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Enlightened Eating

Enlightened Eating: The Body, Mind & Soul Of Food

Food. Love it, hate it. Either way we simply cannot survive without it. When we look back over history, much like humans, food has...
lose weight

Can’t Lose Weight?

I know that there are lots of women out there who have tried everything to lose weight - or maybe they manage to lose...
Are You A Slave To The Scales

Are You A Slave To The Scales?

It's fascinating how often you hear women talking about their weight - and how much anxiety is associated with what the bathroom scales say. Depending...
NLP - Training Diets

NLP – Training Diets

Let's start by being honest and admit that most diets don’t work. You must have already tried some and found that out yourself! And...

Kick Away The Autumn Blues With Kickboxing Cardio For Weight Loss & Fitness!

Looking for a way to spice up your training and achieve weight loss, increase muscle tone and improve your stability and flexibility … Kickboxing might...