The Definitive Belief

The Definitive Belief

In order to achieve anything, we must first believe we can. This applies to almost every aspect of life whether we’re an athlete competing for gold, a child learning to ride a bicycle, a patient in recovery or a healer helping to restore the health and wellbeing of a client.

In very simple terms, our beliefs determine the outcome of our successes. Our beliefs are things we can change based on how we interpret, adapt, grow, collaborate and integrate our knowledge of life with our experiences of living.

It is said that by the time a human being reaches the age of 35, we run almost entirely on auto-pilot as the mind and body become programmed to think and respond in certain ways based on the experience and knowledge of all that we have become.

Science is beginning to show how our thoughts, attitudes, values, beliefs, perceptions and emotions inspire to play important roles in determining the physical health and performance of the mind and body.

How we think creates the outcomes that shape the physiological, psychological, and emotional reality of the world in which each of us find ourselves.

Perhaps what we believe is simply defined as the extent to which we allow our performance capability to develop through life. Henry Ford said it best ‘whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.’

Belief is an enabler – and it’s very powerful. It’s one of the keys that unlocks the potential of super-human consciousness to evolve man and woman kind beyond that which was ever thought possible.

Many of us rarely stop to think about the world in which we find ourselves. Day by day, we repeat most of the things we did yesterday unaware that we will do more or less the same thing tomorrow, the day after and so on.

We repeat our thought processes too – most of which are in fact negative creating the signatures of dis-ease at a cellular level in our inner world.

Behaviourally, we are creatures of habit and our craving for consistency appears born out of a deep-rooted resistance to change – even if consistency means the pain of negative results.

If we stopped from time to time to think about what we do, to evaluate what we’ve done, look forward to where we might want to be or think about how we really feel deep within, then perhaps our perspective would change in every moment of introspection.

We are all capable of embracing change and this starts by changing the way we think about ourselves.

Thinking is art. In my world of ideals, thoughts are a theoretical construct underpinned by many, many things like educational focus, knowledge, perception, suggestibility, memory, experience, societal conditioning, the opinions of others, gene expression and the manipulation of external stimuli by broadcast media.

These components might be considered the individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle glued together by nothing more than belief. Contextually, belief is a transformative foundation upon which the seeds of our humanity propagate in the garden of our thoughts and in the wild flower meadows of our collective consciousness.

Whether we are consciously or subconsciously aware, our beliefs create the conditions in which we allow our thoughts to take root. How they grow and blossom is determined by the ecology and language of our own human nature.

This can also be instrumental in our own healing process. Our thoughts are one of the most potent forces of energy creating, co-creating and healing the inner and outer worlds in which we think we exist.

All thoughts are energy and energy follows intention, so the language we use to paint the story we tell our cells become the brush strokes of transformation on the blank canvass of our imagination.

The energy of our freedom to make choices and our courage to change these choices again and again and again in search of the things that make us truly happy, is perhaps the energy of the unconditional archetype we embrace to reveal love at the heart of all that is possible.

How we harness this energy for our highest good is also a free-choice and yet it is often a choice that we are unwilling to make. What many of us may not realise is that belief really does trigger responses inside the body which can affect our health and performance.

If we limit our beliefs by constantly talking ourselves out of doing something we can actually hard-wire a semi-permanent blockage in the neural pathways on the mind and body to prevent learning.

Equally true is, if we tell ourselves we can do something then we hard-wire new neural pathways igniting enhanced performance capability.

Think about this for a moment – this is exactly what we do as children when we learn unconditionally without the capacity to think of a million reasons why we can’t do something. So, belief can become the language of success and failure – depending upon your perspective.

As an author, it’s almost impossible not to be excited about the beauty, resonance, intoxication and the healing properties of language.

Like the multi-sensory threads we weave into the emotional tapestry of our hearts or the ultra-violet colours we imagine embossed upon the wings of our inner-butterfly, language plants the seeds of intention in a landscape of reality which is ours to make and make believe.

Literally speaking, how we think, what we think about and what we feel about our thoughts is shaped by the language we use to communicate with our cells and each other. Language is itself thought provoking.

It conjures the essence of illusion, it colours our dreamscapes and it defines the vibrational eloquence of the symphony of every human heartbeat echoing through the Universe. Language shapes thoughts, thoughts define intention and energy follows intention to create and co-create our world.

Positive thoughts create positive outcomes, negative thoughts create negative outcomes and both are derived predominantly by the power of belief.

Human beings, by virtue of our very nature, are a species whose survival is dependent upon the compelling narrative of our social dexterity to find peace and love in a world which often appears to be barren of these and many more beautiful things.

If we are to truly evolve into the super-conscious humans of a Golden Age then maybe it is time to start telling ourselves a different story.

We are each empowered as the writers of our own book where the chapters of our life unfold leaf by leaf formed of the belief that we can heal, create and co-create a better world one thought at a time.

It is perhaps the belief in one’s self that will ultimately determine the outcome of our success to elevate above and beyond the story of convention.

In personal terms, I have to know how to heal myself, be of service to myself before I can truly know how to be of service to others. How I feel, what I think and what I believe becomes the theoretical construct which defines me absolutely.

I have sole responsibility for changing the things in my life which no longer serve my highest good or the good of the collective.

If my beliefs become limiting then I have the choice to find the inner-strength, the courage and the emotional honesty to transform to a place where my own purpose is to know myself on an unconditional scale of love and happiness.

I call this place a place of ‘Dreams, Rainbows and Butterflies’ – it’s where I go to heal. Perhaps the acknowledgement of self-healing is the definitive belief, the key that unlocks the potential for each of us to release the fears of success and failure in pursuit of a Universal super-consciousness that teaches to trust life and know that anything is possible.

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Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones – Author, Dreams Rainbows and Butterflies

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