Running: The Best Way To Lose Weight?

The Best Way To Lose Weight

When we’re heartbroken or feeling dejected, sometimes we make it an excuse to go on an eating spree. It’s alright because good food can actually help a person’s mind to release hormones that can change his or her mood for the better.

Continuing to devour several servings on your own every day, however, even after the problem passes can double or triple your size fast.

Reducing the number of fats in the body can be hard, especially in case you have 10 to 30 pounds to shed. It gets extra difficult if work and family consume most of your time and there’s no more time left for you to hit the gym.

But if you truly want to know the best way to lose weight, why don’t you try the good ol’ running exercise?

Why Is Running The Best Way To Lose Weight ?

The Best Way To Lose Weight

1. It is cost-effective.

The number one concern of most people wishing to get rid of their body fats is that it may be expensive.

It will be if you hire a personal instructor or pay membership fees in the gym.

You don’t need one, though, when you choose to run as you can do a few laps around the neighborhood or a nearby park for free. The only thing you have to invest on is a sturdy pair of sneakers that can offer both protection and comfort to your feet.

2. It is a cardiovascular workout.

Running is better compared to resistance training for those who want to lose weight. This is because the former is a full-body exercise that pushes your heart to pump more blood the longer the distance you cover.

The blood does not just come from one part of your system, of course. It runs throughout the vessels in the whole body – a job that requires much work. Due to that, the sleeping fats become agitated and melted into energy efficiently.

3. The body will continue burning fat.

Many suggest that you should run slower but longer. This ensures that your system stays burning the excess pounds at least a couple of hours since you halted the exercise. Such type of high-intensity workout that is essential for your weight-loss goal. In this manner, you are potentially reducing fats regardless if you’re at rest.

4. It is enjoyable.

When you run, you can bring your family along or meet new friends. Knowing that you beat your record also feels so amazing that you’ll just want to keep on doing it even if it’s too tough in the beginning.
The Best Way To Lose Weight

The result is that you will soon be running because you love it, and not just because you need it.

This is great since it means that you can maintain your weight even after shedding off the unwanted fats.

3 Ideas On How To Lose Weight Through Running

Why is Running the Best Way to Lose Weight

Exhibit Patience

The people who enter a half or full marathon do not start training a week before the competition. They take months – some even endure years – that’s why you shouldn’t give up once you get blisters on your feet or your leg muscles cramp.

Running always sucks for novices, but it’s just because your body may not be accustomed exerting a lot of energy.

Stay Consistent

Any runner who has done this exercise to lose weight may say that in order to achieve it, you have to ascertain that you make progress. Frankly speaking, it isn’t something that you accomplish in case you only run once in a blue moon.

A smart way to condition the body is by keeping up with a strict schedule. For instance, if your goal is to exercise thrice in one week for two months, the number should not go lower from that.  As for the intensity of the workout, it will do you good if you can gradually increase it.

Mind Your Food

The more you exercise, the hungrier you will inevitably become. This is a fact that can never change, yes. But you just need to verify that you are eating more lean meat, grains, and vegetables than other food varieties.

There are no specific diets with fancy names to recommend here since you also have to replenish your energy after running. Besides, they all share a mutual goal of decreasing your intake of carbohydrates, which is a task you can perform by yourself.

Check out this video: How to Lose Weight through running.


Different workout exercises and equipment may promise to help you shed off a few extra pounds quickly. Running, though, will remain to the best way to lose weight. It keeps your heart healthy, and you are free to do it just about anywhere you, please.

Start running today if you still haven’t. Cheers.

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