The Definitive Belief

The Definitive Belief

In order to achieve anything, we must first believe we can. This applies to almost every aspect of life whether we’re an athlete competing for gold, a child learning to ride a bicycle, a patient in recovery or a healer helping to restore the health and wellbeing of a client.

In very simple terms, our beliefs determine the outcome of our successes. Our beliefs are things we can change based on how we interpret, adapt, grow, collaborate and integrate our knowledge of life with our experiences of living.

It is said that by the time a human being reaches the age of 35, we run almost entirely on auto-pilot as the mind and body become programmed to think and respond in certain ways based on the experience and knowledge of all that we have become.

Science is beginning to show how our thoughts, attitudes, values, beliefs, perceptions and emotions inspire to play important roles in determining the physical health and performance of the mind and body.

How we think creates the outcomes that shape the physiological, psychological, and emotional reality of the world in which each of us find ourselves.

Perhaps what we believe is simply defined as the extent to which we allow our performance capability to develop through life. Henry Ford said it best ‘whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.’

Belief is an enabler – and it’s very powerful. It’s one of the keys that unlocks the potential of super-human consciousness to evolve man and woman kind beyond that which was ever thought possible.

Many of us rarely stop to think about the world in which we find ourselves. Day by day, we repeat most of the things we did yesterday unaware that we will do more or less the same thing tomorrow, the day after and so on.

We repeat our thought processes too – most of which are in fact negative creating the signatures of dis-ease at a cellular level in our inner world.

Behaviourally, we are creatures of habit and our craving for consistency appears born out of a deep-rooted resistance to change – even if consistency means the pain of negative results.

If we stopped from time to time to think about what we do, to evaluate what we’ve done, look forward to where we might want to be or think about how we really feel deep within, then perhaps our perspective would change in every moment of introspection.

We are all capable of embracing change and this starts by changing the way we think about ourselves.

Thinking is art. In my world of ideals, thoughts are a theoretical construct underpinned by many, many things like educational focus, knowledge, perception, suggestibility, memory, experience, societal conditioning, the opinions of others, gene expression and the manipulation of external stimuli by broadcast media.

These components might be considered the individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle glued together by nothing more than belief. Contextually, belief is a transformative foundation upon…..

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Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones – Author, Dreams Rainbows and Butterflies


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