Tips To Choose Quality Adult Incontinence Pads

Adult Incontinence Pads

Loss of bladder and bowel control is the major cause of incontinence which leads to unwanted and uncontrolled urine and faecal leakage.

In order to cope with this issue faced by many individuals, several absorbent products are available in the market in different sizes and varieties.

Major adult population of the world is affected from incontinence and more than half of them feel shy to approach doctors or take some medical steps. Apart from the basic treatment, quality adult incontinence pads should be used.

Different Types Of Quality Adult Incontinence Pads One Should Know

The biggest stigma that is attached to incontinence is that it makes one feel embarrassed and that is why many feel hesitant to speak about their problem or consult doctors. Before purchasing quality adult incontinence pads, it is essential that one should duly consult the doctors.

  • Contour Cloth Diapers: Among other types, contour cloth adult diapers are the most common ones which are used by majority of the people. They provide maximum comfort due to their customized fitting and remain completely dry for about 4-5 hours.

They are composed of multi-layered absorbing materials and are usually thin at the middle. People facing the regular issues of incontinence generally uses contour cloth diapers.

  • Swim Diapers: The swim diapers are one of the quality adult incontinence pads that does not allow absorption from the outer side. It helps in containing the solid wastes and prevents further leakage.

These are mainly used by the people suffering from faecal incontinence as they holds up the wastes rather absorbing them. These are available both in the reusable forms and disposable diaper forms.

  • Pant & Pad: As the name suggests, this is the type of two tier system. It is composed of pads which are absorbing materials and collect the urine. Apart from this, waterproof pants are present that are worn over the pants to avoid further leakage.

In case of recreational activities, quality adult incontinence pads are mostly preferred. As compared to other diapers and pants, these are more flexible.

  • All In One Cloth Diapers: The outer material of all in one cloth diaper is water-proof and generally made up of plastic or nylon. In the midst of outer and inner lining lies the absorbing material.

The inner lining is usually made up of polyester that drains the wetness and keeps the skin dry.

Different Aspects To Consider While Buying Quality Adult Incontinence Pads

As the type and brand of the quality adult incontinence pads have increased, it is a bit difficult for an individual to choose the best and the most suitable one. Here are certain points to know while you buy them:

  • Quality Of The Material: Generally, high absorbency material is chosen by the individuals facing regular incontinence. At a personal level, you should know which material is compatible for you to perform daily activities without any fuss.
  • Type Of Incontinence: There are different types of incontinence and accordingly pads and diapers are also available in unique types. You should know properly about the problem you are going through before making the final selection.
  • Disposable & Reusable Features: Reusable diapers are a one time investment but are a bit more expensive than the disposable ones. These are available in different types suitable for different incontinence situations.

However, disposable pants are the best in odour-control and generally feature high absorbency rate.

Even if you feel confused, doctor’s consultation is important. Do not ignore the initial symptoms and. take early precautions as soon as possible before it is too late and the incontinence problem leads to a chronic disease.

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