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Healthy Immune Systems

There are many immune system components in the Human Body. Two very vital ones to understand and keep in good order, if we wish...
New Year’s Resolution

Eating High Vibrational Foods For Better Health

In ancient Greece they practiced ‘wisdom healing’: using food to nourish the mind, body and soul. “Let medicine be thy food and food thy...
jesus healing

Vibrational Healing & Energetic Healing

This is part three in a three part article on how to raise your vibration. If you want to read the 20 previous points you can...
vibrational healing

Vibrational Healing 30 Ways To Change Vibration

Would you like to have a stronger connection to spirit, have more positive thoughts, and have better physical health and an improved emotional state?...

Depression Does Not Have To Be a Forever Illness

Depression does not have to be a forever illness, I have seen many people overcome it with great success. With about 80% of the population...