Aligning To Your Life’s Purpose


Many people go through their life not knowing what they came here to do. Some people have a general idea of their life’s purpose and turn away from it, by going after other things.

Then there are people who are doing what they came here to do, are utterly fulfilled, inspired, and have an unshakable trust in the underlying order of the universe.

If a person is aware of their life’s purpose specifically, they can never turn away, as they are motivated by an enthusiasm that is elicited by a natural drive from within.

This inexhaustible inner motivation comes of its own accord and doesn’t require the necessity of mustering will power.

Anyone who is consistently forcing themselves to do many things, is out of alignment with their life’s purpose. Those who are uncertain as to whether or not they are doing their life’s purpose, are also not in alignment with it.

This is not to say that something can be outside of the underlying order, for that is impossible. All things happen for a reason, although there is no guarantee we will know or understand the reasons.

There are two primary challenges about the process of performing a life’s purpose; the first is becoming aware of it, the second is doing it. Uncovering or discovering a life’s purpose is a profound and enlightening experience involving the antiquity of the soul.

The requirements are simple but seemingly difficult for most people. This is how you do it. You do nothing. Yes, it’s that simple and yet I will elaborate this concept.

By doing nothing, you are just being; experiencing the absence of activity. Preferably, you do this within intervals of solitude, as others are a great temptation toward activity.

When you stop doing; meditate, contemplate, or just sit there with no outward stimulation, your focus will naturally turn inward. Of course, initially for some, this might not be comfortable.

Especially if one has been running from feelings for a while. Just feel the feelings, they may not feel good, but experiencing them is their dissolution. Once the feelings dissipate enough, there will be a period of self-discovery.

This will be followed by an attraction toward new things, coinciding with an urge to explore. The sense of adventure can be applied toward a number of areas, such as spirituality, psychology, nature, the sciences, art, cultures, etc…

The time of exploration could be short or long, it varies with each individual; however, it is within this period that one becomes specifically aware of what they want to do. And yes, one’s life’s purpose is what they want to do.

The second challenge, is doing the newly discovered life’s purpose. The challenge is only at the beginning and usually very brief. Most will be in careers(jobs) other than their life’s purpose, when they discover it.

There is usually a leap of faith that will be required in order to go in this new direction. This could mean quitting a job, and in some cases, exiting an unsupportive relationship.

There are no guarantees, which is why it is considered a leap of faith. If mistakes are made, this only serves to nudge the individual in the right direction.

When someone knows their life’s purpose, they will be determined to do it. An inhibitor could be lack of confidence.

Some may feel they will need more training, need to read more books, and need more practice before they do whatever it is, for ‘real’. If they do all those things, they will find it doesn’t fully solve the confidence issue.

There is a leap of faith required at this juncture as well. Confidence only comes through experience. Only through experience.

This holds true for all professions, fields, jobs, and activities. You just decide to do it, and then you do it. Shortly thereafter, you will have acquired the confidence.

The truest happiness and contentment will come as a result of doing what your soul came here to do. You are a unique individual. You are specifically equipped to do what no one else can do.

Everything happens for a reason, it seems like most everyone can agree to that. Your existence happened, therefore there is a reason for it.

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Matt Collman

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