation of reward, in the knowledge that the energy of ‘karmic resonance’ naturally balances, in return, all forms of energy in the sublime moment the expression is released of heart to seek, protect and nurture.

Think of ‘karmic resonance’ as the Universe’s way of responding to you in equal and opposite measure. In equal measure, we are open to receive the energy we give.

If we give the energy of love unconditionally, this is returned to us in many, many different ways.

In opposite measure, we are closed to the thought of receiving that which we give and, therefore, unknowingly block the return path of the energy of many beautiful gifts that we have earned and are therefore allowed to receive.

This is how the ‘Law of Attraction’ works – relative to the theory of what you think and how you think about it. An open and loving heart is key to our conscious mastery of the mind.

In context, I recently met someone uniquely beautiful in every way. We met indirectly through a series of bizarre, purposeful and quite rare events which would somehow weave a thread of unconditional friendship into the fabric of our thoughts, our hearts and our lives.

After chatting with this person for a little while, I experienced a phenomenon often referred to as ‘butterflies’.

It was beautiful and so beautifully unexpected. Each palpation was like the gentle brushing of wings deep within my heart.

In that moment, I visualised the unconditional release of many brightly coloured butterflies from my heart chakra.

There were rose-gold ones, silver, bronze and white ones followed by butterflies of every colour of the rainbow.

As I watched them fly in my mind to my friend, I felt each one ascend light of wing and intertwined of heart. As they flew, my spine tingled.

The following day my friend saw, to her delight, butterflies in her garden and so received unconditionally the energy of my heart-centre as it manifested in her material plane of vision.

As you read this, you too may experience a light, soft tingly sensation.

This is the power and beauty of unconditional love because in this moment, as we read together, you and I are connected without condition in the expression of love.

I call this ‘vibrational synthesis’.

This is the moment when our hearts vibrate as one in spontaneous harmony, it’s a moment when you and I are in verse – in the flow of love. For me, this is simply the transformational ‘magic’ of heart-centred thinking, of unconditional giving and receiving of the most powerful energy in the Universe, as we know it.

‘Love only knows love’ Dreams, Rainbows and Butterflies

So, how does ‘unconditional love’ heal? As I wrote ‘Dreams, Rainbows and Butterflies’, I tried as hard as I might to balance the emotional trauma of grief with the celebration of the lovely life and love of my darling wife.

I began to experience moments of an unusual, yet comforting tingly sensation, across my shoulders, atop my head and all the way down my spine.

I soon realised that I experienced these tingles when I thought about Carole both in grief and in love. The sensation was exactly the same – and it was magical.

Slowly, very slowly, I changed my thinking about what grief was and started to see, feel and think about grief as love.

I can tell you it wasn’t an easy thing to do and, even today, its hard work to reconcile different variables of emotional sensitivity.

I knew then I had to do something for my own sanity, for my own mental health and for the wellbeing of my children.

Soon, the only scale of measure I needed, or could acknowledge, to somehow justify my acceptance of Carole’s death was to balance all things on a scale of love.

This was a moment of positive reinforcement and the beginning of a very overwhelming and beautiful journey of personal transformation.

This was, and still is, my theory of relativity in all things, relative to the beauty and eternal expression of love as the one and only answer for everything.

This is what I think and love is the energy of how I think unconditionally about it.

Balancing all things unconditionally on a scale of love, I may have less love or more love, however there is always love.

Adopting love as the first principle of creation naturally changes the language of my thoughts.

I understand how my thoughts create and shape neurological circuitry in my brain and how the potency of every thought intoxicates the chemical signatures triggered by my emotional responses.

I see love as the energy of positive thinking, and believe positive thoughts create positive neurology, harmonic chemistry and healthy physiology inside the body.

It’s not necessarily an easy gig trying to maintain a positive outlook on life 24×7, however with positive reinforcement it started the process of healing the whole in my heart and the hole in my life.

In turn, this is helping me to find my true self, to speak my truth, to be gentle, compassionate and forgiving of myself and others.

This is also easier said than done – but it’s a good start and, for me, it has always felt like a healthy choice in many different ways and for a plethora of different reasons.

Once I started my journey of thinking about love unconditionally, of learning, acknowledging and understanding my emotionally-vulnerable self, I realised that it’s a journey that never really stops, its infinite – just like the energy of love.

Every moment is heart-felt and I’ve found, relatively speaking, a pathway to my own inner-peace within the sanctuary of my heart and mind.

I’ve understood a little more about self-vulnerability in ways that I could never imagine.

In ‘Dreams, Rainbows and Butterflies’, I wrote ‘I knew then that love was and is the lesson of all lessons. It is my lesson. It had always been my lesson. It will always be my lesson’.

With each gentle brushing of wings deep within my heart, I now understand myself a little better. I’m OK with my own vulnerability.

It defines me and it always will. I call her love and she responds, always and unconditionally, in equal measure with lovely thoughts and thoughts of love.

ways to improve heart health

Author, Dreams Rainbows and Butterflies
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ways to improve heart health

10 Heart Healthy Foods 

Healthy eating and drinking is an important part of looking after your heart. You can look at different food for heart health. You can eat a heart-healthy diet and have it taste delicious too.

You will be very surprised at how easy it is to make some changes that can improve your health. You can use foods to strengthen heart muscle naturally along with cardio exercises.

Here are 10 foods that you should be eating to maximise your heart health.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Some Whole Grains



Fatty Fish and Fish Oil


Dark Chocolate




ways to improve heart health

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Ways To Improve Heart Health –
Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Reverse Heart Disease Naturally?
Reduce saturated fats, trans fats, and dietary cholesterol
Eat lots of whole foods that are naturally rich in fibre
Lose excess body fat
Move more
Lower your cholesterol
Eat less sodium
Stop smoking
Eat more plant-based foods in your diet and eat less processed foods
How Can You Improve Heart Disease?
Exercise more
Eat extra fruit or vegetables daily
Stop drinking your calories
Have a handful of nuts daily
Be creative
Trade red meat for fish
Breathe deeply for relaxation & lower blood pressure
Reduce stress
What Foods Heal Your Heart?
Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale and collard greens
Whole grains
Fatty fish and fish oil
Dark chocolate

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