The Mayan Natal Chart. Mayan (Tzolkin/Cholq’ij) Cross.


The Mayan natal chart shows the Charter of the Soul: Synchronising every human being with itself and the planet for everyone to experience their own enlightenment and wake to a more harmonious life.

Your day of birth has to do with your purpose, and your cosmic significance …… In this life, how you relate this purpose to the energies that surround us, and how the energies that surround us in turn relate to your destiny.

Mayan Day Signs draw on the Cosmic-Earth rhythms.

They project directly from cosmic currents the coming together of energies from the four corners of the Universe with hemispheric Earth energies and integrate the four primary elements of earth, air, fire and water as shown in the Mayan (Tzolkin/Cholq’ij) Cross.

The Mayan Cross depicts the tone and intention of the Sacred Path chosen by each individual for the journey of their Soul through this incarnation.

At the centre of the cross is the birth Day energy. The conception of this Earth Walk is shown in the South of the Cross, and your destiny, revealed to the North.

The aspects depicted on the left & right arms of the Mayan Cross are symbiotic with left & right hemispheres of logic and art. The energies encompass your talents and lessons, strengths and weaknesses.

Through the Sacred Mayan Calendar, you learn to know and value; to grow.

It is so perfect in its development and so simple in its interpretation, an effective tool which allows you to answer the most profound existential questions, or to resolve situations of daily life that we are sometimes so concerned about.

In modern society we have become dulled in a sea of ambiguity, which has helped to remove purpose from existence.

We have become as travellers without direction or destination with vague probabilities, unable to focus on where our destiny lies.

The Tzolkin offers a profound and solid foundation upon which to synchronise your flow with that of the biorhythms that exist within the evolutionary process.

When an individual recognises and identifies with their energy field, with its Galactic reference, they will be resonating in harmony and so attract the real possibility of being a winner, with self-determination and sovereign in their paths.

As you progress through your reading, the awakening of consciousness is doing its job and is opening doors to your inner world that are closed, awakening dormant potential capabilities as well.

No two people, including twins, will experience the intentions and aspects the same way because each individual has their own perspective, each individual is the creator of their own journey.

The Mayan birth chart is the specific application for each human being, a navigation tool. The memory of your particular plan and the description of your potential, is the knowledge offered.

This treasure trove of talent gives us our spiritual and doer with it, the plan of what we have to learn at every opportunity; because we did not come without purpose, but of free will to Implement it.

This is not just a calendar but rather contributions to become sovereign of the talents that our spiritual being chose for us through the archetypes of the fourth dimension, breaking the barriers formed by the lower ego of consciousness from what is normally called soul.

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Jennabeth Moss

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